How To Choose A Platform Bed

platform bed

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The bed is very important furniture among all the furniture in our home. Most of the people in the world spent around eight hours in bed every day. So, the importance of bed in our life is beyond description. The bed is not only decorating your bedroom but also it has numerous health effects. As we all know, good night sleep make a better tomorrow. Additionally, a perfect bed improves your sleep condition. On the other hand, a wrong bed makes you discomfort during the night.

There are different types of bed. Among all types of bed, why and how we will choose a platform bed? I think after reading the article you will get the answer to this question.

1. Think About Your Budget

A platform bed is budget friendly. There are different types of platform bed. Among all metal types of platform bed is the cheapest. The DIY platform bed is the cheapest as well. But the best platform bed is a wooden platform bed. You can check the best wooden platform bed at pillowbedding. The price of the wooden platform bed is varying from below $100 to $800. So, a wooden platform bed is also budget friendly.

2 . Take a Measurement of Your Room

Taking a measurement of your room in which the new platform bed will set up because you need some free space to walk and keep other items. If it goes to a small room, you need to buy a single or twin platform bed. If your room size is good enough to cover a big size bed, then you can go for a king or queen size bed. All of these are available in the platform bed.

3. Think About Your Existing Mattress

If you have a mattress, you can easily use it on the new platform bed. Because the platform bed is suitable for all type of mattress. But you have to match the measurement of the platform bed with mattress. If you want to buy a new mattress then you need to match both mattress and platform bed.

4. Ask Yourself: Do I Have Any Knee Pain?

There are different size platform beds and different height platform is das well. Some platform beds are very low to the ground which is not good for the people who have knee pain. So, you have to choose high to the ground platform bed.

5. Match the Color

Color matching is very important to make your room more attractive. Try to match your platform bed color with the color of wall, curtain, carpet, etc.

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6. Solid or Slats

Generally, Solid platform bed is heavier than the slat platform bed. A solid platform bed is suitable for heavy people. Additionally, solid platform bed is low to the found to ensure the comfort to the heavy weighted people. But the slat platform bed has other advantages. The slat allows air passing to the mattress which improves the mattress life.

7. Try the Bed Before Buying It

You should lie on the platform bed before the order for shipment. Actually, by looking at a platform bed you will not get the proper idea about how much comfort it will provide you.