How to Buy the Right Size Mirror for Every Room in Your House

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Did you know that mirrors have the power to reflect light and make spaces feel bigger? If you live in a small apartment or large home, the correct mirror size and placement can brighten the room and round out your interior design scheme.

Besides their aesthetic appeal, mirrors are useful for any home. Just consider how many times you use a mirror per day! From checking out your makeup and hair to styling your outfit, mirrors matter.

But if you struggle to determine what size your mirror should be and where it should hang, read on. This guide can help you determine the right size and scale for the major rooms in your home.

Living Room Wall Size Mirror

Living room mirrors are great ways to make your space look larger and feel glamorous. In most living room areas, you need to fill wall space and anchor the room. So, choose mirrors that are rectangular or square in shape and a few feet long.

Use furniture to anchor the mirror and determine the proper size. For example, if your couch is six feet long, that can be the guideline to hanging your mirror and frame the furniture. You don’t want the mirror to hang over the edges or dominate the space.

However, if you have a more intimate living room, go for a smaller-scale mirror. A petite 12-inch circle mirror can hang in these spaces. Or mix and match smaller mirrors in a gallery wall to create an interesting look.

Body Size Mirror For the Bedroom or Closet

It’s important to have a large mirror in these areas that will reflect light and clearly show your appearance. Body size mirrors or floor-length mirrors typically vary in size from 40 inches to more than 60 inches.

These mirrors can hang over the door with hooks or mount to the wall with adhesives or nails. Or, you can purchase a stand and adjust the mirror length to your height. Regardless of mirror setup, choose a version that is more than 60 inches tall.

This ensures the “full length” body size view. And, you won’t have to worry about the wrong scale. If a full-size mirror looks too small, it can make the room feel like it is shrinking.

The Right Bathroom Mirror Size

The bathroom mirror size depends on the length of your vanity. Use the vanity or other bathroom fixtures as a guide to measuring the mirror size.

For a normal-size bathroom, the mirror should be around 40 to 50 inches. Have fun with different mirror sizes and shapes! A circle, oval, or vintage cut-glass mirror adds interest to an otherwise mundane area.

Buy The Correct Mirror Size and Make Your Home Sparkle

Choosing the correct mirror size for your home is an important part of design and scale. If you have a mirror that is too large or not the right height, this can throw off the whole look of the room and distract the eye from other design elements.

Remember, in many rooms, you can use furniture or finishes as a guide in determining the correct length or height of your mirror. And don’t forget to have fun with shapes and different sizes! If you found these mirror tips helpful, check out our other home décor stories.