Creative Ideas For Adding Style To Your Pool Deck

pool deck style

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Poolside meditation is the best way to relax yourself after a busy day at work. After you’ve spent some relaxing time in your new backyard pool, you will never be able to readapt to apartments and houses without swimming pools again.

If you want to make your backyard more relaxing and fun you should add one or a few extra features to your pool and the area around it. Extra pool features have been very popular recently, and in this article we will share some creative ideas that will add style to your pool area and increase the value of your home.

Water features

Adding water features to your pool can turn your backyard into a relaxing spa. Unfortunately, adding these features requires large scale pool renovation. These are some of the most popular water features that produce soothing sounds, relaxing sights and beneficial therapeutic effects:


Most people choose to install stone waterfalls. Companies that install them usually offer wide variety of stone choices, you can choose between natural stones collected in your area, beautiful looking sea or ocean stones and artificial stones, which are the most affordable kind. Waterfalls are relaxing and romantic and they are a perfect addition to lagoon style pools.

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Bubbling fountains

Bubbling fountains are small geysers placed in the shallow parts of the pool. Kids love them, plus they are affordable and don’t require too much renovation.

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Deck jets

If you need a soothing sound to enhance your meditation, basic deck is the most affordable feature you can get. These water streams can also come with color illumination or wind sensor, which turns them off when wind goes over 5mph, in order to protect your poolside area from splashing.

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Water slide

This is one of the most expensive water features because in most cases it requires professional installation in accordance to safety guidelines. In spite of that, water slides are very popular because they offer endless fun for both children as well as adults.

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Hot tub

Hot tubs are both relaxing and healthy and their water therapy consists of three main effects: massage, heat and buoyancy. It provides therapeutic benefits for treating insomnia, joint and muscle pain, rheumatism and work related stress.

Can’t purchase a hot tub? keep your pool warm year round naturally with solar heating. You’ll enjoy the heat and exercise year round.

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Resistance jet

This is the perfect feature for your morning exercise. It streams an endless current, which can be used for long swimming sessions.

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Poolside features

Pool area should be the most relaxing place in your home. There are many great features that can turn your poolside into your private ‘Garden of Eden’. Unlike water features, these add-ons don’t require large scale pool or backyard renovation and in most cases you can install them by yourself. Poolside features include:

Shade structures

Sun rays have become very hazardous in recent years, which is why pool areas require good-quality shades in order to provide an optimum level of comfort and safety. In a recent chat with the guys at Malibu Shade, it was brought to my attention that shade sails are the most cost effective solution for covering large outdoor areas, as a much better alternative to gazebos and traditional patio covers.

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If you want to relax by your pool at night, you should enhance your experience by adding an interesting lighting design. Most people choose fiber-optic and LED lights, which can be arranged in creative order.

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Vegetation is almost as important as your pool for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard. When it comes to pool area, you should always choose tree plants with large leaves like: Mediterranean Fan Palm, Ironwood or Mastic Tree. You can also add some smaller plants like agave, aloe and various hardy cactus species.

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Adding relaxing features to your pool area is the easiest and the least expensive way to turn your backyard into a holistic safe haven. Having such a relaxing space in your home went from being a luxury to becoming an essential need, due to increased amounts of stress we are piling on a daily basis.