Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness: Your Church Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Church Cleaning Checklist

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Believe it or not, there are more than 300,000 protestant churches in the United States. That’s a lot of buildings filled with millions of faithful churchgoers.

Cleaning a church is a special responsibility. After all, it is a holy place that demands the utmost respect.

This article takes a look at everything that should be on your church cleaning checklist. Keep reading to discover insight into how to make your church as clean as possible so that it will be ready for Sunday morning services.


The lobby is located at the church entrance. Thus it will be the area of the church that most visitors will see first as they enter the building for Sunday School and worship services.

The areas to focus on for cleaning should include polishing wood doors, polishing the entry door and window hardware, wiping down the walls and baseboards, and making sure that all doors operate properly.


In the worship sanctuary, you’ll need to polish the wood pews, wall trim, and any hand railings located within the building. You will need to wipe down the walls and baseboards here as well.

Keep in mind that many churches have hundreds of pews, so be prepared for the challenging task of cleaning the hard-to-reach places beneath the pews and other furnishings.

It’s also important to return all hymnals and Bibles to their proper places and throw out old paper bulletins that are no longer needed.

Fellowship Hall

In the fellowship hall, focus primarily on wiping down the walls and baseboards. This is a highly-trafficked area that will require thorough vacuuming. Empty the trash cans and place all folding chairs in their designated storage area.

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The church cleaning custodian will need to empty the trash cans, wipe down the countertops, and use disinfectant spray to clean stovetops and sinks. You will also need to sweep and mop the floors, wipe down the refrigerators on a regular basis, and always check for a clogged drain.


The next stop on your church cleaning schedule will be the classrooms. They need to be vacuumed and tidied up. Put away any materials such as Bibles, Sunday School lessons, and wipe down all tables and chairs.


Next on your church maintenance checklist are the church offices. These are often the most-used rooms in the building. In fact, they are likely occupied at least five days each week. Thus they need to be cleaned nearly every day. Be sure to dust desks, chairs, computer equipment, and bookshelves.


The bathrooms are another area that requires dedicated upkeep. Clean the countertops and mirrors, and remember to empty the trash. The toilets and urinals should be cleaned with a strong cleaning agent, and be sure to mop the floor.


The nursery needs to be vacuumed and all small items should be picked up from the floor. Use a non-toxic disinfectant to wipe down all surfaces, especially those areas that toddlers and infants tend to touch.

The Ultimate Church Cleaning Checklist

The church is a special place of worship that requires an extraordinary level of care. Fortunately, this church cleaning checklist will help keep it looking great week after week.

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