How to Prepare Your Space For a Modern Kitchen Remodel

modern kitchen remodel

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The average kitchen remodel can take weeks or even months to complete. And, don’t forget about the many steps of the design and completion process. From initial drawing plans and permits to final runs-throughs, kitchen remodeling is quite the undertaking.

But before a modern kitchen remodel begins, are you prepared? Without proper planning, remodeling day and the weeks after can be a stressful and chaotic time. So, it is important that you have some basic organization skills and plans in place to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Consider this your ultimate kitchen remodel checklist. These tips can help you plan more efficiently and worry less before demo day!

Purge and Donate

To prepare for a kitchen remodel, set aside the weeks (or months) before to evaluate your kitchen collection. Consider creating two boxes or areas.

One area should be for items you will purge or throw out. And another area will be for items you plan to donate.

Clean and Organize

Home renovations are an excellent time to finally clean areas you forgot about (like drawers or the back pantry). Leave the kitchen clean and cabinets empty. This will save time and aggravation on remodeling day.

Organize food and the kitchen equipment you decided to keep. Don’t just throw everything into boxes or bags and set it aside. Neatly pack, organize, and label your belongings.

This will come in handy once the kitchen is complete. You will be able to easily locate everything and put it back in place in no time.

Prepare a Makeshift Kitchen

Living without a kitchen can be a trying time. If you have a family or are on a tight budget and prefer not to eat out every night, how can you manage? Before remodeling begins, prepare a makeshift kitchen.

You can use a folding table or another space in the home to set out a few key items and ingredients. For example, a hot water electric kettle or hot plate could be useful appliances. And if your renovation is set for a long time, invest in a small refrigerator and microwave to prepare easy meals.

Set Realistic Expectations

Do you have realistic expectations about your home improvement timeline? Check this article out to get a better understanding of a kitchen remodel timeline.

It is important that you are clear on how long the renovation process will last. But most importantly, set your expectations for bumps in the road.

Your kitchen cabinet order may be delayed. Or, your plumber may find a serious drainage issue that will take time to resolve. If you become too hyperfocused on the timeline or finish date, you will be easily disappointed.

Go With the Flow

Remodeling a kitchen is hard work, but the reward will be well worth it. Enjoy this remodeling period and remember to be thankful and excited about your new home improvement. If any delays or issues come up, go with the flow.

This is all part of the process. And soon enough your first meal in your new kitchen will make all the hassle well worth it.

A Modern Kitchen Remodel Can Be Easy and Fun if You Plan Ahead

Your modern kitchen remodel is soon underway! But, remember to follow these tips and best practices before remodeling day. Purge, donate, and organize your belongings to save time and stress.

To save money and time eating out, consider creating a makeshift kitchen in another area of your home. And when it comes to renovations? Set your expectations and go with the flow.

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