Tips When Shopping for a Hospital Bed for Home Usage

Hospital Bed

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Are you considering purchasing a hospital bed for the home? These tips will help you decide on what you need and what you require.

List Must-Haves and Wants

Develop a list of essential features as well as any extra features that you want. Most hospital beds that are to be used in the home allow for height adjustments via an electrical motor. The beds typically have a profiling mattress platform. In addition to this, there are hundreds of different options available. Hospital beds can have side rails. These side rails are available in a number of wood finishes. The side rails can often tilt and are able to be lowered and raised when necessary. When you are developing your list, make sure that you include the must-have features like height adjustments, tilt and side rails. In addition to this, list any features that you would like but are not mandatory such as the color of the wood and any other features. This information will help you determine the best hospital bed for you. Here are some of the features that you may want to include in your list:

  • Height adjustment capabilities
  • Side rails
  • Tilt options
  • Profiling mattress platform
  • Remote handset to control the bed movements
  • Wood color
  • Can use an air mattress
  • Wooden Headboard and Footboard

Profiling Mattress Platforms

Most hospital beds have a profiling function. The adjustable mattress platform allows you to change the angle of the bed such as allowing you to sit upright or raise your knees. A profiling platform for your mattress has three different sections that can be operated by the handset – the back area, the knee break area and the leg raiser. This feature allows you to completely customize your position. For example, you can raise your head and raise your knees to help relieve pressure off of your back. Having a profiling mattress platform will allow your caretakers to care for you more easily.

Opt for an Electrical Hospital Bed that Offers a Variety of Height Ranges

The height of the bed is calculated by measuring the distance between the mattress platform and the floor. This measurement will state the lowest position of the bed as well as the highest position of the bed. For example, a hospital bed that can be lowered within 40 cm of the floor and can be raised to 80 cm from the floor will have a height range of 40cm to 80 cm. This is a good range for standard height hospital beds.

Choose a Low Bed if the Patient is Prone to Falling Out of Their Bed

Low hospital beds allow the bed to be lowered closer to the floor. A typical low hospital bed can be lowered to within 20 or 25 cm from the floor. This low bed can help to reduce impact injuries caused by falling out of the bed, making it the optimal choice for patients who are prone to falling out of their beds. Low beds are very popular in assisted living homes and are a great alternative to a hospital bed with side rails.

Trendelenburg Positioning Beds

The Trendelenburg positioning beds allow the bed to be tilted backward allowing the patient to lie flat and have their feet elevated higher than their head. The Trendelenburg position was developed in 1881 to be used following surgery of the pelvic organs. This position is still used for certain medical conditions today. Conversely, the Anti-Trendelenburg tilts so that the head is higher than the feet. This position is great for patients because it allows them to sit in a seated position. This comfortable position can be attained when the mattress platform is fully profiled. There are a number of electric hospital beds now that can achieve this, meaning you to have the same modern electrical hospital beds in your home as you would in a hospital.

High-Quality Hospital Beds

Purchasing a high-quality hospital bed is very important. When you are purchasing a hospital bed, you want to avoid a poor quality hospital bed that will only last a few years. When you are shopping for a bed, it is important to check out the quality of the hospital bed before you consider the price. You want to choose a hospital bed that has a warranty of at least 2 to 3 years and includes all parts and labor. A high-quality bed that comes with a complete warranty that includes all parts and labor will ensure you are making the right choice when buying a hospital bed.

Hospital Bed Design

Many people would prefer to purchase a hospital bed that does not look like a hospital bed. Luckily, there are many wonderful special delivery hospital beds on the market that do not look like a cold piece of medical equipment. Although many hospital beds look uninviting and cold, there are several manufacturers that have developed designer inspired beds. The designer bed is usually more expensive; however, it allows the bed to blend in seamlessly. If you are on a restricted budget, you can still make the bed more inviting by choosing a custom wood color that will blend in with your existing furniture. In addition to this, choose bedding, pillows and throws that will help to create a cozy and welcoming bed for the patient.

Choosing a Supplier

Purchasing a hospital bed should not be done thoughtlessly. You must shop carefully to maximize your purchase. One thing that should always be considered is the supplier of the hospital bed. This supplier will be the one that you will contact should the bed need serviced or repaired. Opt for a supplier that offers delivery and installation service. You also want to ensure that the supplier furnishes a good warranty. Finally, ask to read customer testimonials and reviews of the supplier and the hospital bed to ensure you are choosing the best company in your area.

Purchase Your Mattress from Your Hospital Bed Supplier

When you are shopping for a hospital bed, you should seek to find a supplier that will supply both the bed and the mattress. This will help to avoid any confusion should any complications arise. Make sure that the mattress is high-quality and comes with a great warranty. Talk with your supplier to help you determine the best mattress based on the patient’s needs.