Loft in Space: 8 Great Reasons to Get a Loft Conversion


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You have to spend money to make money, right?

Well, that old adage is particularly true in relation to your home.

How would you like to increase the value of your house? Investing in a loft conversion can do just that.

Indeed, you could see the value of your house jump by 20% in one fell swoop.

We’re guessing you wouldn’t say no to that! However, the advantages of converting your loft don’t stop there. Want to know how else you stand to gain?

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8 Top Benefits of Getting a Loft Conversion

Visit this site if you already know you want a conversion. Otherwise, check out the following reasons to consider making the most of your home’s top floor.

1. Raise Your House’s Value

We’ve already noted the financial incentive to loft conversion.

However, it’s worth re-emphasizing. Convert your loft and say hello to as much as 20% extra cash value. That’s a worthy investment if we ever saw one.

Sure, you need the money to be able to do it. But you’ll make it back easily if/when you come to sell. Determined to move? Consider renovating the roof for a quick and easy ROI.

2. It’s Easier than Moving House

Moving house is a hassle. And an expensive hassle at that.

First, you have to find a house to move to. Then, you could get unlucky and spend months waiting for a buyer. Then there’s the actual process of moving. The packing, the loading, the removals company…It’s enough to put anyone off.

Think about why you want to move.

Want a bigger place? Need an extra bedroom? Struggling with an outdated décor? A converted roof may solve your problems and help beautify your home too. You get to avoid the hassle and expense of moving in the process.

3. There’s No Planning Permission Required

Many people get put off significant home improvements due to planning permission requirements.

Applying for permission can take time and money. And there’s no guarantee it’ll be granted anyway. House extensions and alterations get put on hold.

However, you’re unlikely to need permission for a roof conversion. Sure, check with a housing lawyer first. In fact, the company you use to convert your roof would be able to tell you. More often than not you can go ahead.

The only exception would be if you want alterations to the outside of the house. If the changes are all internal and don’t entail anything structural, then you’re usually good to go.

4. You Create More Space

Converting your roof creates extra space.

Suddenly you have a whole new floor to play with. Create a bedroom, storage space, home office, living area, and/or a self-contained apartment.

Everyone can benefit from an extra room in the house. It’s especially good news for an expanding family. Planning new additions to the family? Why not create a nursery? The world is your oyster!

5. Your Garden Gets to Stay

A home extension is another popular form of home improvement.

However, a downside is that they usually eat into your outdoor space. A garden gets cut in two. Your deck gets destroyed. And so on.

A roof conversion offers almost all of the same benefits without that happening. The garden gets to stay! Create space without sacrificing any.

6. It Isn’t That Difficult

Home improvements can be daunting.

They conjure mental images of dust-covered workmen treading dirt into your carpets. You imagine having to make adjustments to your day to fit around the work. You picture walls being knocked down, carpets being pulled, storage space being affected, and life becoming that bit harder all around.

However, the reality of a roof conversion can be altogether different. The benefit of it being on the top floor is that everything is automatically out of the way.

Likewise, a lack of structural alterations minimizes the time it can take. It’s a matter of weeks instead of months. You can be enjoying your new office, bedroom or living area in no time.

7. Get a View, and Extra Light

Look out of your bedroom window now and what do you see?

The house across the street? The tree occluding your view? Cars lining the pavement?

Wouldn’t you like to see above it all? There’s nothing quite like a room with a view. Why do you think the penthouse suite has such a reputation?

Isn’t it strange that so few of us ever make the most of our loft space, which usually offers the best views from the property? Stick in a couple of windows and that all changes. This can have the greatest impact in crowded areas, where views are usually restricted.

An added benefit of those windows is the extra light that enters your home. That once dingy, cramped loft-space becomes a lovely light and airy place to spend time.

8. Reduce Your Energy Costs

Heat rises, and the roof is often responsible for most of the heat lost from your home.

Your energy bills can suffer.

However, choose to convert your loft you might find that costs come down. That’s thanks to additional insulation from wall, ceiling and floor reinforcements. You might not actively ask to improve the insulation in your property. But it happens as a natural by-product of the conversion process.

Heat gets trapped. Your energy consumption goes down as a result!

Time to Get Converting

There you have it: 8 awesome reasons to get a loft conversion.

Your home is your sanctuary and you deserve to be house proud! There’s nothing quite like a converted loft to make that happen. Frankly, from a practical, financial, and aesthetic standpoint, it just makes sense!

With minimal fuss, you’ll see a substantial return on investment and enjoy a new and improved living space in the process. With such advantages on the table, why wouldn’t you do it?!

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