4 Ways a Tree Benefits You and Your Home

tree benefits

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Planting trees in your yard doesn’t only increase your home’s curb appeal. There are countless other health and environmental benefits to having more trees in your area.

You might think it would take too much work to plant and take care of a tree, but it’s not all that different from other plants. Once they take root, trees are notoriously resilient.

Plus, the wide variety of tree species means you can pick from any number of nature themes for your yard and garden.

So when you start planning and planting your home’s landscaping, make sure you include a few trees here and there.

You’re probably wondering exactly how a tree benefits your well-being. This guide goes over some of the wonderful benefits that having more trees can provide.

1. Stress Reduction

If you’ve ever heard about the practice of forest bathing, you might have an idea about how trees benefit your mental well-being. Trees produce particles called phytoncides, which support a stronger immune system.

There are even studies that show how just looking at trees can reduce your stress levels. So growing a tree or two in your yard provides easy access to these essential benefits.

2. Privacy and Noise Pollution

If you’re looking for beautiful landscape ideas that incorporate trees, you can use them for increased yard privacy.

Many species of evergreen trees can easily come together as an extra wall of peaceful solitude at the edge of your yard.

Clusters of trees can also function as noise reducers. Thick collections of branches and leaves act as a sound barrier for auditory annoyances like highway traffic or loud neighbors.

3. Natural Disaster Protection

Having a tree in your yard can help protect you from floods. The roots can soak up some of the excess water and help keep the ground from washing away.

If you have a tree that was damaged or fell down during a natural disaster, it’s important to know the common mistakes that can occur when removing a tree.

Trees are strong masses of weight, and if they’re not properly cared for, they can cause more damage than needed.

4. Reduced AC Costs

One of the benefits of a tree that grows next to your house is it can reduce your air conditioning costs.

Depending on what species of tree you plant, the breadth and density of its leaves can shade your house. This will make it easier to maintain a cool temperature on the inside.

In the winter, when the tree sheds its leaves, it can also expose your home to more sunlight and help keep it warm, too.

How a Tree Benefits You

Having a tree benefits you, your home, and the ecosystem. There are practically no downsides to planting more trees around your yard. It’s time to enjoy all the wonderful advantages that trees can provide all year round.

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