Uses of Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

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Towels play an essential part in cleaning and maintaining our house. We use towels everywhere, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Towels make a lot of tasks easy and convenient. In most cases, we prefer paper towels over other types of towels because they are cheap, bought in bulk, and easy to discard. However, the damage they cause to the environment is far-fetched and dangerous.

According to The Guardian, paper towels account for 2% of American landfills, and the more paper towels we use, the more harm we’re causing to the environment. Thus, investing is something sustainable is the way of the future, and that’s where Microfiber towels come in.

What are Microfiber Towels?

The name speaks for itself here. Microfiber cloths are made from a particular type of fabric that’s made of tiny fibers. One gram of the standard microfiber can go about 9000 meters. Microfibers are very fine, and one square inch of microfiber cloth contains at least 200,000 fibers of the fabric, with bigger ones having more than a million threads. Due to the abundance of fibers in the material, they attract germs well and stick to them quickly. Thus, microfiber cloths are easier to clean with. Furthermore, since the fabric is woven very dense, they’re easy to clean and last significantly longer than other types of towels and dishcloths.

However, when you’re buying a microfiber towel, purchase the ones that have a hefty build. Towel Reviewer has a list of some of the best microfiber towels that you can check for you. That being said, let’s discuss the uses of microfiber towels:

Uses of Microfiber Towels

Cleaning and Wiping Dust

As mentioned before, microfiber cloths have a very dense build and thus attract dust very well. So, it’s a no-brainer that they can be used to clean dust. Like any other dishcloth, you can use your microfiber towel to wipe any surface, dishes, cabinets, etc. They can quickly reduce the time and effort for cleaning if you buy the right ones.

Glasses and Eyeglass Lenses

If you have a pair of glasses, you know how problematic having blurry glasses are. However, this is a prevalent issue for a lot of spectacle owners. If you use glasses, you know how hard it gets to keep them clean once the glasses get old. Using lousy clothes to wipe the lenses makes them hazier and adds an unwanted layer of dirt. To solve this, you can use a thin microfiber cloth to clean your glasses. Use them regularly, and you’d be surprised at how good they work.

Furthermore, to clean house glasses such as windows, glass tables, etc. we use chemicals that are harmful to the glass in the long run. But suppose you’re using a microfiber towel. In that case, you can use just the cloth without any chemicals, and you’d see similar results. It is saving you from spending too much money as well as the long-term damage.


Our cars have a shiny surface that we adore. Using coarse rugs on the car, again and again, damages the shine on the vehicle. Also, most shining products aren’t beneficial. In such cases, a microfiber towel can be handy. It’s the most significant advantage that it keeps the product clean without using too much effort. Also, since you aren’t using any shining substances, you don’t have to think about any contamination risk.


Keeping the electronics clean every day is a massive hassle. Electronic appliances accumulate a lot of dirt on them if we don’t clean them every day. However, they aren’t convenient to clean since most components have a very complex built. Also, some surfaces like rubber and latex attract a lot of dirt. For this reason, you have to choose something that attracts more than the surface of the tool, and that’s where microfibers come in. Their coarse build attracts a lot of dirt, and thus they’re easy to clean these surfaces. Also, they aren’t too prickly, so they’re kind to the body as well.

Cleaning screens of electronics such as laptops, computers, TV, etc. is a massive hassle. They accumulate a lot of dirt, and you can’t use chemicals or wet surfaces on them. A microfiber cloth can be used to clean the dirt without having to use chemicals or toxic substances.

Bathroom Surfaces

Cleaning bathrooms is the most annoying task for a lot of us. But, cleaning your bathroom is extremely important since this is where most of the germs stay (second only to the kitchen). However, due to our bathrooms’ wet and soiled nature, we don’t like cleaning them. But, a microfiber towel might be all you need when it comes to cleaning bathrooms.

Places that are sicky and annoying to clean, such as showerheads, faucets, and grimy corners, use your microfiber cloth. Slowly rub them over the surface and take your time. However, a microfiber cloth will save you a great deal of time and effort. Furthermore, use the fabric to thoroughly clean your showerhead, which is otherwise extremely dirty and is a breeding ground for a plethora of bacteria.


Cleaning isn’t something we primarily enjoy. Part of this is because we don’t use the right products to make our experience better. We keep using the same products every day, continually getting annoyed by our effort’s repetitive nature. Also, we aren’t generally aware of how cleaning tools, mainly clothes, work. We turn our old towels to rags and keep using them until they become unusable. However, if you spend a bit of money, you’d be surprised at how good some cleaning products are.

Microfiber towels are very underrated in the realm of cleaning; they’re super cheap but super-efficient. Also, since you can use them for a very long time, the price gets less expensive along the way. In this article, we’ve mentioned some microfiber towels’ uses, and we hope you find them useful.