Warning Signs that You Need To Call a Plumber

when To Call a Plumber

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Plumbing systems in your average home or business are usually more complex than you want to admit, and things can go wrong in even the newest systems. While you can usually unclog a drain yourself, there are some definite signs that you should call a plumber as soon as possible. Calling in the pros can help save you from more costly remediation or even save your life.

No Water in the House

When you turn on the tap and nothing comes out, it is important to determine if it is just that faucet, if it is just the hot water, or if every faucet is dry. This will tell you whether the problem lies with the faucet, the water heater or the delivery lines. If there is no water in any faucet, and especially if you hear clanking noises when you turn the handle, it is time to call a North Texas Custom Plumbing company for help. This can mean that the main lines from the street are broken or your pipes are frozen.

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Gurgling noises in your toilet, shower or laundry room mean that the system is trying to find air and is backing up. Usually, a slight gurgling in your toilet can be fixed with clog remover, but noise in more water-intensive places, such as a laundry room, is more serious. When you hear this noise, turn the water off from the street and call a plumber immediately. This will keep the system from backing up in the house and a messy, often expensive, cleanup.

Another noise that is a sign to call in the pros is the sound of water running in your pipes when no one is using the system. This means that you probably have a leak somewhere which is doing damage inside the walls and floors of your home.

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If the drains of your home, or the puddles in your yard start to smell like sewage, your main sewer line is probably backed up or broken. This can cause a toxic environment in and around your home and fixing it yourself is days of backbreaking work which may be avoided. A professional plumber can use video imaging to find the leak or clog without having to dig up the whole line first.

Repairing plumbing systems can be as easy as using a drain cleaner, or as complex as digging up one of the main lines leading to or from the street and replacing whole sections of pipe. Some of the warning signs that you need to call a plumber include not having a water supply, hearing strange noises from the plumbing or smelling sewage.