Quick and Easy Ways Towards a Spotlessly Clean Bedroom

Clean Bedroom

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Your bedroom is your private sanctuary – a place to recharge the batteries and hide away from everyday hastiness. But, just like any room, the bedroom gets dirty and messy, too – and you simply can’t relax in a cluttered, chaotic, and unclean place. On the other hand, the bedroom is usually the least frequently used room in the house, so it doesn’t get that dirty as the living room or the kitchen, but it still needs a few sweeps here and there to make it clean. Here’s how to do it the easy way.

Start With the Bed

Being the central piece of your bedroom, it’s often enough to beautify the bed to make the whole room appear cleaner and tidier. Start with changing the sheets and do it regularly – there’s no better feeling of coming home after a long day, taking a shower, and crawling up in fresh sheets to relax. Don’t forget to vacuum your mattress, too. You can also rotate it from time to time to make sure you’re getting the most of the comfort. Clean the headboard and sort through your linen closet. Use pillowcases to fold your bed sheets into bundles – that way, they’ll occupy far less space. Also, force yourself to make the bed each day and open the windows after you get up, at least for a few minutes – it really is the easiest way to refresh your bedroom.

Put Your Bedside Area in Order

Your nightstand is there to help you have everything you need at hand, but make sure it’s tidy and decluttered. Move that book you’ve read back to the shelf and throw away the leftovers of burned scented candles. The same goes for outdated magazines – home décor experts say you shouldn’t keep more than six books/magazines on your nightstand. As for the beauty products, try to keep it to a minimum – a night cream and hand cream is probably all you need that close to your bed. Next, empty the drawers, dust them, and clean the bases and shades of your lamps.

Get on the Floor

The rule number one of keeping your floors clean is to halt dirt at the source. That means no shoes, no food, and no pets in the bedroom. However, this is not always possible, so at least you can clean your floor regularly. If you have a carpet or bedroom rug, vacuum it at least once a week, but bear in mind that it needs professional cleaning from time to time. Mop your hardwood floors and don’t forget to look under your bed – that’s where all the dust, hair, and dander usually hide. Finally, declutter your floor from footwear – get a cute basket and keep everything in one place.

Streamline Your Wardrobe

A walk-in closet or regular dresser – all of the clothes must be kept inside. We all have that one chair in our bedroom we overwhelm with clothes, but that’s not how you get the spotless bedroom. Put the clothing back in the wardrobe or in the dirty laundry the minute you take it off to avoid piling up. Take everything out of the closet at least once in a season – donate or throw away the clothes you don’t like or that don’t fit you anymore. The same goes for old blankets and other textiles – get rid of anything that can be home for beetles and moths. The key to living without moths is to keep it clean, so don’t neglect cleaning your wardrobe. While the closet is empty, make sure you vacuum and dust off the interior.

Once you incorporate these routines in your comprehensive home cleaning efforts, your bedroom will become and remain spotlessly clean. All that is left is to grab a good book, cosy up in your clean sheets, and relax in your lovely, clean home.