Homemade Home Decor: 3 Creative Gifts to DIY

creative gifts

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Are you hoping to give thoughtful, meaningful, and personal gifts to your loved ones? Giving those you love something you’ve made for them that they can use to decorate their home is a great way to give useful gifts that show you care.

For some great creative gifts that you can make from home, keep reading this article. These easy projects will wow your family and friends, and allow you to show just how much they mean to you.

1. Give the Gift of Cozy

A great homemade gift that everyone can love is a homemade candle. This is a great thing to make in bulk so that you can give some to friends and keep some for yourself. This is a great way to add coziness to a home and create an ambiance with great aromas.

A homemade candle is not only more personal, but it’s much easier to customize. When making your own candle, you can get creative with the color, scent, and holder. Consider using unique holders like teacups, mason jars, or decorative bowls.

Once you learn how to make candles, you’ll never need to buy expensive store-bought ones again. Try looking for unique candle holders at thrift stores for one of a kind pieces that won’t break your budget.

2. Personalized Engravements

Making a gift more personal and unique is made easy though engravement. There are so many cool gifting ideas you can make with engravement.

Engraving stones or pavers can be a great gift idea for someone’s front or back yard. To learn more, check out stone engraving from bosslaser.com. You can also engrave porcelain and ceramics for personalized and decorated dishware or decor.

A great idea for a Moscow mule drink fan is to engrave copper mugs. These cups keep your drink cool, and adding fun phrases with engravement can add another layer of fun. Engrave phrases like “Bottoms up!” or “Sip, sip, hooray!”, which is a great gift for a college graduate.

3. The Gift of Green

For someone with a green thumb, a plant holder can be a great gift idea. Consider making a macrame plant holder for a unique homemade present.

These holders are trending right now, and fit right into any home style. They help to give a bohemian flair and are a great way to add some greenery to a small space.

This gift is also super affordable, and you will only need a few supplies. To make the holder, you will just need macrame, a mason jar, and scissors. Complete the holder with a leafy plant that will allow for some overhang out of the pot and over the macrame holder.

Creative Gifts Everyone Will Love

With these versatile, creative gifts, there is something for everyone to love. Making gifts for your loved ones that come from the heart and are also useful is a great way to show you care. Give the gift of homemade decor with these easy and awesome gifting ideas.

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