New Room, New You: 8 Simple Teenage Girl Room Ideas

Simple teenage girl room ideas

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“Ugh, gross, that’s so lame.” As the parent of a teenage daughter, you probably hear this sentence a lot. One minute your little girl is happily jumping on her Hello Kitty bed, the next she’s too ashamed to let her friends into her room.

As your teenager grows from a child into a young adult, her bedroom will need to transform with her. Say goodbye to the teddy bears and Barbie dolls and hello to grown-up glamour.

Knowing how to transform a teen’s room can be tricky, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Check out these simple teenage girl room ideas that will inspire a dream bedroom makeover.

1. Vanity Space

As your teenager starts to explore her own image, she’ll spend hours experimenting with different makeup techniques. To prevent her from hogging the bathroom mirror, set up a vanity table for her in her own bedroom.

This can also double as a homework area and is one of the essential things every teenage girl needs in her room.

2. Light It Up

We can’t talk about teenage girl room ideas without mentioning string lights. Hang them on the wall, dangle them from the roof or drape them across a canopy bed to add a warm glow to the room.

For a bolder statement, opt for a neon sign. This pop of color will create an edgy, urban look.

3. Feature Wall

Break up the monotony with a bold feature wall. Geometric patterns are all the rage and can be customized to match your ideal color palette.

If your teenager would prefer something more evocative, opt for wallpaper. Nature-inspired wallpapers are always a hit.

4. Canopies

Hanging canopies create a private, secluded space for your teen to relax. They can be draped around a bed or a reading nook to shield these areas from the rest of the room.

Start shopping today by browsing through these beautiful single bed canopies.

5. Cozy Corner

If you don’t want your teenager lying in bed all day, create a comfortable seating area instead. A sofa or window seat will provide a relaxing spot for her to read or browse social media to her heart’s content.

6. Photo Display

When designing her ideal room, your teenager will want to surround herself with things that are important to her. This includes photographs of herself with friends and family or pictures of her celebrity crush.

Wall-mounted photo collages, clothesline picture displays, or digital photo frames are a great way for your teen to show off her favorite photos.

7. Hanging Chair

Every room needs a statement piece of furniture. Nothing adds a sense of fun and whimsy to a teenager’s bedroom like a hanging chair.

From plastic bubbles to woven pods, you are sure to find a hanging chair to suit your teen’s style. Just remember to hang the chair from a supporting beam!

8. Two-in-One

One of the best teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms is to use multi-purpose furniture. A day bed provides a comfortable place to sleep and doubles as a sofa when your teen invites her friend to hang out.

Ottoman’s are another great multi-functional item. They are ideal for storage and double as a side table or stool.

These Simple Teenage Girl Room Ideas Will Inspire Your Inner Interior Designer

Creating the perfect teenage bedroom is exhausting, but the result will be well worth the effort. These simple teenage girl room ideas will provide a great starting point for you to build on.

Soon, your teen will have a beautiful, functional sanctuary where she can relax, hang out with friends and enjoy her teenage years.

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