12 Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle this Spring

Make Your Home Sparkle

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When winter ends, it’s time to open your windows and spring-clean your home. Everyone loves spring with its abundant sunshine, lush greenery, and beautiful bloom of flowers. This is also the perfect time to dust off cobwebs, get rid of mold, and repair anything that may have gotten destroyed during winter. Here are 12 makeover tips that will make your home sparkle this spring.

1. De-Clutter

Before you even embark on cleaning your home this spring, you must ensure that it is organized. A disorganized house will add to your stress levels. Therefore, set aside time to organize your closets besides spring cleaning your home office. Similarly, get rid of unnecessary items that you no longer need.

2. Start from the Top

When you embark in cleaning your house this spring, you should begin with the ceiling down. By doing so, debris will be forced downwards. Therefore, you won’t be forced to re-dust your space. If your vacuum cleaner has a long hose, use it to get rid of dust from the ceiling and fans. After that, dust your furniture as well as other items before you vacuum dust from the floors.

3. Fix Broken Items

Winter is characterized by unforgiving weather, which can damage components of your home including the roof, windows, paintwork, and gutters. When spring-cleaning the house, you should also focus on anything that may have been damaged during winter. For instance, get rid of leaves from the roof to enhance the flow of rainwater.

4. Work on Your Garden

If the harsh winter weather ravaged your garden, spring offers you the best opportunity to give the garden a facelift. Keep in mind that since this is the season of bloom, your garden can get restored within a short time. When working on your garden, try something different from what you are used to. For instance, you can grow seasonal fruits and herbs to make the yard more functional.

5. Deep Clean the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Little cleaning gets done during the winter season. There is likely to be a build-up of dirt especially in bathrooms and in the kitchen. Since bathrooms and the kitchen get heavily used during winter, you should focus on them when spring cleaning your home. You should mainly focus on cisterns, countertops, and sinks.

6. Clean Out the Closets

A lot of dirt and dust accumulates in closets during winter. One of the most crucial things to do during spring is cleaning the closets. Since you will need to change your wardrobe, you should rid the closets of heavy winter clothing. Replace them with lighter clothing including floral prints, shorts, and light-fabric dresses in preparation for summer.

7. Give Your Walls a Facelift

Nothing looks better than a fresh coat of paint on your house during winter. When you give your home a facelift after the long winter season, and you have some money to spare, consider repainting it. Lighter shades of paint or wallpaper will add a splash of color to your home, thus increasing its aesthetic value.

8. Wax Your Doors and Windows

If you want your house to be an eye-catcher after spring-cleaning it, you should remember to not only repaint your doors and windows but also to wax them. Waxing keeps the doors and windows shiny besides offering protection against the elements.

9. Update Your Security System

This one should have maybe been placed on top of the list, due to its importance. Consider carry out a thorough analysis of your home security system. The safety of your family is definitely worth more than a few minutes of your time. Find the best home security company and check for any updates, make sure ALL systems are working.

10. Revamp Your Home Décor

Spring is the best time to revamp your home décor to give your interior space a makeover. You can change the placement of furniture as well as the wall décor to reflect the upcoming summer. Fresh flowers will give your interior a new look without requiring you to spend too much money on them. Broken furniture pieces should either be fixed or replaced. The same applies to all other aspects of your home décor.

11. Clean Your Garage

During winter, many people throw things into their garages indiscriminately to keep them out of harm’s way. Once winter is over, you should clean the garage and pick up those things so that you store them at their rightful places. Also, throw away items that you won’t need to avoid clutter.

12. Fix the Driveway

Winter weather can significantly damage your driveway. Unfortunately, many people forget to repair their driveways when giving their homes a makeover during spring. In this regard, fix any potholes that may have been caused by harsh winter weather. Likewise, give the driveway a fresh coat of paint if necessary.


For many people, cleaning homes in spring is a tiresome task because it typically involves fixing too many things. Even so, it’s worth the effort since it helps you prepare for the upcoming summer season. You must keep mind that your family’s well-being will be determined by how well you spring-clean your house.