6 Secrets to Cleaning Your Shower Including the Shower Head!

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It seems like common sense to believe a shower basically cleans itself. After all, it’s used nearly every day and is constantly filled with soap and water. But though a person gets clean in the shower, the shower doesn’t.

Soap scum, oils, and dirt can accumulate, and grout between tiles can grow discolored or even moldy. But there are simple things that can be done to clean the shower and make sure it stays that way. Here are six secrets to consistently maintain a good clean shower.

1. Seal the Grout

Though the tiles used to line a shower stall are nonporous, the grout between them is very porous and needs to be sealed. Sealing protects grout against mold, mildew, and grime. An expert can be brought in to seal the grout every couple of years or so or you can even learn how to do this task on your own.

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2. Consider the Shower Curtain

To discourage mildew, give the shower curtain its own bath in a tub of salty water overnight. Dry it out, preferably outside in the sun, then hang it back up in the shower. Salt and sun kill mildew. If there are a few spots of mildew on the curtain and it’s too much trouble to take it down, spritz the mildew with either hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar.

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3. Squeegee the Doors Clean

Use a squeegee on the glass shower doors after every shower to keep down the soap scum. Be sure to squeegee after every use. Use this time after your shower to check the drain is clearing properly as well. a drain cleaning expert can advise on what methods to take if you often have buildup or slow draining.

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4. Keep a Shower Caddy in the Stall

Fill the shower caddy with the squeegee, a scrubbing brush, a cleaning toothbrush, sponges, and a spray bottle filled with a vinegar and water solution. This makes washing down the shower stall a cinch and you can even move it from bathroom to bathroom as you clean.

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5. Clean the Shower Head

A popular trick to clean the shower head is to fill a plastic bag with about a cup of vinegar, arrange it around the shower head, and secure it with rubber bands. The holes should be in contact with the vinegar and ideally the bag should be kept on overnight. Then, rinse the showerhead, and pat it dry. Not only will the lime scale be gone, but the showerhead will be sparkling clean.

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You can also might consider a specific shower cleaner brush, made specifically to clean tiny holes and surfaces.

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6. Use the Hand-Held Shower to Rinse

The handheld showerhead makes rinsing easy and even fun. Use cold water so the shower doesn’t fog up. Rinse the walls and the shower doors, then rinse the floor starting at the drain and moving backwards. Use fingers to check that all the cleanser has been completely rinsed from the shower.

Cleaning a shower often keeps dirt and grime from building up and spares the homeowner a job of strenuous work. A clean shower stall makes showering a special pleasure.

Six Secrets For Keeping Your Shower Clean
Six Secrets For Keeping Your Shower Clean