Why Is My Kitchen Faucet Water Pressure Low?

low water pressure

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Sometimes we are so sure that we have finally bought the best faucet “the ultimate one” that shall never ever have any problems since you have done such a thorough research on these faucets. We are so sure that it won’t fail us, but as the time pass by we will start seeing some apparent problems that you were not expecting. One of the many problems you will observe is the low water pressure.

There could be many factors playing their part here to low water pressure.

Checking the Pipeline

The first thing that you need to know is that the water pressure in the kitchen faucets is basically controlled by the municipality of the area. So, if the water pressure is low in the faucets, then, it is the main pipeline that is to be checked first. It is normal for the pipes to be worn out with the passage of time, and the routine repairs of such damaged pipes reduce the water pressure. Furthermore, the water pressure of the pipes produced these days is also kept low to prevent the excessive loss of water. Thus, it promotes water conservation.

How Clogging Contributes to the Decrease in the Water Pressure?

The clogged parts of the faucet cause the decrease in the water pressure. The coagulation of debris in the aerator or the cartridge results in a decrease of the water pressure. The closed shut-off valve can also be the reason. Although it seems simple, sometimes it is not figured out easily. Moreover, the pressure reducing valve may also be a leading reason for the decreased rate of water pressure.

Does the Geographic Location Also Have Any Effect on Water Pressure?

It is found that father the house is from the plumbing mechanism of the town lessen will be the water pressure. Moreover, if the house is a bit of elevated as compared to the other houses of the town then the house will receive low water pressure. But if the house is below the area of the town then the water pressure will be high as compared to others.

Do Leaks in Pipe Also Lesson Water Pressure?

Leaks are the main cause of the decline in the water pressure. Leak at any point of the pipe may result in the division of water stream which results in reduced water pressure. It is not compulsory for the leak to be in the house pipe. It may be in the street main pipeline.

Can the Main Shut-off Valve Reduce Water Pressure?

The closed main shut-off valve can also be reducing the pressure. One can find this valve either in the basement or the garage of the house. These valves are located on the side of the wall where the water heater is present. By opening the wall completely can restore the water pressure.

Finding Pressure Reducing Valve as the Cause of Dwindling Water Pressure?

The PRV can be the reason for reduced water pressure. This device is specially used for controlling the water pressure. Sometimes, the rusting causes the decreased or damaged working of the instrument. Thus, the replacement or the repair of the part may resume the normal pressure in the kitchen faucet.

Is It the Water Meter Valve That Is Causing the Problem?

Sometimes, one of the two main valves that are supplying the water to the whole house is not in the right function. Water meter valve is one of these two valves. The water meter valve that is located on the side of the street of the house may not be opened completely. The half or fully closed water meter valve may be disturbing the water pressure. These valves are under the custody of the city and are used by the utility workers only. So, maybe after some repair they just left the valve unchecked.

Should the Pressure Regulator Be Checked Too?

The failing of the Pressure Regulator may be causing the constriction in water pressure. Not all the houses are equipped with this instrument. This device is used to regulate the input pressure of water in the plumbing pipes. A fault in it may increase the water pressure immensely or have inverse effect i.e. reduction of water pressure to a very low level.

Is the Plumbing System Failing?

In some severe cases; the whole plumbing set is required to be replaced. This is for the pipes which are either galvanized or are made up of iron. The corrosion or the rusting of such pipes may block the whole pipeline. This does not occur at once. It occurs with the passage of time. And if it is left unchecked then the whole plumbing system needs to be replaced.