Are Dishwashers Better than Hand Washing Dishes in the Kitchen?

Which is Better Dishwashing or Handwashing

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Home appliances play a major part in every household. Each of them is designed to provide functionality and convenience. Therefore, it is crucial to be extra cautious about the brands of kitchen devices that you are planning to buy. Take for example, the Cove dishwashers that were recalled from February 2018 to May 2021. This is due to a high possibility of electrical errors.

With that precaution in mind, is it better to just hand wash your dishes every single day?

Of course, it depends on your lifestyle. If you are someone who enjoys the aesthetic of hand washing you can go for it. But generally, the majority of the households will choose dishwashing over the manual option.

Below are some of the benefits of a good brand dishwasher:


Let’s get this straight to the point! A dishwasher is so easy to use. It saves a lot of time and everyone in the house can be taught to use it, even your kids. You simply need to load it up and turn it on right away. Forget about those daily arguments with your family on who’s turn it is to clean the dishes. A machine’s job is to provide safety and aid people.

Better Hygiene

When hand washing, you can often notice the accumulated stains and other food traces on the dishes, commonly on plates. Washing using hands is fine, but if you want to remove those germs and have a clean set of dishes after a meal, the dishwasher is still unbeatable.

Even with the use of dish soap and other scrubbing tools, hand washing is sometimes not that good, especially when the sponge is too old or too dirty. It often leaves this stinky and fishy smell on your pans and casseroles. With the dishwasher’s pressurized spritz, your dishes are completely cleaned. Choose the right appliances in your kitchen and make your life hassle-free!

Softer Skin

Hand washing is drying your skin, whether you use gloves or not. We are living in the 21st century. Say no to wrinkled hands and let the dishwasher do the job for you. It’s not 60s or 70s anymore!

As said, if you are someone who doesn’t have the option to have your own dishwasher, you can always go for hand washing. Remember to apply hand lotion each time you do the dishes.

Tidy Kitchen

Who’s tired of a dirty and wet kitchen? We all are! This is the biggest problem when you don’t have a dishwasher. All those pans, glass, knives, plates pile up in your kitchen. It takes hours to let them dry. The struggle is real when you are super-organized and hate seeing the mess in your house.

With dishwashers, your kitchen can be sparkling clean every day. Leave them to your dishwashing buddy. Once the dishes are dry, you can place them back in their right storage. This invention is genius.

With busy daily schedules, kitchen appliances have become our major accomplice from breakfast to dinner. There are many brands that promise a great product but you still need to do your research as a responsible buyer. In case you are one of those affected by the current Cove dishwasher issue, you may visit Schmidt and Clark to see if you can dispute your rights as a customer in good faith.