How to Choose a Mattress in 5 Easy Steps

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The abundance of products and their variety in the market has made it difficult to choose the right mattress for you. On the bright side, if you put enough effort, you get to enjoy benefits like better health, quality sleeping experience, and value for money. 

But the problem is that not many of us want to spend hours researching mattresses and the market. That is why we decided to simplify things down to something familiar. In this article, we have prepared a brief guide on how to choose a mattress in 5 easy steps. 

Of course, details in these steps vary, but the basic ideas can help you out.

Step #1 Find the Right Type of Mattress for You

As we said, you can find various types of good mattress in the market right now. On the one hand, you do come across standard mattresses that can give you a good sleep. On the other, you see specialized mattresses such as memory foam mattresses and multi-layer ones. While the second category is always fancy and expensive, not many of us require assistance. So, if you have a sleep therapist, you can talk to the person to understand which type of mattress is right for you. For instance, memory foam mattresses are quite popular among those who have body aches, among other issues. You may also want to consider the area you live as it plays an essential role in mattress selection. For example, memory foam mattresses tend to become hot overnight. This won’t be a preferable experience if you live in a relatively humid environment.

Step #2 Understand What You Need

A type of mattress isn’t the only criterion that you can follow while picking a mattress for the dream bedroom set up. Instead, you should focus on what complements what you have in the bedroom. Even before that, it is crucial to understand what kind of firmness you want for the mattress. This is a reason why all experts recommend a free trial before purchasing the mattress. But, we understand that this may not be possible at all times. For instance, if you are purchasing a yogabed from the eCommerce stores, your best option is to check out a yogabed review from a trusted source. When you do, though, make sure to pay attention to the recommended weight/body type. Choosing a bed that is suitable for your needs will help you create a sleep-friendly bedroom as well.

Step #3 Find and Shortlist Products

This is the step where you have so many options. Before we go further, however, keep in mind the preferred way to purchase a mattress. Let’s lay that down for you. While brick-and-mortar mattress stores give you benefits such as live testing, you may have to shell out a tremendous amount of money. Also, you may have a tough time deciding whether the talk from a salesperson is entirely unbiased. With the online sources, the story is different. You can talk to many sources, explore reviews, and see what others say. Understanding this difference and, of course, the basic idea of data availability, we think you should shortlist products using online store catalogs or some dedicated comparison tools.

Step #4 Sorting Products

Let’s say that you have chosen 5 to 10 mattresses from different brands and of various types. Now that you have done the tough part, we have to sort the products. You can use criteria to sort products. There is the most obvious criterion of budget, which most people are concerned about. The problem here is that you may end up getting a bedding setup that doesn’t help you sleep. This is why we recommend sorting products based on what is best for you. Once you have done this sorting, you can choose a product that suits your budget after that. You may also have to bring in factors like the ability to get shipping and whether a product matches with your existing bedding ideas for the dream bedroom.

Step #5 Re-Check and Buy

This is the final step, and you have narrowed things down to a single product by now. It’s also the right time for an overall re-check, where you analyze how well the product performs in real life. The first source would be the reviews that you can find online or via networking methods. The other idea is to keep a look-out for the basic options like warranty and protection. If you had chosen a mattress from a trusted brand in the first place, you wouldn’t have to worry about warranty and after-sale service, though. Because you are making an investment that should last for a few years at least, make sure that the mattress has good support from the company. If it doesn’t, you may have to re-do these steps. By the way, don’t forget to compare different locations — both online and offline — if you decide to go with the product.

The Bottom Line

Was your mattress buying experience as simple as these steps were? What were the issues you came across while getting the perfect mattress for the superb bedroom? Do let us know through your comments.