How to Shine Tile Floors in Your Building

Shine Tile Floors

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Are people side-stepping smudges, spills, and goop on your tile floor? That’s a telltale sign that your dirty floor is out of control.

A clean and tidy space improves health, mood, morale, and productivity in your building. Whether you own a commercial building or an apartment complex, keeping your tile floors clean is a critical part of your job.

Don’t let your residents live with dirty tile floors. Learn how to shine tile floors with this quick and easy guide.

Clean Your Tiles First

Before making those tiles sleek and shiny, they’ll need a good cleaning first. Put the following tile cleaning supplies on your shopping list.

  • Vacuum
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mild soap detergent
  • Mop (rag or sponge-style)
  • Floor cleaner
  • Dry cloth
  • Homemade lemon juice cleaner (optional)

First, sweep your tile floor and gather any dirt and debris into the dustpan. Use a vacuum to suck up leftover dust and lint.

Next, fill a bucket with warm water and detergent, and dunk your mop into the solution. You could also use floor cleaner or a homemade lemon solution. Use a heavy-duty sponge to scrub out stubborn dirt from the grout.

Dump out the dirty water, and fill the bucket with fresh water. Keep mopping the floor with clean water until any dirty suds are gone. Let your floor dry for a few minutes.

Use a lint-free rag to dry your clean tile floor. You’re now ready to shine!

How to Shine Tile Floors

There are a few ways to shine tiles. You can buy tile shine products from the store. These are excellent products to buy in bulk if you’re a property manager.

Like floor cleaner, you can make your own tile shine solution at home. The most popular natural alternative is simple white vinegar. You’ll be surprised by how shiny your tiles will be after quick vinegar wipe-down.

Make sure to dilute your vinegar with equal parts water. Use a bucket for large areas and a spray bottle for the bathroom. Vinegar is also a natural disinfectant!

Another popular solution is ammonia and warm water. You’ll need a fourth cup of ammonia for every gallon of warm water. This tip is great for removing yellow tile stains.

You could also try a winning combination of vinegar, ammonia, borax, and warm water. This quadruple threat will make your floors extra clean and shiny.

If you want a long-lasting shine, apply a high-gloss seal to your tile floors. Choose a glossy sealer that’s right for your tile type. Some are better for travertine floor restoration, while others are more suited for ceramic tiles.

Don’t forget to check the quality of your high-gloss seal. You’ll need to periodically replace or re-seal your floor as the product wears off.

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Let Your Tile Floor Shine

Don’t settle for dull and dirty tile floors. Make them sparkle and shine again. Learn how to shine tile floors the right away with this simple guide.

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