8 Easy Ways to Save on a Budget Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel

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Are you planning to renovate your bathroom area?

Bathroom renovation calls for taking into consideration a lot of factors that need to be perfectly implemented. From the bathroom floors to walls, bathroom faucets, sanitary ware and even shower panels, all of these requirements need to be considered while remodeling.

The bathroom renovation is an important decision. Therefore, it must be carried out meticulously. Here are some of the things that you should avoid while designing your bathroom to save some money over the same. 

1. Begin the renovation with a plan

Jumping into your bathroom remodeling in a haphazard can be a big mistake. It would only lead you spending more money than expected. Even though your bathroom space is quite small, still it requires a considerable amount of thought process in advance to be executed properly. During remodeling of the same, you would come across a plethora of services within the smaller space itself that might go out of the budget, unless you have not planned it out.

For instance, if you are planning to redo the shower wall panels, then decide the exact location of the same in your small bathroom such that it will not occupy much space. Otherwise, it might end up costing you both money as well as unnecessary space. Therefore, you must plan the entire layout of the remodeled bathroom before executing the same.

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2. Going fancy would make things simpler

If you are on the assumption that the expensive options would take care of all your designing problems, then you are in the dark. Be it the contractors, and other concerned companies -all must have assisted you in purchasing expensive bathroom accessories of high quality.

For instance, a frameless glass shower panels might be the perfect beauty to your brand new bathrooms. These are solid and highly attractive but also come with a certain price tag. If your budget does not allow it, then you must not go for it. Instead, try investing in some less expensive options of bathroom panels and accessories that fit your budget and requirement as well.

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3. Replacing instead of fixing

While renovating your bathroom, if you are considering the replacement of every corner, then be prepared to loosen your pockets. However, if you are limited by budget, then do not consider replacing all the bathroom accessories. Instead, go for the fixing certain things that are still fit to last for long.

As the bathrooms tend to have fewer or no windows at all and are embedded deeper into houses, it is quite difficult to remodel your bathroom by entirely replacing everything in it. If you can still keep things in place and then fix them, try to achieve the same.

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4. Never leave mold, mildew or rot

If your contractor discovers any structural issue or any growth on the walls as part of the job, always have it taken care of. Your walls and floor are likely already exposed; if you decide to take care of it later, you’ll have to rip everything up again.

Even worse, if you cover it all over with new materials as part of your redesign, you’ll just have to rip up all the new work.

If your home is not very new or your bathroom remodels is the first in a long time, consider leaving extra money for potential mold, mildew, or rot removal. Older homes simply don’t have modern waterproofing technology, and finding some growth is almost guaranteed.

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5. Know when to save on remodel materials

There are times when you want to save, and times when it’s best to spend a bit more. Saving on the visible materials is the safest. The underlying materials are the real meat of the bathroom remodel and are much harder to replace than the simple surface material.

Bathtubs, tile, and fixtures are simple to redo if you decide you want a more expensive finish in the future. On the other hand, using more sophisticated waterproofing material to ensure a truly water-tight seal provides a lot of value into the future and will maintain regardless of what you decide to do with the finishes built on top of it.

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6. Don’t go with a lower end contractor

When it comes to bathroom remodeling professionals, you almost always get what you pay for. Remember, if you pay an inexperienced or unlicensed individual to come work on your home, you might well get work done, and you might save money, but you’ll almost certainly have to pay someone to come in and fix the mistakes they made.

A big bathroom remodeling job requires a lot of expertise – running drains, planning out plumbing, and working with electrical may all be required in addition to complex tiling knowledge. Any of these advanced tasks just isn’t suitable for anything less than a professional contractor.

7. Ignoring ventilation

Bathrooms are the most humid and closed places in your entire room. If it would lack proper ventilation, unhygienic situations are bound to develop in its environment. For instance, due to the abundance of moisture, you can expect the formation of molds and various infections inside the bathroom area. Therefore, if your older bathroom did not have ample ventilation, then try to go for the installation of one in the new one.

In today’s scenario, ventilation in the bathroom just doesn’t imply the installation of big windows. There is a multitude of ventilation or exhaust fans available to be fixed directly onto your bathrooms to do the purpose. In addition to these, the heat lamps are another great option to reduce ample moisture into your bathrooms.

If you are considering the remodeling of your bathroom space, then keep these factors in mind and try to avoid them. Take help from expert tips to save money and efforts into your bathroom renovation project. For getting your hands on the most designer and affordable range of bathroom accessories like shower panels, bathroom faucets and so more.

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8. Buying bathroom supplies at reasonable prices

You need to buy the supplies at a reasonable price. Try to get the best deal in the minimum possible budget. For example, best pedestal sinks are available in wide range of prices, but you will choose one according to your budget. Try to choose accessories that can completely change the looks of your bathroom.

With proper planning, the cost of your bathroom remodeling project can be reduced to a great extent. So if you want to save money on your bathroom remodeling, then plan well and work according to that.