Best Fiber-Cement Siding Brands and Manufacturers

Fiber-Cement Siding

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When projecting siding, individuals take several factors into consideration including material, color, price, and the actual appearance. One more key factor which is a must is siding safety. Here such materials as wood, brick as well as stucco rank second place, as they may be easily exposed to risks, while fiber cement is a perfect fire-resistant product. Let’s cover the most popular fiber-cement siding brands.

TOP 5 Fiber-Cement Siding Brands

To help one find only trusted fiber cement siding manufacturers, below there is a list of the top 5 representatives of this industry. They have been thoroughly researched and chosen by following the next criteria – the company’s history on the market, main siding characteristics, and their perks.

1. GAF Weatherside

GAF is a company which history is traced back to the 19th century. It is mainly focused on manufacturing roofing products for both residential and commercial purposes. The fiber-cement siding is, in turn, produced under their sub-brand Weatherside. One may find with GAF straight, wavy, and thatched shingles of almost the same exposures which range between 267 mm – 279.4 mm. Beyond that, their sidings are a go-choice for those who seek classic but unique design. It is easy to install, as well as easy to replace.

Main Perks

  • Safety. No asbestos used;
  • Fire-safe. Siding underwent all necessary testing to provide you with peace of mind;
  • Long-time warranty of 25 years;
  • Siding is durable and may resist rot, warp among others.

2. Allura

Allura’s history was first traced to CertainTeed, an enterprise that has been linked to producing building products, however, it then left from shareholders, and Allura produces fiber-cement sidings with other parties. Unlike GAF, Allura differs in terms of styles, as it offers both traditional and modern aesthetics for products, however, the same is applicable for residential and commercial applications. There are different siding shapes available including random square straight edge, random square staggered, edge, half-rounds and octagons.

Main Perks

  • More than 30 colors and stains for soffits and trims;
  • Both lap, and vertical siding, and shingles;
  • 50-years warranty;
  • Fire-safe, and weather-protection.

3. James Hardie

This brand is truly the most popular one, as fiber-cement siding is commonly referred directly to James Hardie’s name. Beyond that, it is considered the world’s largest manufacturer of all possible fiber-cement products. Primarily, it is an Irish company that was founded back in 1888, and by now, it is featured in the list of 100 trusted companies in the world. People know James Hardie for its durable, and color-lasting sidings. The company offers lap and vertical siding models.

Main Perks

  • The products may withstand any weather impact;
  • Pest and insect-resistant;
  • 30-50 years of warranty;
  • Environmental-friendly, hence, follow sustainability trends.

4. Woodtone

Woodtone is somehow a smaller company unlike its competitors, however, it has one distinctive feature – wood mimic material which is fully fire-resistant. Its history is dated back to 1989 when it started producing custom-coated exterior wood sidings. Nowadays, its fiber-cement siding does not lag behind other manufacturers. It helps clients access a durable, and safe rustic style of siding which is easy in maintaining. Finally, the company sells the AbsoluteCedar model for the utmost wood aesthetics.

Main Perks

  • It is the only fiber-cement siding company that works and distributes products with natural wood;
  • 18 colors to choose from for wood grain;
  • 20-years warranty.

5. Nichiha

This Japanese brand was first introduced to the market back in 1950. Today, it is not as accessible as competitors because you won’t simply buy their fiber-cement siding in a nearby retail store. You should directly order it with architects or contractors. Beyond that, Nichiha is somehow a more fit for commercial applications. Why choose it? It is great in terms of durability, and environmental-friendly materials. Also, it is a decent choice if you look for traditional style shakes and shingles.

Main Perks

  • KFC, Burger King, etc, use Nichiha sidings;
  • 30-years warranty.

As you may see the choice is available, and you may base it on your actual needs. If you need something of a wood style, go for Woodtone, if heavily-popular – Nichiha, while if you look for the utmost safety, and durability together, GAF, Allura, and James Hardie won’t disappoint you.