Bedroom decoration is not less than a complete journey for every newlywed couple. Two people who will spend the rest of their lives with each other, always want to décor their room in the best possible fashion. 

Bedroom decoration can be so tricky because you have to take care of bedroom color, the design of the bedroom, decorative pieces to place, etc. As a newly married couple, you will get a house, and you got to convert that house into a home. Bedroom decoration is one of the most exciting parts of newlywed life, but it’s equally challenging. 

Couples often sit together and visit tons of websites when they have to décor their bedroom. The first few days or even a few months are often so nervous for both boys and girls. We promise you don’t have to take any stress to décor your bedroom. 

Our bedroom decoration ideas will not only melt your heart but enable you to present your bedroom as the modern-day masterpiece. 

1. Light up the room

A newly married couple should light their room up because nowadays, a wide variety of lights are available. Dimmable light can be a perfect pick for the newly married couple because of its romantic feel.

Appropriate light can turn an ordinary-looking room into a romantic place for a couple. Imagine you two are sitting or lying in your bedroom while the light is dim, isn’t it amazing? As a newly married couple, you can’t ask for anything better. 

2. Bring out your love while dressing your bed

A stylish bed is the desire of every couple. When you decorate your bedroom, always keep in mind the linens, cushiness, and covers for your bed. Never shy away from giving a cohesive look to your house. 

All you have to do is use contrasted pillowcases with your bedroom and pay very close attention to bedsheets while dressing your bed. Fuss-free beds are a modern-day sensation for newly married couples. 

3. Room decorative pieces

No matter how expensive your bedroom accessories are, if there are no decoration pieces in your room, it won’t look up to the mark. Rather than having some ordinary-looking decoration pieces in your bedroom, why don’t you place a Levitating lamp for bedroom

Levitating lamp for bedroom

Source: Inspire Uplift

It has 3D printing technology, and the soft glow of this lamp will indeed create a romantic atmosphere in the newlywed couple’s bedroom. The lamp is tailor-made for any bedside table. Gone are the days when you can make your bedroom beautiful by placing some everyday stuff. 

Just like this decorative piece, you can place some other elements in your room to get a present-day feel. Fairy lights, mirrors, furniture, or even balloons can be used for your master bedroom decoration.

4. Bring sofas to make memories

Armchairs are as necessary for a bedroom as anything else. Newlywed couples have visitors every-now-and-then. Sofas are must-have decorative pieces for their bedrooms. Make sure to pick a color that can go with the theme of your room. 

 Sofas are must-have decorative pieces for their bedrooms

Source: Freepik

Popping colors are very much in these days if we talk about sofas and armchairs. Don’t forget to place cushions over your sofas to have a luxurious feel. As a newlywed couple, you can also sit there for a conversation with a cup of tea in the evening. 

5. Red is the color of romance

Red is the color of love, and we all know that. Newlywed couples often exchange gifts and flowers with each other to have time of their lives. How about a room with a red theme? 

It’s an ultimate way of being romantic, so red color can do the job for a newly married couple’s room. There is no need to go over the top with the red color. Simples pops of red will be good enough to give a lovey-dovey feel to your room. 

6. Flowers as a room decoration 

One of the most satisfying ways of decorating a newlywed bedroom is flowers. The fragrance of flowers will be more than enough to get a romantic and intimating feel. You can place flowers on your bedside tables or your dressing table. 

A room must look like the room of a newlywed couple, and flowers can do this job efficiently. Prefer red roses over another flower because red roses are the symbolic representation of love. 

Not only will the flowers be a source of decoration for newlywed bedroom, but they will have a soothing impact on them too. 

7. Photo frame can do wonders

It’s a source of pleasure and satisfaction for a newlywed couple to have a look at their wedding photo album. Photos are one of the fantastic ways of keeping memories fresh. A newlywed bedroom is incomplete without a couple’s photo. 

Choose three of your most favorites pictures and frame them to place those photos on your bedside table. A smiling shot of the couple has to be there at your dressing table, so whenever you go in front of the mirror to get ready for an event, the photo reminds you of your wedding day. 

Please don’t go for an old-fashioned photo frame (frame with flower designs all over it), because simple frames are trendy these days. 


Marriage is one of the biggest steps in the life of a couple. The entire experience of a couple depends on the kind of relationship they have with each other. The environment in which you live has a lot to do with your mood. 

The starting days of every marriage are so pleasing and romantic, and that’s the reason the early days of a marriage are called as the honeymoon period for every couple. The bedroom of a newlywed couple has to be outstanding in terms of decoration. 

The bedding, the decoration pieces, the flowers, everything plays a very significant role in the decoration of a bedroom. 

If you are recently married, and you are in search of some fantastic bedroom decoration ideas for your room, read the aforementioned tips to convert your bedroom into a modern-day masterpiece.