Abstract Natural Wood Figurines

Natural Wood Figurines

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Natural wood is a source of strength, warmth and prosperity. Most people prefer furniture and decor made of natural wood, and rightly so. Since ancient times, it has been believed that wood has various properties. Humans have mastered the use of natural wood to make wonderful attributes and souvenirs thousands of years ago, and since then our knowledge of the properties and qualities of wood as a workable material has greatly increased. Today’s craftsmen know how to use the internal structure of a certain type of wood, how to dry and process it, what to impregnate and cover it with for better preservation of the product.

That’s why modern handmade wooden figurines are becoming real works of applied art and decorate various rooms – from the strict offices of senior officials to an ordinary apartment.

Unusual Décor for Your Home

Home is where we feel good, safe, warm and, most importantly, cozy. But coziness is not always about beautiful furniture or the newest renovation, it is also about details. This means all sorts of little things, like statues, vases, pillows, paintings and much more. To create coziness is quite a challenge, but with our abstract wood sculpture by Wood Soul Carving everything is possible. Correctly selected wooden figurines will definitely become a harmonious part of the overall style of your home, eloquently testifying to the delicate taste and excellent design skills of its owners.

Exquisite Gift Made of Natural Wood

Have you been invited to a celebration and don’t know what to present? It’s a common situation, but we know a way out. If you decide to choose a prestigious souvenir as a gift, the best option is to buy our abstract wood sculpture by Wood Soul Carving. Such a present will easily fit into every style of the room and will become a pleasant reminder of you.

Such a gift will suit almost any celebration, because in our online store you will find a huge selection of statuettes for every taste. This choice is perfect for a loved one (pay attention to figurines with the image of a couple), for a boss or a colleague (angel figurines), for a friend (image of a woman), as well as for moms (figurines with children). It will really surprise you, because we have a gift for everyone.

Over the centuries, wooden statuettes have remained a great opportunity to diversify and decorate the interior of a house, to add an accent of naturalness and a lovely vintage style to it. At the same time, wooden compositions become a spectacular detail of any room, so interesting ideas for decorating in the form of large or small wooden figures continue to exist in the works of famous interior designers.

Where to Buy a Natural Wood Statue?

Our Wood Soul Carving online store offers a wide selection of figurines to choose from. Each piece is the exceptional handiwork of our master craftsman. We attach great importance to every detail, which is why we consider our figurines to be unique. The decoration market offers many options, but not many of them are handmade. All figurines have a special coating, which will prolong the service life. Our figurines will please you for many years, it is guaranteed! On our website you can find the right option for you. Also, if you have any questions, our consultants will be happy to help you choose.

What could be better than wood for carving decorations, figurines, or other things? Wood is warm, responsive, and an excellent natural material. Handicrafts from wood have always and everywhere been appreciated. And now in the age of plastic and metal, wood is still in the center of attention.

Where to Put the Wooden Statue?

Of course how and where to put your decor is up to you. But before that, we suggest you familiarize yourself with a checklist that will help you find the optimal place.

  1. Decide on the number of statues
  2. Allocate a special place – a shelf, a rack or a whole cabinet
  3. Decide on the collection – whether it will be items from one material (wood, porcelain) or a mixed variant
  4. Choose the right lighting
  5. Arrange according to your own preferences

When you’ve already decided on all the points, you can move specifically to No. 5. It is very important to place the figures at an optimal height so that children do not have direct access to them (especially if we are talking about fragile materials). Wood is quite a strong material, but it is also recommended to be careful with it. It is also important to properly care for natural wood statues and not to use harsh chemicals when cleaning them. It is recommended to wipe them with a soft microfiber to avoid potential damage.

Each abstract wood sculpture by Wood Soul Carving has its own meaning and significance. They can not only become a bright accent in the interior, but also bring positive changes in life. In our online store you will find a large selection of such products!\

Image Source: Wood Soul Carving