7 Expert-Approved Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home

7 Expert-Approved Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home

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When it comes to cleanliness, all of us have become lazy. But no one wants to spend hours a day doing housework when it can be a lot easier to try a few tips to keep the house clean. To prevent virus effects, follow these expert-approved tips for cleaning and disinfecting your home.

The recommendations that I share below can and should be adopted by everyone who lives in the house since the benefit is for everyone to get rid of virus affect. Let’s see:

1. Each Thing in It’s Place

It is an organizational rule that can be used for everything in life. If we look closely, when a house is thoroughly cleaned, everything remains in its place. It is clear that things do not have a life of their own and cannot leave the place that we have arranged for them by themselves.

When someone uses a comb or brush, they should put it back in place. At first, it may seem impossible, but if you dedicate yourself to checking every day, with time, the members of the family will learn the lesson and this will be a great contribution to keeping the house clean. Moreover, visit website to know more about professional cleaning when you need them.

2. Take off Your Shoes When You Get off the Street

Even when the shoes appear to be cleaned, they still carry impurities and dust from the street and the places where they walked. Not to mention the rainy days when they get muddy. Taking off your slippers before entering the house, in addition to being a measure that prevents the entry of bacteria into the home, helps reduce dirt on floors, rugs and carpets, making cleaning the house easier and faster.

3. Each Person Must Sweep Their Space

Cleaning the house will be easier if all members of the family sweep their space every day. Keeping the rooms clean without accumulating dust and dirt for several days, vacuuming or sweeping daily, is a great help when undertaking a total house cleaning.

4. Wash the Bathroom, During the Bath

It is advisable to pour warm water on the walls during the bath so that dirt does not accumulate. Some products, such as shampoo and hair conditioner, can stick to the walls and are very difficult to remove when dry. Throwing water on the walls also removes hair that remains in the drain and keeps the bathroom clean, at least in the shower area.

5. Keep Sinks Clean

Both the kitchen sink and the bathroom, when dirty, convey the feeling that the whole house is dirty. For this reason, when a person uses them, they should run the water to remove the thickest dirt and thus avoid the accumulation of dust or remains of food products. It is essential to pay attention to the remains of toothpaste that remains in the bathroom sink and the remains of food that can get stuck on the kitchen sink walls.

6. Food and Drinks Only in the Kitchen or Dining Room

Eating in bed while we watch TV is delicious. Unfortunately, it is the fastest way to make a mess and contaminate the house. Let’s start by mentioning that we will hardly feel like taking the dishes after a delicious snack, with food scraps, to the kitchen.

7. Do Not Allow Dirty Dishes to Accumulate in the Kitchen Sink

Leaving dirty dishes to pile up overnight can seem very tempting, especially when we are all tired. However, it is very likely that, in the morning of the next day, everyone will leave the house in a hurry and the work, augmented by the breakfast dishes, will be only Mom.

Washing dishes after dinner is much easier since the food remains have not dried. But it should not always be done by the same person. The advice is to set a schedule so that a different family member does it each day of the week.