DIY Loft Boarding: What Are the Benefits of Boarding a Loft?

loft boarding

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Do you have a dusty old attic that you never use? If so, then loft boarding is going to give that space a new lease on life!

If you’ve never considered boarding your loft before, then you’re missing out. In this article, we’ll introduce to you several essential benefits that boarding your loft will provide to your home.

Extra Storage Space

The principal benefit of boarding your loft means that there is now flooring in your attic space. That means that you can use your attic to store large items that would previously have never been able to fit because they’d fall through the exposed beams.

If your house isn’t as large as you would like it to be, and you’re finding yourself cramped up with all of the things stored in the lower floors of the house, then boarding your loft can be a boon that really opens up the space for you.

Another Bedroom

Another great benefit of boarding a left is that you can use it as another bedroom once the flooring has been laid down. You can bring in a bed, a couch, and route electrical lines up for lighting and maybe even a TV! You can use this bedroom as a guest room, a nursery, or even as an Airbnb that you rent out to guests. That’s right — boarding your loft could result in extra passive income!

Reduce Energy Costs

When you board your loft, you will increase its insulative capacity and keep more heat from leaving your house in the winter and entering your home in the summer. The result of that is a reduced energy bill. If you’re passionate about going green, then you need to start reading how to board a loft so that you can make your home’s carbon footprint that much smaller.

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Sound Insulation

Heat isn’t the only thing that a loft will help insulate — if you board your loft correctly, you can even help increase the sound insulation of your home! The presence of the additional boards will contribute to sound dampening, both for sound entering your home from outside and leaving it from the inside.

Increase Home Value

Another great benefit that answers the question of why board a loft is that it can increase your home’s value should you ever decide to sell the property.

The loft can now be used as extra storage space or an extra room altogether, which will drive the property’s functionality up significantly, which in turn propels its value skyward.

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Are You Considering Loft Boarding?

Knowing all these significant benefits to loft boarding should make it an easy decision for you if you’re considering boarding up the loft in your house. Although boarding a loft is no easy process, just keep the end in sight and remember all of these wonderful benefits that you will soon realize if you stick it through!

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