Maintaining Air Filters at Home: Is It Difficult?

Maintaining Air Filters

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The air filters in your home are necessary to maintaining consistent air quality and making sure you can breathe more easily. They make sure that the airflow coming through your systems are kept clean and clear of incoming pathogens, mites, and other airborne issues. The air systems in your home do not discriminate when it comes to the air that they bring in. It’s whatever air is available, regardless of how dirty or unsafe the air actually is. Which is where air filters come in, acting as a constant defense for the air quality in your home.

How Do Air Filters Work

The air filters in your home work by pushing the airflow coming in through a tight mesh weaving. This weaving allows air to pass through but traps potentially harmful particles before they can circulate through your home. The filters work constantly from the moment they are installed and the cleaning works both ways. There are plenty of particles that come from inside a home as well like pet dander and smoke. The resulting particles usually land on any open surface they can, creating a layer of grime unless they are filtered out of the air. Furnace filters do the same, filtering out airflow before it can affect the blower fan.

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Air Filter Sizes

In order for a filter to clean out incoming airflow, it needs to fit in a system to begin with. All air filters are measured by height, length, and thickness. So, when you are replacing old air filters you need to know the dimensions to make sure the new filters fit properly. You can find these numbers on the cardboard edge of the old filters frame. If not, then the sizes should be stated in the owners manual of your air systems. From there, it’s simply a manner of making sure the filter’s arrow is pointed the right way before insertion. The real problems come when filters are not properly maintained.

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Making Sure They Are Maintained Properly

The air filters in a home never stop working, trapping irritants as the airflow passes through. But, eventually, the air filters will become dirtier and dirtier until they become clogged with irritants. These clogged filters have a hard time allowing airflow to pass through and this becomes an issue over time as your air systems begin to feel the strain. When air cannot travel through a filter easily, the system will attempt to push it through. This causes a strain that has the potential to damage a system if a replacement isn’t swapped into place.

You will need to swap in proper filter’s too, the effectiveness of which are gauged by the MERV rating system. You will want to make sure the filters you purchase are not too high on the rating scale, they will be more effective at cleaning passing airflow but will also strain the system. The type of filter you choose is important and may lead to additional costs as you require new replacements over time. Reusable filters will need consistent cleaning since they cannot be conveniently swapped out as regular filters can. Do you need help finding more affordable filters for your home? Try Filter kind and view link coupon here for great deals that can help you out.