Full House – Create The Perfect Family Home

Perfect House

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How do you design a house for a big family? The perfect home is the one that meets the diverse needs every member of the family has, and that is shaped according to the needs the family has at certain stages of their life. Building or renovating a new house gives you the opportunity to design the perfect home for your family.

We have asked experts what pieces of advice they offer in order for you to get it right. The first thing you have to do is to think how your family functions in real life. Do you all gather together for dinner, for example? The house is where you create memories with your loved ones; where you celebrate the big events and also the small ones. It is your private oasis, where you rest, restore your energy, share your dreams and secrets with your special ones, and where you can be truly yourself.

So, how do you create a home perfect for your family?

1. Start With the Layout

If you want to build your house, then you will have to decide what the layout of the property will be. Considering that it is a family home, you will have to design the layout keeping in mind that it should promote connection and visibility. If you have small children, then you will need to supervise them permanently, and you will have to do it while you perform your routine activities. Therefore, you will have to make sure that the layout of your house will allow you to keep an eye on the little ones. Also, if you are going to live with your parents, or with your grandparents, you should ask them if they want to have their own private space, because in this situation, it is advisable to leave space on the property to build an annexe.

2. Learn to Worship the Sun

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When you decide the layout of the house, you will have to consider the way the sun will move across your house, because it will influence multiple aspects. If your house has plenty of light, then it will directly influence your wellbeing and health. When you think about the sun, you should consider it a free source of natural light and heat. You should make sure that the living spaces are oriented towards the northern sun, if you are in the southern hemisphere, and towards the southern sun, if you are in the northern hemisphere.

3. Focus on Protection and Privacy

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Everyone needs to feel safe at home, it is the place where you relax, and you forget about the daily buzz. However, in order for you to feel safe and relaxed at home, you have to create the property as a private domain. You have an important role in building your privacy and protection, and the way you design the home has a great impact on these aspects.

  • It is advisable to have a secure gate at the entrance on the property. It will make people ask themselves if they should enter uninvited.
  • Opt for a small front entrance, because it prevents people from seeing inside the house. You will open the door, and if you want to allow them to have a view of the house, you will invite them indoors.
  • The windows should be placed in such a way to offer you sights of the street and of the rear gardens if you have some. If you can check the street, you will improve the security of the property.
  • When positioning windows make sure that, your neighbours cannot watch through the glass. In case you do not have this possibility, invest in shutters, they will keep unwanted eyes away from your property.
  • Train your dog to protect your property it will scare criminals away.

4. How Many People Will Permanently Stay in the House?

When designing the house you should consider the size of the family. Every family member should have their own bedroom, and a bathroom should be designed for every two bedrooms of the house. Make sure the kitchen and living room are large enough to allow everyone to stay there comfortably and to spend time together.

If you plan to live together with your grandparents, you should discuss with them and ask them if they prefer to join you under the same roof, or if they would like to keep their independence. They can be your neighbours, even if you live in the same courtyard. A great idea would be to create them a brick built granny annexe. In this way, they will have the freedom to furnish it according to their preferences, and to make it fit their needs. They will still be close to the family, and they will receive the help they need. Also, you will find peace of mind, because you will always be able to supervise them, in case they are experiencing health issues.

The annexe can feature a kitchen, a lounge area, a bathroom and one or two bedrooms, according to their specific needs. Granny annexe prices need not be high, with many reputable companies building great value buildings.

5. You Need a Family Activity Room

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When building a house for the entire family, you should make sure you include a room where you can all spend time together as a family and connect. Even if you live under the same roof, you may not spend a lot of quality time together, because you may have different programs. This room will offer you the chance to organise family nights, and to create your own traditions. You can install there a home cinema, if you are the type of family that loves TV series. In case you like sports, you can invest in a table tennis table or pool table, in this way you will be active even during the cold season.

This is only a general guide for creating the perfect family home. Families are diverse and different, and it is essential to understand your family’s needs before starting to design your house. The success of the project will come with the choices you make. Determine what factors are the most important ones, and the house will help you and your family to have a successful and happy life.