9 Cleaning Tasks to Add to Your Spring Cleaning List

Cleaning Tasks

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Did you know that 91% of Americans spring clean their homes every year to give them a new look? Homeowners carry out spring cleaning in preparation for the life-filled summer months when everyone is home.

However, this task isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, and not many people look forward to it. It may be a daunting task, but you can come up with a cleaning checklist to ease the work and maintain your home in tip-top condition.

With this in mind, here are the nine cleaning tasks to add to your spring cleaning list.

1. Kitchen Space

There is a lot to do to unleash the inner neat-freak on every corner of the kitchen. Cleaning a kitchen not only involves vacuuming but also dusting as well as mopping every corner of the room.

Every kitchen appliance also needs to be in tip-top condition.  To get started, open the windows and remove the window coverings. Empty each drawer and cabinet, and clean them to perfection.

Pay attention to the following tasks as well:

  • Clean inside the oven and follow directions provided on the manual.
  • Clean out your refrigerator and get rid of any food residue that may encourage mold growth and expose your household to food poisoning.
  • Clean kitchen walls and ceiling. Don’t forget to clean the air vents, switch plates, and light fixtures.
  • Don’t overlook the dishwasher. Get rid of the food left at the bottom of the dishwasher and clean the appliance to aptness.

Remember to clean out your kitchen cabinets and the pantry as well, especially if you haven’t done so in a while.

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2. Living Area

There is a lot to do when it comes to cleaning the living room. It does not only involve making sure the couch is deep-cleaned but also ensuring the walls and the ceiling are neat and tidy.

Wash curtains and replace them with clean ones. If the living room is overcrowded, reorganize the furniture and improve its look.

Beware of the overlooked spring cleaning tasks like cleaning electric wires that connect to your electronic devices. Tuck the wires out of sight for a neat look.

Finally, inspect the living room décor and shelves and dust them neatly.

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3. Bedrooms

The bedroom space requires regular cleaning to enhance comfort. Why sleep in a dusty and unkempt bedroom and risk respiratory problems such as allergies?

Spring cleaning is the perfect way to declutter your bedroom, clean every nook and cranny, and organize your clothes and furniture. Start by washing the beddings and spreading on clean ones.

Wipe down the walls and ceiling. Clean the air vents and light fixtures. Move on to the closet and wipe every corner of the space.

Sort through the clothes and shoes to create more room and get rid of unused clothes or beddings. Don’t forget to rotate your mattress for uniform usage as well.

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4. Bathroom Space

The bathroom can harbor mold and mildew due to the presence of moisture. Spring is the perfect time to overturn the space and clean it.

Start by getting rid of expired beauty products, drugs, and other essentials.  Wash curtains, towels, and any other clothing used in the bathroom.

Wipe down the ceiling and walls to get rid of soap scum and dirt. Clean the bathroom vanity and under the sink as well. Scrub down your shower, paying attention to the floors, walls, and fixtures therein.

Wipe down your shower supplies with a clean cloth as well. Disinfect sensitive bathroom equipment. Don’t forget to clean the medicine cabinet and equip the first-aid kit with the right items if there is any.

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5. Garbage Cans

Spring clean indoor and outdoor garbage cans and keep lingering odors out of your home. If not cleaned trash cans and garbage bins can harbor insects and attract rodents such as rats into your home.

Get rid of the trash and thoroughly clean the garbage can. Opt for an all-purpose cleaner for the garbage cans.

If you’re not using a store-bought cleaner, you can go for your dishwashing soap and warm water. Afterward, deodorize the garbage can with baking soda to eliminate nasty smells.  Allow the bins to dry before using them again for your trash.

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6. Indoor Fireplace

Many homeowners overlook one of the dirtiest areas in the house. The fireplace is an important part of a house and should be properly cared for.

General deep cleaning and sweeping of the chimney is imperative. Unfortunately, chimney cleaning should be done by a professional, but it is not a crime to clean the hearth pad to perfection.

Chimney and fireplace cleaning should be on any homeowner’s spring cleaning list because of a number of reasons.

  • You can save a lot of money on maintenance expenses
  • You avert the risk of chimney fires and damage
  • Cleaning gets rid of pests that find shelter in the chimney

If you’re unable to clean the fireplace and chimney, enlist the services of a cleaning expert.

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7. Garage

Most garages are disorganized and untidy. Spend available time and clean and organize this space. Cleaning the garage not only makes it aesthetically appealing but also leaves a lot of room for storage.

Don the best work gloves at your disposal and get tools like a broom, step stool, all-purpose cleaner, cleaning cloths, and trash can.

For a more functional space, declutter your garage. Choose what to keep, donate, recycle, toss away, and sell. Inspect garage doors and opener as well and hose the entire garage floor.

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8. The Stairway and Balustrades

Don’t overlook the stairways if you live in a multi-story building or have balustrades on your porch or patio. They play a critical role in improving curb appeal.

Vacuum the stairs and wipe down the handrails.  Dust the art and light fixture along the interior stairway. Recoat your exterior balustrades to protect them from damage from the elements.

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9. The Outdoor Fixtures

A well-executed spring clean checklist should also pay attention to the exterior space of a home. Clean exterior light fixtures, outdoor furniture, the driveway, walkways, and other landscaping features that require some love and care.

You may require a pressure washer to properly clean the driveway and other hard exterior surfaces. If you don’t have one, it’d be advisable to rent it or hire a cleaning service.

Don’t forget to wash the windows and exterior doors as well. Finally, show your roof some love by cleaning it together with the gutter system. Use safety gear such as a harness and hard hat to prevent fall injuries.

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Get Started on Spring Cleaning Tasks Today

Planning to undertake spring cleaning tasks this year? It may be a daunting project, but it is more manageable by coming up with a cleaning checklist and plan of action.

Follow our checklist to give your home a thorough clean in preparation for the summer season.