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Most people are stuck in their homes during this period of covid19. It gets so boring at times. You can decide to have a simple home makeover that will transform your home and keep yourself busy. Here are some of the redecorating ideas that you can try:

Switch up your furniture

You do not have to go the extra mile of purchasing new furniture. Just switch up your furniture. For instance, a cocktail table that you have been using in your living room can function as a bedside table in your bedroom. A hallway bench can as well be used at the end of your bed. Make sure that after switching the furniture, their function in the new positions also changes. The hallway bench that you took to the bedroom may be decorated using a throw pillow and a blanket.

Have some plants in the house

It is always great to have a little bit of nature in our homes. You can create your natural environment in the house. Collect flowers, grasses or branches and then trim them to your desired size. Find a good vessel of your choice and arrange them perfectly. After you are done, choose specific spots in your house where you would love your collection displayed.

Upgrade your yard

Most homes have yards, and you probably have one for purposes of relaxing. You can improve this space by doing these simple tasks:

Clean the entire outdoor rugs and wash all the pillows and cushions

Plant flowers

If you have flowers, weed them. You can also keep your grass short and neat. Sweep any leaves from trees. Start a kitchen garden for vegetables if you have none. Switch pillows, rugs and blankets.

You probably have bedding that is preserved for visitors or kept in other bedrooms. Your home can have a new look if you switch these items. A new blanket or duvet cover can bring a different look to your bedroom.

Rugs can also be switched. Take your bedroom rug to the living room and note the difference.

Create new spaces

You may be having furniture that is just lying in the house unused. Use the furniture to come up with new spaces. For instance, you can come up with an office space where you can be working from home; your kids can also use the same space to do their homework.

You can also come up with a reading or beverage area.

Thorough cleaning

You can also redecorate your home by making sure all rooms are clean. To do the cleaning perfectly, give each room its day. Start by cleaning your windows and walls before going to the floor. Clean your windows inside and outside, and do not forget the curtains.

Other important areas that should not be left behind are:

  • Cabinets
  • Under the bed
  • Bookshelves
  • Kitchen, bathroom and office drawers
  • The shed and garage should also be cleaned.

You should also declutter. If you have stuff that you no longer use, give them out. Decluttering makes your home look neat and well arranged.

To keep your things in order, make sure you also label them. Organize your items in different baskets or containers and label them for easier recognition.

As you can see, you do not have to purchase new items for your home to look good. The above points will help you have a beautiful home.