Tips to Light Up Your Home

Tips to Light Up Your Home

Why Murano Glass Mirrors Should Be On Your Wishlist

When thinking about styling a home there are certain items which cannot miss. For instance, it is very unlikely that you will find a house without a nice mirror where you can look at yourself before going out. How else could you check if your outfit is just as perfect as you thought it would be?

The offer for mirrors is infinite, you can easily find hundreds of thousands of models in physical stores as well as online, ranging from cheaper ones to more expensive ones. However, if you desire something more personal, precious and special you will probably find Murano glass decorative mirrors an intriguing option.

Such products are particularly remarkable for a variety of reasons among which we can count the kind of glass they are made of, the historical relevance they possess and their timeless elegance and versatility.

Starting from the first point, the material these decorative items are made of is Murano glass which is being produced on the very island of Murano since the XIII century. As one might imagine – given the fact that glass production never stopped in this island – the glass creations which exit the Venetian furnaces have always been admired by people belonging to all ages and have been decorating the most exclusive and important palaces of the most influential families. This goes to show their important role as witnesses of the flowing of time. modern mirror


Murano glass mirrors can be divided in two categories: Venetian style mirrors and the French style collection.

Venetian style mirrors – as the name suggests – are items made according to the ancient traditions born in the Lagoon of Venice. The difference of these products from the ones belonging to the French style is all in the manufacturing process. As a matter of fact, these last creations are more geometric and essential in their design, they boast a greater reflective surface and lastly such surface includes all the decorations of the mirror.

On the other hand, there are elements which are the same for both lines of product such as the designs available which can be oval, round, rectangular, squared, octagonal to the most extravagant shapes. Moreover, both glass mirror collections are luxury items available in a more modern and plain style or in a classic and intricated design. Therefore if your choice falls on a modern hand blown mirror, you can be sure that it will end up being a sober yet elegant accent to your home décor. While, if your aim is to have a work of art which will become the focal point of your home and a precious item all of your guests will admire, you will probably prefer a classic and ostentatious design.

Another element of equal importance among both kinds of product is the outstanding quality of the handmade glass decorations of the mirrors which can be modern, classic or resemble flowers. These last being a typical décor throughout the history of the Republic of Venice. Such refined works are born by the hands of skilled Master glassmakers and their supporting team – in Italian “i maestri vetrai e i serventi” – and as one can imagine, being glass such a particular material its working process requires impressive skills and rapidity, achievable only through ancient techniques carried on from father to son as well as experience acquired through time by constant hard work.

This becomes especially true knowing that Master glassmakers shape the molten glass starting from a sketch on a piece of paper which thanks to them and their helpers is then transformed into spectacular hand engraved embellishment, able to shine in ways only glass can.

Murano glass decorative mirrors aren’t just a must have for your home, they make for perfect gift for special occasions too as you can choose between a variety of kinds of mirrors. Of course you can find decorative mirrors to hang on the wall of your living room, or bedroom or home entrance. However, you can as well opt for hand held mirrors rich in marvelous decors, table glass mirrors which come in two sizes and are wonderful collectible items, and even silver applique mirrors and sconces with venetian style mirrors which are unique masterpieces that will create a magical and luxurious atmosphere in your home. blue round vase


All of the products mentioned above and even more ideas to style your home can be found on, the only official online store which sells original Murano glass products made in its most famous furnaces. Buying a product on this website means supporting the local communities and the artisans since every product is entirely made in Murano as stated by the Trademark of Origin. This being an adhesive label that is mandatory by the Italian law and aims to distinguish and protect such original glass creations from the phenomenon of counterfeiting that is a threat both for customers and producers. So make the right choice and look for it on your next Murano glass purchase!

Decorate Your Home with Dark Walls for Vintage Style

Decorate Your Home with Dark Walls for Vintage Style

When you think of decorating, what colors come to mind? Many people are moving away from the traditional white walls and beige carpets to find a more personal style. For many people, it’s bright and cheery colors like yellow and blue. But there is a trend in interior design growing in popularity over the past few years: dark walls.

This is why you might see dark paint on your walls or even hardwood floors that have been stained in colors like ebony, burnt umber, or barn red. These new trends are great for anyone looking to create a vintage-inspired home with old-world charm.

Dark walls give your home a vintage feel without having to resort to old furniture or clutter. If you’re thinking about redecorating for fall, maybe it’s time to consider ditching all those flowers and pumpkins for deep browns and blacks! Here are some fabulous tips for decorating with dark walls:

Add Pillows and Rugs in Contrasting Colors

A great way to add a little contrast is with pillows, throws, or ziegler rugs! Add some bright colors into your space by using the same color palette as you would for an accent wall. This will give more of a vintage feel without covering up your dark walls. Use all the fabrics in light shade and fewer patterns for a balanced look. Also, the contrasting hues will make your space a combination of class and trend.

Add Some Vintage Items to Your Collection

Sometimes, the best way to give your space a vintage feel is by adding some authentic pieces. Look for items made with materials like wood or metal and use them as accents in your living room. You can also incorporate DIY projects into your design or make your floral wreath for the main door. As you add these items, make sure to keep the space clean. You want your home to be welcoming and not too cluttered with decorations that take up all floor or furniture spaces.

The Best Colors for Your Decorated Home

The best colors for a darker-themed wall in your home are warm colors. These include reds, oranges, and yellows that will accentuate the natural dark tones with darker walls. Purple is another great color choice if you are trying to incorporate more feminine touches into your design. It’s also important not to forget about black when thinking about decorating in this style because it’s a color that still goes with the dark theme. It also pairs up with many other colors easily.

Black and White Theme

If you want to go for a monochromatic look, black is also an option because it fits well with dark-themed walls. If your home has more of a retro feel, or you’re looking to create more of a vintage vibe in your home, then black and white is your first choice.

Black and Red Theme

An ideal way to bring more color into your dark-themed home is to use black with a pop of red. This can also be done in colors like purple, pink, or any other shades you’re drawn towards. It’s important not to neglect the background when pairing these two together because it will create an interesting and eye-catching effect.

Use a Lot of Natural Light

If you’re going for the moody, I’m-a-deadbeat vibe, then make sure to use plenty of artificial lighting! For those who want more sunlight in their home, try using mini blinds or roller shades to control natural light. Also, design the large windows in your home with natural light in mind.

Create Your Murals

This is a great way to use up any extra canvases you may have lying around and give an otherwise boring room some life! You could also opt for the technique if you want a quick fix on those ‘mural’ walls so popular these days. Also, a mural can turn an otherwise bare space into a work of art that will make any room feel more like home.

A Little Piece of Art in Every Room

Every room should have a piece of art – whether it’s an abstract painting, framed family photos, artistic Pakistani rugs, or something funky like a world map. It adds personality to the home and creates a conversation between guests. A little piece of art in every part of your home will make it like a statement home interior.

Decorate the Main Wall with Art and Paintings

The accent or main wall in your home is the soul of your home. A well-decorated main wall will make your home lively and chic. Paint the wall in dark color. Hang large, gallery-quality art on the wall and add accent colors such as flowers or pillows to tie in with your furniture.

Use Wallpaper for a Pop of Color

Wallpapers are not just for kids’ rooms anymore! You can even use wallpaper in an all-white room to give it some color and contrast against plain white walls. Also, for a temporary style, wallpapers are best to change the wall color for a vintage style. Opt for maroon or navy wallpapers with a slight texture and pattern. It is also a perfect idea for staircase and hallways.

Prioritize Your Style with Decorating

A great way to focus your style is through decorating. Whether it’s choosing a color palette for each room of the home and sticking with those colors throughout or adding small pieces of furniture that all match, the idea is to have a cohesive and consistent style. Also, mirrors and frames on the walls can give any room a sense of openness and make your space feel more expansive.

The key to keeping the style looking clean is not overcrowding it with furniture or patterns. The idea isn’t that you should have one chair, table, rug, vase – but rather three different pieces in each category, so they don’t blend.

Paint Your Furniture for Vintage Appeal

Dark colors such as navy blue, maroon, or turquoise are perfect for a vintage-style home. If you’re looking to create a more eclectic style, incorporating colors not typically associated with the dark color palette can give your place a retro feel without being too traditional or boring. Adding pink and yellow will make it look like an old diner from the 1950s; adding violet makes for something reminiscent of Alice in wonderland. Painting the furniture in one of those hues is a perfect way of bringing that vintage charm inside your home.

Summing Up

When you think of vintage style, do you automatically imagine a room with dark walls? If so, don’t be afraid to go ahead and paint your wall darker colors. Darker colors can help space feel cozier in many cases and provide an instant sense of nostalgia for those who grew up during that time period. If you opt for this theme, you may also like to consider adding colorful rugs or other furnishings into the mix because they will stand out against the backdrop. We hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you’re looking for more information about vintage-style rugs, traditional and colorful wool rugs, please visit the RugKnots website. There are plenty of beautiful designs and styles to choose from, and we know that we will have the perfect rug in your home or office!

Why Do I Need 3D Architectural Interior Rendering?

Why Do I Need 3D Architectural Interior Rendering?

Beyond your most possible grasps, there are 3D rendered architectural images that look almost exactly like the real-life image. It’s usually so photorealistic you would not know the difference if you placed a picture of the image and the render side-by-side.

Many industries widely use 3D technology to achieve visually stunning images, and there are incredible 3d interior rendering services firms that specialize in creating stimulating, photorealistic, and stunning images. Wouldn’t you want one for your trendy interior design project in 2021? Here are reasons why you need a 3D architectural interior rendering services for your interior design:

Developing the Scope of the Project

Interior decoration is vast, and you can choose to go with already-created themes or have a professional custom make a theme for you. Imagine the horrendous cost and the impossibility of getting a designer to craft structures of every idea in your head. You want a sofa set in medieval times? What type of wood will best fit your dark-brown tiled floors? What color will best fit your wall? Red or white? You can quickly answer these questions if you have a 3d interior visualization studio creating and recreating your thoughts.

Seamless Communication Between All Professionals and Clients

An interior decoration project cuts across multiple professionals. Often, the architects, engineers, and even other low-level workers have to work in sync to create incredibly tasteful and functional spaces. Project complexity and the different layers of structures may cause divergent views.

We also have the client, you, who has ideas running over your head. Architectural rendering enhances communication between all parties involved. First, the client unburdens his vision on the architect. The architect, in turn, can create studio rendered images and 3D visualization concepts to match the vision. From that point on, the engineer works with the architect to establish the structural feasibility of the rendered images.

Pitching to A Client

How can you show a client the interiors of a beautiful piece of property without taking the client to the property? 3D interior design rendering company. You can use expressive and complex 3D renders to initiate real-life visual representation of a space. Let’s take a sofa: with 3D visualization and rendering, you can make a sofa—in the exact shape, color, plane, texture, and position, and put it in a 3D-rendered room. You can also set the lighting for the room/space, build other furnishings and present your final render to a client for approval.

The 3D interior rendering services are also excellent for companies that sell interior properties. You certainly cannot design every furnishing or piece-of-art idea that comes to your mind. It’s time-consuming and financially wrecking, but with the rendering option, a company can create tens of designs, show them to clients, and build them only on-demand by a client.

Step By Step Work Process

Architectural rendering allows all parties, including the engineer, architect, plumber, electrician, and craftsman, to have a holistic experience of the space. Every professional will pitch in their thoughts on functionality while the 3D architectural designer will build the space or design the interiors based on a recommendation from other professionals. What’s better? If adjustments are needed, the render can easily be rearranged or re-adjusted.

3D Architectural Interior Rendering Services Save Time and Money

Pricing is perhaps one of the key problems a few startups have against 3d visualization and rendering; however, with the dilution of the market and entry of many 3D rendering companies, it’s become feasible to afford incredible visualizations for your interior decoration project vision. As a homeowner, you will save yourself a lot of money—and some heartache when you work with a 3D architectural interior rendering services company that presents the results even before the project starts.

How to Choose Perfect Wall Art for Your Room?

How to Choose Perfect Wall Art for Your Room?

Oh, it’s so important issue for so many people – choosing the perfect decoration wall art for your room. The interior of the room can say so many about its owner, liking and hobbies as well as the owner takes the vibes of the image. TexelPrintArt specializes in great astonishing artworks so we can try to help you solve this question.

The perfect wall decoration is the one, that contains all your dreams and is in the interests of the owner. TexelPrintArt has so many collections of art canvases designed in a modern and stylish manner. Every selection of artworks has its main message that reflects our inner state, interests, desires. Let’s take a look at the most popular canvases and see if they will suit your bedroom and life.

The World Maps

The canvas world maps would be a wonderful decoration for people, who adores travelling. The spirit of the map owner is full of courage and adventure, they are curious to discover everything new or unusual and conquer the world. The world map inside your bedroom can motivate you to be more powerful, energizing, searching and investigative. TexelPrintArt has a huge variation in the map styles: there are world and more local maps designed in vivid colors, black and white colors, abstract manner designed and antique ones. You’ll definitely find the most fashionable canvas for the bedroom of your dream.

For the fierce traveler there is also a wonderful option of the push pin maps. The canvas becomes an interactive decoration where you can mark the places you’ve visited or plan to investigate. Push pin world map are usually large and detailed – it definitely became the major decoration of any place and will attract you anytime. And, perhaps, the best part of this art canvas – the possibility to save the precious moments of every trip and enjoy these memories every day. This will be also a nice thing to give on a holiday or special event.

Nature Themes

The nature collection of TexelPrintArt canvases includes breathtaking images and designs of landscapes, animals, cityscapes, flowers, and waterfalls. The marvelous canvases are usually having bright tones and vivid shades, still, there are many interesting items for those, who prefer the minimalistic way of decorations.

Wall art with nature fills the room with calmness, balance, relaxation, and kindness. The sense of beauty and breathtaking are gathered in nature and your bedroom will give you a positive mood every day.

Classic & Street Art

You shouldn’t be a passionate art lover to enjoy famous artists’ work. Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci – these talented painters have created precious canvased you can allow yourself in TexelPrintArt. The breathtaking reproductions can fill your room with beauty, the energy of old epochs, aesthetically pleasant, and huge inspiration.

The art is progressive and TexelPrintArt follows its new ways – postmodern. The collection of street art canvases has the impressive reproduction of rebellious Banksy and provocative Jean-Michel Basquiat. Modern art fashionable wall art can give you great power, a sense of freedom, wildness, and courage.


There are many ways to decorate your perfect bedroom. To deal with this important issue you should define the main message you want to get every day. TexelPrintArt can help you with the great range of stylish canvases that can highlight your personality and uniqueness. Also, personalization is an option, so you can easily change the existing design into something truly unique and personal. Check the décor at our selections right away.

Alternative Uses of Stick & Peel Wallpaper

Alternative Uses of Stick & Peel Wallpaper

Simplicity is alluring, especially if it is well acknowledged by people & gives you a sense of satisfaction. It does not matter if you are unconcerned about the designs or are really into creativity – you will always behold simplicity.

When it comes to augmenting your interiors & setting a vibe, you can incorporate the idea of simplicity even if the theme is bold. Wallpapers can help you accomplish this goal easily. If your preferences keep changing with time or you do not want the hassle of painting your walls, then Stick-and-peel wallpaper is going to give you the best of both worlds!

Stick and peel wallpaper is a cost-effective and easy-to-install alternative to traditional wallcoverings. The self-adhesive backing eliminates the need for sticky paste, and you can rip it off and start again if you make a mistake. However, applying temporary wallpaper isn’t as straightforward as peeling the backing off and putting it on the wall.

To guarantee that it sticks correctly to the wall, you’ll need to conduct some preliminary work. A few tools and tactics will also help you achieve the smoothest possible finish. Ensure you apply the wallpaper with bubble-free, long-lasting results & follow these step-by-step instructions on how to use peel-and-stick wallpaper while transforming your interiors!

Work in the Areas of Windows and Outlets

Allow the wallpaper to overhang any windows, door frames, or outlets you come across. Once the piece is in place, cut the barrier with a straightedge and a utility knife to remove the extra. Smooth the paper against the wall surrounding the outlet or window. Ensure the power is switched off before using a utility knife to gently cut away the paper covering the aperture on electrical outlets and switch plates. Don’t worry if the hole has rough edges; the outlet cover or switch plate will disguise most flaws. You may also use paper to create a seamless effect on flat plates.

Add a Little Glory to Your Staircase

One of the undermined yet best ideas is sticking wallpaper to your stairs. Before that, check if the color of your stairs goes well with the type of wallpaper you have chosen. Be it floral, stripes, or a delicate design, any theme could add glory to your staircase.

Decoupage Furniture

Here’s your chance to upcycle your worn-out furniture or transform a boring & simple piece of furniture into a bold & presentable utility. Stick-and-peel wallpaper would suit the best with wooden cupboards, storage boxes, chairs, bedside drawers, etc. Get ready for the best part – not only will you get appreciated by people for the piece of art you have created, but also you will save a fortune on spending on the new furniture!

Transform Your Ineffective Fireplace Into Art

Ineffective or not-so-often used fireplaces do not usually add to the overall look of your interiors & you can customize their appearance with the help of Stick-and-peel wallpapers. Try adding wallpapers in contrast to the color of your wall or with a bold & significant design that catches people’s eyes the moment they enter the room.

Let Your Bookcase Define You

Your bookcase or shelves do not have to be boring. Just grab the wallpaper of your choice, stick it on the wall, between spaces of the case or the shelf. This idea will give your room an elegant & classy look- all at once.

Make People Stare!

Use Stick-and-peel wallpaper to cover vases, flower pots, empty spaces on a wall, or even frame a wallpaper & hang it on a plain wall. You can try all these ideas with the same wallpaper if you love consistency & uniformity or with different wallpapers, as you like.

Give Your Kitchen a Look It Deserves

Space, where you keep your dishes, looks a little bland. Make it more presentable by sticking the wallpaper of your favorite theme. It will augment the overall look of your kitchen. Besides this, you can also choose to cover your boring coffee table with a neutral color wallpaper.

The more minimalistic you go, the better it will look!

Bottom Line

Creativity & minimalism can go hand-in-hand, only if you try. I hope these tips help you to get your desired results. Try them & flaunt your creativity in front of your friends, folks, or the world!

Best Ceiling Lights to Order Online [2021 Guide]

Best Ceiling Lights to Order Online [2021 Guide]

Amidst the pandemic, most of us can’t leave our houses and go out to purchase stuff because it’s unsafe. Plus, ordering things online is more convenient and efficient than leaving your house and purchasing things like ceiling lights.

So, if you had searched for the best ceiling lights to purchase online on Google and this guide looked like the answer to your questions then, I’ll say yes, you’ve come to the right place, and your search for the best ceiling lights seller is over now. All you’ve to do is read this guide, and you’ll get the answers to all your questions.

Where Do You Get the Best Ceiling Lights Online

So, here is the best place to buy ceiling lights online in 2021. Mirrea is one of the best light manufacturers which sells online.

Mirrea was a leading brand in decorative lighting that also included ceiling lights. Mirrea focuses on LED lighting, and they collaborate with exceptional designers throughout the year to launch modern and exquisite products.

Best Ceiling Lights for Bedroom

Semi flush mount lights of Mirrea are best for ceilings, especially for the living room and bedroom. Mirrea offers sputnik and pipeline lights with finish options in black, brushed nickel, brushed brass.

These ceiling lights are best for bedroom ceilings as they don’t have any installation problem, and no wires are needed to install them either.

Moreover, flush mount lights need less maintenance and cleaning, and they seamlessly blend the overall décor of the place. Furthermore, these types of lights provide an efficient amount of life that spreads evenly throughout the space.

Best Ceiling Lights for the Kitchen

Let’s move on to the debate on the best ceiling lights for the kitchen. Well, pendant lights have always been a go-to with kitchen ceilings plus, these are also available at Mirrea.

Mirrea offers retro-style pendant lights with modern functionality. These pendant lights will add a trendy retro vintage look to your kitchen and its lighting set up. But what are other advantages of using these lights for kitchen ceilings?

Pendant lights are adaptable to most of the décor, and they come in a wide range of designs that allows you to choose the best lighting set up suited to your preferences. Moreover, these lights are also affordable. Lastly, pendant lights create an excellent ambience and give out an adequate amount of lighting to evenly lit any space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where Do I Purchase Mirrea Products Online Except for Amazon?

A: Mirrea only has two online retail outlets that are Amazon and eBay. The name of the store is Mirrea home on these retail sites. You also can buy Mirrea products on their official website:

Q: Does Mirrea Accept Any Customized Orders?

A: Yes, Mirrea does accept custom orders that includes customized designs, colors, and much more.


We have many options online to purchase our favorite products that include lighting and fixtures, but it is hard to differentiate what is the best place to purchase the best product. In this case, we’re talking about the best ceiling lights to purchase online.

Well, this process becomes less of a hassle when you’ve helpful guides around just like the one you’ve read.

Mirrea sells amazing and high-quality ceiling lights at the best rates, and this makes it the best vendor online, and with the help of this guide, you were able to know that.

We’re glad we could help you solve this issue of choosing a reliable place to buy ceiling lights.