Home Organization Tips: How to Make All Your Clothes Fit in Your Closet

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Let’s face it: most of us have more clothes than we really need.

The average household spends over $1,800 on clothing, along with other services, such as dry cleaning, every year. That’s roughly $150 being spent every month on new additions to your wardrobe.

It’s no surprise that closets around the country are getting fit to burst.

Thankfully, there are numerous home organization tips that can help. With a few novel ideas to call upon, you can get your wardrobe in better shape without curbing your shopping habit.

Keep reading for 7 top tips on keeping your clothes and closets more organized.

1. Get Rid of Old and Unwanted Clothing

It’s finally time to get your closet in order!

Well done. With a mass of clothes in disarray, you’ve got your work cut out. Frankly, it can be one that isn’t entirely clear on how to begin.

A sensible starting point is to get rid of anything you no longer wear and/or want.

We know- it’s like bidding farewell to a part of yourself! But difficult times call for difficult measures. Throwing out any clothes that you know (deep down) you’ll never wear again is a big first step.

You’ll ease the pressure on your closet doors and give yourself some breathing room.

The organizational tips to follow will be exponentially easier as a result.

2. Be Methodical

Unfortunately, this initial task can be easier said than done.

There might be so many clothes through which to sort that the job seems impossible. Like any monster task at hand, though, breaking it into smaller chunks can help.

One way to approach it is by sifting through your clothes by type.

Start with the pants, move onto the undies, and then sort through the shirts, jackets, suits, and so on. One by one, and bit by bit, you’ll whittle down the clothes in your closet.

In so doing, you’ll end up with separate piles of each item of clothing.

You’ll see the items of which you have too many and identify those you no longer need.

Keep going and, eventually, you’ll have separated your wardrobe into two piles:  the good and the bad; clothes to keep and clothes to chuck, respectively.

3. Take Advantage of the Empty Closet

This might be the first time your closet has been clear of clothes in years.

Take advantage of that fact by giving it a deep clean.

First, though, clear out anything else that’s in there. Who knows what manner of random items you’ve collected over the years?! You’ll probably find the tie you lost last year, the bracelet you’ve been looking for, and the safety pin you dropped an age ago.

With a closet devoid of items, you’ll be able to clean it all out properly. Dust it, scrub it and vacuum it all clear of any grime that might have accumulated.

4. Restructure the Space

You’ve got rid of your old/unwanted clothes and have a sparkling clean closet leftover. Now it’s time to get really inventive.

Closet remodeling is a great way to create the perfect closet space for your requirements. You now know exactly what needs to be stored back inside.

With that knowledge and an empty closet before you, why not set about restructuring the space?

You could add, move or remove shelves, and insert an extra rail. You might want a shoe rack at the bottom, or a hanging show holder instead. Maximize the vertical and horizontal space available, keeping your particular clothing needs in mind.

Before you know it, you’ll have the closet of your dreams! That’s good news for when you start putting your remaining clothes back inside it.

5. Store Everything Sensibly

It’s time to put your clothes back in your newly laid-out closet.

Be sure to do so in a sensible, methodical, and ordered fashion. After all, you don’t want to end up with the same mess you had before!

At the end of a long day, it’s all too easy to throw your clothes into any old space available.

But it’s a slippery slope. Before long you’ve got a random mishmash of pants, underwear, and blouses on any given shelf. Finding anything in a hurry can be a nightmare.

Take the time to categorize your clothes before popping them into their respective closet spots. The good news is that you did the hard work in step one of this post! All that’s left is to fold the different piles up or find them a coat hanger.

6. Hang Items Neatly

You’re going to want to hang up anything that creases easily or needs special protection.

Think suits, trousers, dresses or coats. They all need a place on the rail!

However, don’t just hang them up in any old fashion. Endeavor to put everything on the same style hanger and facing the same way in the closet.

Not only that, place them onto the rail in relation to their length.

You could, for example, place the longest items on the left and shorter ones on the right. The result? A neat and attractive inclining line. You (and everyone who visits) will appreciate the tidy appearance that this level of organization creates.

7. Get Rolling

Here’s a final tip that’ll help you save oodles of space:

Take your thinner clothes (such as t-shirts and pajamas) and roll them up! Roll it all into nice and tight bundles and pop them into storage boxes.

They’ll take up far less room in the closet as a result.

The alternative is to fold them up instead. However, with limited shelf space available that isn’t ideal. Save it for piles of your thicker clothes!

Remember These Home Organization Tips

Got more clothes in your closet than you can handle?

You’re not alone! People in this country spend thousands of dollars on apparel every year.

Hopefully, though, the home organization tips in this post will help you get your closet under control.

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