9 Design Inspirations for Your Bathroom Renovation

bathroom upgrade

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Your home should reflect your style, class, and sensibilities. While your bedroom and drawing room may take up most of the attention, ensuring a functional space like your bathroom speaks the same design language is of utmost importance. A swanky, modern bathroom is essential for any modern home.

If you are looking to give your bathroom a much-needed facelift, you are at the right place. Whether you just want to change a single aspect of your bathroom or wish for a complete do-over, this article will inspire you with myriad ideas and concepts. So, read on to understand how your bathroom can bedazzle someone with its unique layout and appearance. Also, you might want to know about optimizing steep bathroom renovation costs; visit here to learn more.

1. A Confluence of Influences

Scandinavian “cool” and Japanese “minimalist” styles have been hot on the market for a while now. The calming, almost zen-like appearance of these styles has led to an amalgamation – Japandi – or indoor designs that borrow elements from these styles to create something eclectic, perhaps more significant than the sum of its parts.

By blending these styles, you end up with minimalist décor items nestled in a neutral, warmer, and lighter colour palette that helps keep your bathroom space sophisticated and effortlessly chic.

2. Playing with Pastels

Invoke an era of hedonism and glitz. Think Palm Spring of the fifties or Miami of the thirties. Pastel shades work exceptionally well with brassware sporting a distinct metallic shine giving the bathroom space a stunning, dreamlike ambience.

It is perhaps of little surprise then that pastel-inspired sherbet interiors are roaring back into fashion. After all, what you do not leave behind manages to become retro chic. And this just might be the zingy twist your bathroom needs to stand out.

A Terrazzo Ambiance

Terrazzo flooring has been steadily gaining in popularity, and with good reason too. Terrazzo is highly durable compared to other materials. Not only does it not chip away, but it is also highly resistant to stains and water damage, making it an ideal choice for bathroom flooring.

However, with the evolution of design, the use of Terrazzo is not limited to just the floor anymore. Brighter colours, bigger chips, and bolder patterns are making their way all over bathrooms – right from toe to top. With Terrazzo, you can provide a distinctive look to your bathroom without having to use the original application with cement mix.

Let There Be Light

The bathroom, being a utilitarian space, has limited itself to practical lighting solutions thus far. And quite well at that. Under desk lights and features play well with bright walls and décor to achieve excellent outcomes. However, things are changing. Think of a chandelier on top of a bathtub. Or scores of pendant lights at all crucial points. New lighting ideas are revolutionizing what new bathrooms can look like. However, make sure the lower light fittings have an IP rating or ingress protection to ensure safety and durability.

Tying It up With Textiles

For decades modern bathrooms have featured simple shutters or roller-blinds as the go-to option for window treatment. More recently, however, with a drive to align bathroom spaces with living spaces, softer elements like fabric blinds and bathroom curtains are starting to make appearances.

The only difference being instead of using long heavy textile that pools around the flooring when wet, sheer, floaty, and soft fabric are leading the charge. They are helping add the much-needed texture to the bathroom spaces without going overboard on drama or bulk.

Terracotta Turnaround

If you think subtle shades and monotones are the only way to go, think again. Fiery and toasty shades of terracotta are fast progressing from living spaces and kitchens into the bathrooms for a uniquely distinctive look and style. The result is a more cocooning, cozier, and warmer ambience than the usual clinical, clean, and sleek aura. When paired with traditional fixtures, wooden accents, or overall minimalist hardware, Terracotta can work its rustic charm around the bathroom space to stand out like no other.

Welcome to the Jungle

The limitations of the ways a bathroom can be designed can only be determined by the edges of your imagination. Forget sticking to “urbane” vibes and usher in nature. Fill the space with leaves, use natural wallpapers, and create captivating murals depicting scenes from deep nature to transport yourself amid a tropical paradise.

Using water repelling décor judiciously can help you achieve the look you are aiming at. Plants with a strong connection to nature can help evoke a natural setting while adding wonder and excitement to otherwise mundane days and chores.

Au Naturel

You need not align your thinking to the crowd while rethinking your bathroom space. Instead of the regular polished, cold, and hard surfaces, why not go for something unrefined, raw, or distinctly natural? While wood is the obvious first choice for natural material, you can also opt for marble.

Move away from the run-of-the-mill white and grey schemes toward more natural hues like brown, blue, pink, and green. Or else, you can easily pair darker timbers sporting rough surfaces with wooden porcelain tiles with a textural finish. Top it all off with black or brass fittings and complete the natural look for your new bathroom.

The Art of Living

As the quest to align bathrooms with other living spaces continues in 2022, artistic pieces are crossing boundaries and invading the hallowed bathroom floors. Instead of an insular white laboratory-like space, functional and fashionable art pieces are gradually transforming bathrooms into the domestic landscape.

Do not be intimidated to bring in your penchant for art with a gallery wall right amid the bathroom. Account for the available space and introduce art – whether sculpture or portraits to jazz up your bathroom like never before.


As we evolve, so does our taste and sense of aesthetics. The grand bathroom has always been a symbol of opulence and exuberance. But now, it is looking at a new evolution where it stops being detached from the rest of the home and starts pairing up with everything else – your home, your design, and your lifestyle. So, get started and fashion your dream bathroom with your imagination being your only limit.