5 Steps to an Effective Spring Cleaning with A List

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Spring is in the air, but while the birds are singing and the flowers are in full bloom, your house might still feel like it’s suffering from the winter blues. The tradition of spring cleaning allows you to freshen up your home for the new season, dust off the cobwebs of winter, and get ready for the warmer weather ahead. So, what exactly constitutes a successful spring cleaning list?

#1. Tackle it Room by Room: 

Approaching it room-by-room is the most effective way to get your home deep cleaned. That way, it’s less overwhelming and you can work through each room methodically rather than facing it all as a whole. Make a checklist of the areas in every room that need extra attention, and make a note of anywhere that’s recently been cleaned too. 

#2. Get Organized:

Getting rid of all the clutter that you don’t need is a big part of spring cleaning. Whether it’s household items that you barely use anymore or clothes that have been hanging in your wardrobe for months, Spring is the perfect season to have a good clear-out of your home and create some space. You could even make some extra cash by selling your unwanted items or donate them to those in need. 

#3. Enlist Some Help: 

There’s no rule that says you have to do the spring cleaning all by yourself. If it’s a big job, get a professional cleaner in to help. You can find professional domestic cleaners near you by searching for eMop locations. A professional cleaner will know how to clean those areas that you’re not sure about, or you can hire them to tackle the jobs that you really don’t want to do like cleaning inside the oven. Or, just get your whole family involved. Even a family member who isn’t too thrilled at the idea of spending the day cleaning can do something to lighten your workload. 

#4. Get Seasonal Chores Out of the Way:

Some chores, like gardening or gutter cleaning, are best done when the weather is warmer, and we tend to ignore them for most of the fall and winter. Now’s the time to get them done; even though they only need to be done a couple of times a year at most, they will make your house look a lot better and reduce your risk of issues like clogged gutters and drains. Give your windows, patios and decking a good cleaning too. 

#5. Establish New Cleaning Habits:

Once you’ve spring-cleaned your home, you’re going to wish that it was like that all the time – and the good news is that it can be when you establish some good cleaning habits for your household. A simple 15-20 minute cleaning routine of your home each day can make a huge amount of difference to how it looks and feels, and it’ll make your next big spring cleaning job much easier since you will have been keeping on top of things all year round. 

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of spring cleaning your home; by dividing it up into tasks by room and getting some help, it can be an easy and enjoyable job.