7 Packing Tricks to Help You Get Ready for Moving Day

packing tricks

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Are you getting ready for a big move soon? Not sure where to start packing your things? Have no fear, with a little planning and preparation you can move to your new home with little to no stress and anxiety.

Keep reading to learn some packing tricks that will have you ready in no time!

1. Declutter First

One of the best parts about moving is it gives you a great opportunity to go through your things and declutter. There is no sense in packing and moving items that you haven’t used in a while or have no need for anymore.

Start by paring down your wardrobe, cleaning out your dresser drawers, and getting rid of furniture that you don’t want to keep or won’t be able to use at your new home. Then go through the bathrooms and get rid of old makeup and toiletries.

You can also start decluttering while you begin packing. This is made easier if you create piles to help you sort. One pile can be for keep, a pile for donations, and a pile for trash. As you begin going through your things to pack you can begin filling the piles and getting rid of any unwanted items.

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2. Pack Before Moving Day

Nothing can be more stressful to a move than waiting to pack the day before or on the day you are leaving. Not only will waiting to the last minute feel hectic and unorganized it might delay the time you are planning on leaving and create unneeded tension. In your haste, you will also fail to properly wrap or pack things that can lead to items getting damaged or lost in the move.

To avoid this issue begin packing your goods in the weeks leading up to moving day. Start with items that you don’t use on a daily basis and seal up the boxes as you go. Then in the final days before your move, you are only left with a few necessities that you need each day.

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3. Standard Moving Boxes

For most of your household goods, you will want to use the standard moving boxes to store your items. These are cost-efficient and easy to handle when filling and moving. Most of the big-box stores sell these boxes at a good rate and you can also ask any friends or family who may have some extra boxes on hand to help with the cost.

When packing the standard moving boxes make sure to label each box with details about what is inside and what room it belongs to. Place heavy items towards the bottom of the box to help avoid crushing anything that is more delicate and this also helps distribute the weight when lifting and carrying.

Standard moving boxes are also great for stacking when packing, but be sure to place heavier boxes towards the bottom of the pile.

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4. Specialized Boxes

When you are ready to pack your fragile belongings you should use specialized boxes. For electronics, such as TVs or computer monitors, it is best to put them back in their original packaging if you still have it.

If not you can also purchase boxes with foam corners or bubble wrap from your local big-box store.

Dishes, artwork, lamps, and other fragile items should also be packed in special boxes when possible. These items are easily damaged and although the special boxes might take up more room in the moving truck it is worth it to keep your belongings safe.

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5. Go From Room to Room

One of the best ways to stay organized during packing is to start in one room and move to the next. As you pack and label your boxes everything from that room will remain together and not get mixed in with another room. This way you aren’t trying to get your master bedroom set up and having to sort through things from the kids’ bathroom.

During the unpacking process, you should also start in one room and set it up really well. This way you can avoid being overwhelmed by the entire process.

Plan to do the living room one day and the dining room the next. Take your time and enjoy setting everything up the way you want it to be.

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6. Take Apart Furniture

When it is possible you should breakdown any furniture that can be easily put back together. Items such as side tables, bed frames, or bookshelves can be taken apart to help avoid getting damaged in the move and will also take up less space in the moving truck.

If you do decide to take the furniture apart, place any screws or other components into a sealed bag and tape it to the base of the item. This way when you get to your new home you will be able to put the furniture back together without having to search for the pieces first.

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7. Decide to Hire Movers or Do it Yourself

If you are planning on hiring a company for your next home moving you will save yourself a lot of aches and pains. Make sure and do your research by getting quotes from three different companies and read the reviews from previous customers before hiring. Also, know the limitations of the companies insurance policy and what will be covered in the event some damages occur.

If you decide to make the move yourself, you should visit your local moving truck rental company and see what size truck you will need and make a reservation for the day of your move. The last thing you will want is to be ready to go but there are no trucks available to haul your belongings.

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Learn More Packing Tricks Today!

These are some of the best packing tricks to get you started for your next big move. If you follow these simple steps you should be able to move into your next home with relatively no stress or anxiety.

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