Achieving a Modern Look: Tips for Incorporating Stone in Your Outdoor Design

Stone in Your Outdoor Design

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Stone is a timeless building material, able to communicate a wide range of design emotions and aesthetics, and one that guarantees elegance, sophistication, and durability. While often thought of as part of more rustic designs, dry stacked stone can add a natural charm to a more modern ambiance as well. It is a uniquely versatile material and one that should be considered for all outdoor spaces. Here are some tips for using stone to achieve a modern, contemporary aesthetic for your outdoor design.

Choose Sleek and Minimalist Stone Finishes

Modern style tends to veer towards the minimalist, so it is worth choosing sleeker, smoother finishes for your stone when incorporating it into a contemporary design. Honed and polished surfaces with clean lines, in granite, limestone, or bluestone, are excellent choices if you are looking to develop a chic, sophisticated look.

Embrace Monochromatic Color Schemes

The natural texture of stone contrasts wonderfully with a monochromatic color scheme in contemporary designs, so embrace this palette when considering your outdoor spaces.

Incorporate Linear Patterns and Geometric Shapes

Rustic designs that use stone tend to lean on natural geometry, sticking to the original forms of the stone involved. More modern designs tend to be best achieve using linear patterns and sharper geometric shapes, with pavers and slabs arranged in clean, straight lines or patterns like herringbone or chevron. This creates a dynamic look and feel to your outdoor spaces and highlights the natural beauty of the stone itself.

Integrate Stone Features with Modern Elements

Stone is timeless, but as an ancient material it understandably is most linked to traditional, even old-fashioned design styles. By embracing this aspect of stone and blending it with modern elements, you subvert the paradigm and create something unique, effortlessly contemporary, and completely stylish. Think about using metal accents, glass panel, or minimalist furniture alongside stone walls and floors, as this will enhance, not detract from, the modernity of your designs.

Create Contrast with Natural Elements

Creating a modern look isn’t always about rejecting the more natural elements. Stone pairs beautifully with the warmth and texture of other natural materials like wood, water features, and greenery, and these elements from the great outdoors can create a vibrancy and dynamism to your designs that is incredibly modern.

Focus on Functional and Minimalist Design

When planning an outdoor space designed with stone, function and minimalist design principles are your best friends. An uncluttered, angular feel with elements and furniture that all serve a purpose is the easiest way to evoke feelings of modernism, and combine extremely well with the raw practicality of stone.


By sticking to the guidance above, it is a simple matter to create a modern, contemporary aesthetic for your outdoor spaces using stone as your base material. Whether you are building a deck, paving a garden, or creating a space for your camping tables, the versatility and style of stone is a wonderful design partner.

Embrace sleek finishes, monochromatic color schemes, linear patterns, and geometric shapes while integrating modern elements and contrasting natural features for a sophisticated look. Focus on functional, minimalist design to create a cohesive space that combines contemporary style with the enduring appeal of stone, transforming your outdoor area into a harmonious oasis.