How to Handle Your Home Spring Cleaning Post-COVID

spring cleaning ideas

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An estimated 78% of Americans prepare their spring cleaning lists every year. If you’re part of that percentage, you may be getting your own list ready as the seasons change. But in a post-Covid world, how do you clean?

Despite the Coronavirus’s threat, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be much different. A few simple changes and some solid disinfectants are all it takes!

Freshen your home while keeping it Covid-free. Get started now with these five spring cleaning ideas!

1. Wipe Down Those Knobs and Handles

While disinfecting, you probably clean the tables and countertops throughout your home. But don’t overlook other spots, like doorknobs and handles.

These surfaces are touched frequently by everyone in the house, plus their guests. The thought alone of all those germs should be enough to encourage you to disinfect them.

2. Replace Your Old Bathroom Items

It’s a little gross to admit it, but bathrooms are filled with germs. So, why do we keep so many hard-to-clean items in there?

If you can’t clean it with ease, then get rid of and replace it! Swap old soap holders, plastic shower curtains, and toilet brushes for new ones. Change your toothbrush too—at least every three to four months.

3. Clean Outside of the Home

Your Coronavirus spring cleaning can extend beyond the walls of your home! After all, you come in contact with more areas than one—like your vehicle.

Think about the many surfaces that you or passengers touch. They’re likely in desperate need of a thorough cleaning!

Dedicate some time to disinfecting the surfaces inside your ride. Your keys, steering wheel, and door handles serve as perfect breeding grounds for germs.

4. Organize Your Work From Home Space

Has the pandemic left you or a family member working from home? If so, you’ll want to tidy up the home office as part of your Covid cleaning. An organized space leads to increased productivity and an improved mood.

Sort through old documents, deciding what to file away and what to shred. And, be sure to set up your supplies and equipment in a way that boosts efficiency.

Don’t forget to disinfect your desk and electronics, too!

5. Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

To get results similar to a professional cleaning job, you need the right supplies to tackle your spring cleaning checklists.

Choose EPA-recognized disinfectants that are effective against Covid. Or, create your own by diluting household bleach with water.

Harsh chemicals aren’t for everyone. Luckily, soap and water work just as well! Kill germs on your hands by washing them for twenty seconds, or use the mixture on solid surfaces for cleaning.

Stay Safe With These Spring Cleaning Ideas

By adding these spring cleaning ideas to your to-do list, your home will stay safe in this post-Covid world. Plus, you’ll welcome the new season feeling refreshed in your tidy house.

Get a jump start on your chores by handling your Covid spring cleaning today!

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