What Is Too Good To Be True? A View To Die For!

view from window

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From time immemorial people have found beauty to be irresistible, be it the natural beauty of wildernesses or the beauty of man made things. People want a view they could enjoy. Such a view in our dwellings was made possible by windows.

Windows in History!

From times before we lived in cities and organized communities humans have built windows of kind into their abodes. They have made it possible by being ingenious. In the prehistoric times windows were slits left into the tents in which the early humans lived. Over time, this became more modern. In times when people started building homes crude dwellings a window served the purpose of letting in light during the day. These windows were covered with animal hides to either control the amount of light entering and to give a modicum of insulation against the elements.

Times passed and people grew more intricate and elaborate with the dwellings they made for them and ornate windows became a fashion, be it the windows that represented the church in the form of a cross, or plain slits (vertical or horizontal) above doors facing either north to south or east to west serving the purpose of air circulation and letting in daylight.


During renaissance the art of glazed and colored glasses became ornate and more elaborate decorating the windows of churches and basilicas all over the world with ornate and multi-hued glassed windows. These were possible by the invention of a pane that held the glass.

Times moved forward and now people were able to make panes that could be opened, folded or closed at will. These were panes on hinges that had either glass, mesh or fabric inserted in them to serve whatever purpose they were intended for.

But these were not easy to get by. Such things were done by artisans and specialists who did not come cheap. Until the industrial revolution everything was hand made by carpenters and specialist artisans who made these things possible. A common person had to shelve a lot of money to get a window made and it took a design change not only in the house walls but also included the cost of the carpenters services to make a window. Glass was a luxury then.

Then came the 1800’s and the modern industrial revolution changed the whole landscape with economies of scale and everything made in huge quantities and made available to the masses.

Ease for All!

But still these were standard designs made similar for everyone. These still did not serve the purpose of every single user. The modern times brought with them customization at affordable rates for everyone. Everyone was now able to get their own window design made with their customizable panes for the use they intended it for. There in came companies which offered Panes Window Manufacturing .i.e.  customizable window and pane solutions to those who needed it for their own specific use offering casement, landscape, picture, slider and hinged window designs for everyone at a fraction of the cost that our ancestors would have paid for. You don’t have to visit the market, you can check the variety of vinyl windows according to your needs and can get instant quotations of your order. These companies provide online delivery and installation services and save your time, keeping your comfort in mind. These companies also offered after sale service, fixing, installing and pay terms that make it easy for anyone to get a customized solution for their needs at a rate that does not put a burden on the pocket.