Bedroom Design Ideas For A Couple

Bedroom design ideas for a couple

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When designing a bedroom interior for two, you will not only have to rely on your own taste but also take into account the preferences of your partner. How to make a room spacious and cozy for both of you? We have collected seven room design ideas that can help to cope with this undertaking.

1. The Ideal Bedroom – What Is It Like?

When thinking over bedroom decoration, picture how two of you want this place to look like. A cozy shelter where you could hide from the noise and worries of big city life? A modern bedroom for passion or a place to relax, where you can eat, listen to music and watch TV laying in a bed? Or maybe you are so busy that your bedroom can be a continuation of your office (if your partner does not mind, of course)?

Your choice affects how you zonate the room, what colors you choose, how you arrange the furniture, what textiles and even the décor you end up going for.

2. Come Up With a Layout Together

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Like any other room, your bedroom should be divided into zones. The main zone, of course, is a bed, but if the room is sizable enough, then you can also arrange a storage area, that is, a wardrobe, and a desktop. A small table and chair can be placed as farther away as possible from the bed, creating an invisible barrier between leisure and work/studies. Speaking of studies, if one of you is still a college student, you can google “i need help writing my essay” and get some professional aid with your studies.

First of all, assess the size, shape, and proportions of the room before you come up with a bedroom design. Take a note where the door and windows are. Afterward, you should decide where to put a bed. Its head part should rest against the wall and on each of its side, let there be enough space for passage. In addition, the first rays of the sun should not fall directly onto the pillow.

3. Simple Arithmetic

Depending on where you place a bed, you will need to figure out where to place the rest of your furniture – a closet, bedside tables, perhaps a dressing table or a computer table. The number of pieces of furniture, except a bed and a wardrobe, should be mentally multiplied by two, as your motto should be equality. This, in addition, means that any furniture item should be easy to approach, so if there is not enough room, it is better not to try to fit everything in one room.

4. Choosing the Right Furniture Is ImportantWLIVE Dresser for Bedroom with 8 Drawers, Wide Fabric Dresser for Storage and Organization, Bedroom Dresser, Chest of Drawers for Living Room, Closet, Entryway, Nursery, Rustic Brown Wood Grain Print

When choosing furniture, it makes sense to take into account the proportions of the room: a king size bed is suitable for a spacious bedroom, but in a small room, it will occupy the whole space, and it is better to choose a simple double bed. Take into account that its style will determine the style of decoration for the entire place: a wooden frame or a metal one, vintage or modern style – your design language will be dependent on the bed you choose.

The second most important piece of furniture in a bedroom is a wardrobe. Ideally, it will be a built-in wardrobe with mirrored doors that will help to visually expand the space.

5. Suitable Room Color

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The atmosphere in the room will be affected by the color you choose when you design your bedroom. You are advised to choose muted tones. It should be borne in mind that dark colors look good only in spacious bedrooms – they create a feeling of some isolation from the world as if this room is only for the two of you.

However, if the room is small, it is better to opt for lighter colors – they will add spaciousness. Cream, pearly gray, sandy – these are the cozy colors that are suitable for a couple.

6. Textiles

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The easiest way to revitalize a bedroom space, especially if you designed it in neutral colors and you are trying to add elements of your favorite color, is via textiles. Here are some design ideas for a couple: textured bedspreads will help to diversify the texture of surfaces and add coziness.

By the way, natural materials can also enliven your bedroom. Wood, bamboo, and stone can be used for finishing surfaces, lamps or decor.

7. Decor

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Decor is almost as important as choosing the right mattress: the photos and objects you choose will give the room a touch of individuality. And this is something couples find difficult to agree upon.

To determine in advance how you will decorate your bedroom, try to create a “mood board” first, where you put a photo of all the bedrooms that you liked and the decorative elements that you liked. After that, you can show the board to the partner – let them determine which of the selected ones they like.