Patio Makeover Ideas: Keep Your Patio Warm And Engaging For Winter

patio makeover ideas

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Patios are wonderful for leisure activities in warm weather, but they cannot be enjoyed as easily during the winter months. With a few relatively simple adjustments, you can keep your patio functional and enjoyable year-round. Here are some things you can do to maximize the use of this valuable space even after cold weather arrives.

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Installing a patio heater is one of the first things you can do to keep your patio user-friendly until warm temperatures arrive again. A gas fire pit is a popular way of extending the warm-weather ambiance of your patio while keeping it heated as the temperature drops. A floor-standing heater takes up little space and can be moved around to heat the areas of your patio that are most in need, such as those where family members gather to enjoy the seasonal scenery or to chat over coffee or a treat.

Electric heaters of various sizes and dimensions can fit into almost space where heat is needed in your patio area. Propane, gas, electric, and solar heating options provide plenty of choices to keep your patio comfortably warm all winter. For complete patio reviews and buying guides.

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Sturdy furnishings can make your patio aesthetically appealing during the winter season. A recliner rocker or a full-length sofa for stretching out to relax will add comfort for anyone wanting to read, nap, or just take a break from the rest of the family in the house. Thick area rugs will add to the décor as well as contribute to the warmth of the floor for pets and children playing with blocks or other fun activities.

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Lighting can be arranged to suit daytime activities or evening ambiance. Use table lamps or wall sconces attached to posts for adjustable lighting where it is needed. Decorative strings of white or colored bulbs add a festive touch for patio celebrations like birthdays or holidays.

Keep a few blankets, quilts, and throw pillows for added comfort and relaxation purposes. Include interesting and attractive accent points like real or silk floral arrangements along with holiday trim to hang on nearby fencing or gate. Stock supplies for leisure activities like books, a portable TV, music CD’s, study or writing materials for a journal, and video games. Snacks can be kept indoors near the patio or in a mini-cooler in the patio area.

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Instead of shuttering the patio windows or doors, keep them able to open during the winter for those occasional unseasonal nice days of warmth and sunshine. Turn off the heater when the area is not being used to save on utility costs. Include a storage unit for things that won’t be used early or late in the season as the outdoor temperatures fluctuate. Keep a trash receptacle handy for snack wrappers, water bottles, or used napkins to maintain a clean and usable patio.


Since groups of kids or family parties might naturally gravitate toward your attractive, heated patio, tidy it up and give it a thorough cleaning afterward. Use gentle cleaning products that will remove fabric stains on the rugs and furnishings. Air out the area to remove the smell of smoke, wet fur, or old socks with natural odor removers or a commercial product with a pleasant scent.

Avoid Clutter

Although it may be tempting to move unwanted furniture, piles of old magazines, and stacks of receipts into the patio when it is not being used, especially after you have taken steps to make the area comfortable and welcoming, keep it open and available for family use instead. Store unwanted things in the basement, attic, or garage so your cozy patio can function as an extension of your home’s living space for various family activities.

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Patios offer convenience, relaxation, and an enjoyable environment for family members to use in addition to the inside rooms. Keep your patio toasty warm, clean, and welcoming for anyone who wants some time alone or to share activities with family or friends.