Alternative Uses of Stick & Peel Wallpaper

Alternative Uses of Stick & Peel Wallpaper

Simplicity is alluring, especially if it is well acknowledged by people & gives you a sense of satisfaction. It does not matter if you are unconcerned about the designs or are really into creativity – you will always behold simplicity.

When it comes to augmenting your interiors & setting a vibe, you can incorporate the idea of simplicity even if the theme is bold. Wallpapers can help you accomplish this goal easily. If your preferences keep changing with time or you do not want the hassle of painting your walls, then Stick-and-peel wallpaper is going to give you the best of both worlds!

Stick and peel wallpaper is a cost-effective and easy-to-install alternative to traditional wallcoverings. The self-adhesive backing eliminates the need for sticky paste, and you can rip it off and start again if you make a mistake. However, applying temporary wallpaper isn’t as straightforward as peeling the backing off and putting it on the wall.

To guarantee that it sticks correctly to the wall, you’ll need to conduct some preliminary work. A few tools and tactics will also help you achieve the smoothest possible finish. Ensure you apply the wallpaper with bubble-free, long-lasting results & follow these step-by-step instructions on how to use peel-and-stick wallpaper while transforming your interiors!

Work in the Areas of Windows and Outlets

Allow the wallpaper to overhang any windows, door frames, or outlets you come across. Once the piece is in place, cut the barrier with a straightedge and a utility knife to remove the extra. Smooth the paper against the wall surrounding the outlet or window. Ensure the power is switched off before using a utility knife to gently cut away the paper covering the aperture on electrical outlets and switch plates. Don’t worry if the hole has rough edges; the outlet cover or switch plate will disguise most flaws. You may also use paper to create a seamless effect on flat plates.

Add a Little Glory to Your Staircase

One of the undermined yet best ideas is sticking wallpaper to your stairs. Before that, check if the color of your stairs goes well with the type of wallpaper you have chosen. Be it floral, stripes, or a delicate design, any theme could add glory to your staircase.

Decoupage Furniture

Here’s your chance to upcycle your worn-out furniture or transform a boring & simple piece of furniture into a bold & presentable utility. Stick-and-peel wallpaper would suit the best with wooden cupboards, storage boxes, chairs, bedside drawers, etc. Get ready for the best part – not only will you get appreciated by people for the piece of art you have created, but also you will save a fortune on spending on the new furniture!

Transform Your Ineffective Fireplace Into Art

Ineffective or not-so-often used fireplaces do not usually add to the overall look of your interiors & you can customize their appearance with the help of Stick-and-peel wallpapers. Try adding wallpapers in contrast to the color of your wall or with a bold & significant design that catches people’s eyes the moment they enter the room.

Let Your Bookcase Define You

Your bookcase or shelves do not have to be boring. Just grab the wallpaper of your choice, stick it on the wall, between spaces of the case or the shelf. This idea will give your room an elegant & classy look- all at once.

Make People Stare!

Use Stick-and-peel wallpaper to cover vases, flower pots, empty spaces on a wall, or even frame a wallpaper & hang it on a plain wall. You can try all these ideas with the same wallpaper if you love consistency & uniformity or with different wallpapers, as you like.

Give Your Kitchen a Look It Deserves

Space, where you keep your dishes, looks a little bland. Make it more presentable by sticking the wallpaper of your favorite theme. It will augment the overall look of your kitchen. Besides this, you can also choose to cover your boring coffee table with a neutral color wallpaper.

The more minimalistic you go, the better it will look!

Bottom Line

Creativity & minimalism can go hand-in-hand, only if you try. I hope these tips help you to get your desired results. Try them & flaunt your creativity in front of your friends, folks, or the world!

Best Ceiling Lights to Order Online [2021 Guide]

Best Ceiling Lights to Order Online [2021 Guide]

Amidst the pandemic, most of us can’t leave our houses and go out to purchase stuff because it’s unsafe. Plus, ordering things online is more convenient and efficient than leaving your house and purchasing things like ceiling lights.

So, if you had searched for the best ceiling lights to purchase online on Google and this guide looked like the answer to your questions then, I’ll say yes, you’ve come to the right place, and your search for the best ceiling lights seller is over now. All you’ve to do is read this guide, and you’ll get the answers to all your questions.

Where Do You Get the Best Ceiling Lights Online

So, here is the best place to buy ceiling lights online in 2021. Mirrea is one of the best light manufacturers which sells online.

Mirrea was a leading brand in decorative lighting that also included ceiling lights. Mirrea focuses on LED lighting, and they collaborate with exceptional designers throughout the year to launch modern and exquisite products.

Best Ceiling Lights for Bedroom

Semi flush mount lights of Mirrea are best for ceilings, especially for the living room and bedroom. Mirrea offers sputnik and pipeline lights with finish options in black, brushed nickel, brushed brass.

These ceiling lights are best for bedroom ceilings as they don’t have any installation problem, and no wires are needed to install them either.

Moreover, flush mount lights need less maintenance and cleaning, and they seamlessly blend the overall décor of the place. Furthermore, these types of lights provide an efficient amount of life that spreads evenly throughout the space.

Best Ceiling Lights for the Kitchen

Let’s move on to the debate on the best ceiling lights for the kitchen. Well, pendant lights have always been a go-to with kitchen ceilings plus, these are also available at Mirrea.

Mirrea offers retro-style pendant lights with modern functionality. These pendant lights will add a trendy retro vintage look to your kitchen and its lighting set up. But what are other advantages of using these lights for kitchen ceilings?

Pendant lights are adaptable to most of the décor, and they come in a wide range of designs that allows you to choose the best lighting set up suited to your preferences. Moreover, these lights are also affordable. Lastly, pendant lights create an excellent ambience and give out an adequate amount of lighting to evenly lit any space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where Do I Purchase Mirrea Products Online Except for Amazon?

A: Mirrea only has two online retail outlets that are Amazon and eBay. The name of the store is Mirrea home on these retail sites. You also can buy Mirrea products on their official website:

Q: Does Mirrea Accept Any Customized Orders?

A: Yes, Mirrea does accept custom orders that includes customized designs, colors, and much more.


We have many options online to purchase our favorite products that include lighting and fixtures, but it is hard to differentiate what is the best place to purchase the best product. In this case, we’re talking about the best ceiling lights to purchase online.

Well, this process becomes less of a hassle when you’ve helpful guides around just like the one you’ve read.

Mirrea sells amazing and high-quality ceiling lights at the best rates, and this makes it the best vendor online, and with the help of this guide, you were able to know that.

We’re glad we could help you solve this issue of choosing a reliable place to buy ceiling lights.

How to Install Vanity Lights

How to Install Vanity Lights

If you’re looking for how to install vanity lights by yourself then, this guide is all you need, as you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to do it. So, keep up with the reading game as this is a guide on how to install vanity lights and brings some interesting information related to vanity lights to you.

led vanity lights

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What Are Vanity Lights?

Vanity lights are a type of lighting fixture designed to be mounted above the bathroom’s vanity. This vanity area of the bathroom usually has a vanity sink, countertop, and vanity mirror.

Vanity lights aren’t used to light the bathroom entirely, or if more appropriately put, vanity lights act as task lighting; however, they can’t illuminate the whole bathroom space on their own.

How to Choose Vanity Lights?

Choosing vanity lights is not only about getting the lighting set up: which has a great illumination, but it’s also linked to the style, size, and shape of the lights, as your bathroom must look appealing with the vanity lights not shabby.

So, to make it easier to choose vanity lights, you can follow the below-mentioned tips on how to choose vanity lights.

1. Focus On the Right Size

Normally, vanity lights have different sizes suitable for different kinds of bathrooms. However, the key to choose the size is linked to your bathroom vanity. Whenever you’re choosing vanity lights for your bathroom, make sure the size of the lights doesn’t exceed the size of the bathroom vanity.

2. Selecting the Bulbs

Many different types of bulbs are available in the market, but if you want even lighting setup then, frosted and opal bulbs will fit the criteria. Moreover, if you want to install less heat omitting, energy-saving, and longer living bulbs, then fluorescent or LED bulbs should be your pick.

These are all some relevant suggestions for selecting the bulbs, but the final decision must be made based on personal requirements and preferences.

3. Style Is Important!

Choosing the vanity lights style for your bathroom may be one of the most interesting parts of this whole process as it connects with you and your personality. Among them, choosing the right type of finish is an important step.

If your other bathroom fixtures have a shiny look then, polished nickel and chrome finishes in your vanity lights will be suitable. Whereas, if your bathroom fixtures have more of a brushed look then, brushed nickel finishes will be the best for vanity lights in the space.

How to Install Vanity Lights

There are several steps to installing vanity lights, and we’ve listed all of them below so that the installation process becomes easier for you.

  • Step 1 – Carefully remove the already installed bulbs and fixtures. After the lighting and fixtures are removed, check for the voltage fluctuations, remove the wire nut and separate the wires. Next, put the wire nut back in its place.
  • Step 2 – When you’ve completely removed the old lighting setup, inspect the area for junction boxes. If you don’t find any behind the walls where the lighting was installed, it’s advisable to install some junction boxes for electrical safety.
  • Step 3 – Now that the new junction boxes have been installed, it’s time to add the base plate. Also, make sure you run the wires through a knock-out hole, and your base plate is levelled either horizontally or vertically, depending on the style of the vanity lights you’re using.
  • Step 4 – It’s time to wire it all together. You can start by wiring the bare copper from inside the wall and the light to the green screw on the base plate. Then, move on to joining the white wires together with a new wire nut, and do the same with the black ones. After this is done, tuck all the wires in the junction box to be exposed.
  • Step 5 – The next step is to mount the new lighting and fixture. Before doing the final tightening of screws and nuts, make sure you loosely tighten them first and level the institutions so the fixtures don’t look disproportionately installed.
  • Step 6 – Now it’s time to flip the turned-off breaker and test the installed lighting with the wall switch.

The Best Vanity Lights by Mirrea

Mirrea has specialized in producing high-quality LED lights since its establishment in 2015. In fact, Mirrea was known as a leading brand in decorative lighting because of its unique designs and high-quality products. The best Mirrea vanity lights are J1200-46W.

These vanity lights are brushed nickel-finished dimmable vanity LED lights for the bathroom. They come in two variants J1200-46W(MN) and J1200-46W(B). Both of them are great for a fluorescent touch to the bathroom vanity lighting.

Plus, these emit less heat and are durable and energy-saving lights. Apart from these LED vanity lights, you can check out other models of the vanity LED lights produced by Mirrea on their site and choose the ones best suited to your preferences.


Vanity lights are a must-have in bathrooms to have better illumination on your face and in overall bathroom space. However, sometimes you just want to DIY your way through life and that includes installing vanity lights too.

This article will be perfect to start with on how to install vanity lights as it’s not only about the process of installing vanity lights, but it also gives you more relevant information related to the vanity lights, which I’m sure will be very helpful and informative.

How To Choose The Best Interior Door Options for Your Home

How To Choose The Best Interior Door Options for Your Home

Interior doors are an essential part of any home, even properties that are open plan need doors for bedrooms and bathrooms. However, once you start looking at internal doors you will realize that there is a huge selection available. The possibilities are virtually endless. This can make it hard to know which internal door to choose.

Fortunately, you can talk to the specialists at Parkwood doors and, combined with the following tips, you will have no problem choosing the best interior door for your home.

Know Your Types

Although there are many different styles and looks of interior doors, all of them will fall under one of nine interior door categories.

Standard doors that open as you would expect include panel doors, French doors, glass doors, and even flush doors. Pocket doors can also be considered in this category.

Alongside this, there are double doors, much like the entrance to a saloon, and doors that fold in half, (bi-fold), and even accordion doors that fold into themselves several times over.

Knowing the different types will help you narrow down the ones you like and the ones that you think will suit your home.

The Role Of The Door

The next step is to consider what the door is doing. All doors are separating spaces. But, a bathroom door and a bedroom door need to offer privacy. In contrast, a living room or dining room door may be to help create the right ambiance but additional light, through the use of a glass door, can be appreciated.

Once you know what role the door is supposed to be fulfilling you will find it easier to narrow your search down further.

Personal Touch

You are now ready to think about the style of the inside of your home and what makes it personal. If you are replacing the interior doors you have the opportunity to fit any doors you like. That means it is time to think about your personal style and choose doors that go with it, and your home.

The Swing

It is important to consider the space the door is fitting into. Very small doorways may necessitate specific doors, such as bi-folds. Equally, you need to consider which way the door will open, this can make a big difference to the room and to the practicality of using the door. Knowing which way it needs to open will help you to choose the right one.


Most people think of wood when they consider interior doors. But, there are other options available. You should take your time considering the different possibilities in order to ensure you have the perfect door for your home Don’t forget that most wooden doors can be painted to transform them into your desired entranceway.

But, if you are planning on painting your new doors you should ask yourself if it is better to paint your existing ones. In most cases, it isn’t, but it is worth thinking about.

Boost Your Zen With The Most Calming Bedroom Color Ideas

Boost Your Zen With The Most Calming Bedroom Color Ideas

Zen is a traditional Chinese type of Buddhism that focuses on finding the true nature of things. It advocates self-restraint and meditation as ways of finding the truth inside yourself and others. Of course, western teachings have watered the concepts down a little, and zen is considered more of a reflection of a state of mind.

Being zen-like is seen as the ability to be calm under pressure and de-stress as needed. To this end, there are a variety of techniques that can help at home. One of the most important aspects is color. The right color can help you to calm your mind and discover inner peace.

It should be noted that when people talk about color in a bedroom they often think about the walls or perhaps the soft furnishings. However, one of the most important areas that should be considered is the floor.

Thanks to the stunning array of epoxy floor coatings on the market, it is possible to do your floor any color you choose. This means your floor can complement your walls perfectly and epoxy coating is extremely durable.


Lavender is a gentle shade of purple and blue, creating a pale but distinctive hue that will instantly help you to feel relaxed. Add a few drops of lavender oil and you will instantly feel calmer. This is a good choice for the walls with a mid-gray floor, keeping the room peaceful and neutral.


An all-white bedroom can be overpowering as it screams neutrality and perhaps makes the space too large or more like a blank canvas. However, white is a great base color that can be brightened with soft furnishings and the floor. You’ll want to go for a dark floor or even a white floor and let the extras do the talking.

Pillows, duvets, curtains, and any other soft furnishings can be pastel colors to add brightness while maintaining the zen-like quality.


You need to go with a pale green and a darker green epoxy floor. This helps to bring nature inside. It can be aided with some plants to ensure you feel like you are outside There is little that calms the mind better.


Pale blue and pale gray is the perfect combination. If you are feeling artistic you can opt for a pale blue ceiling and white clouds, you may be surprised at how serene this makes you feel. The floor should be gray and the walls also the pale blue, making the space feel larger and effectively expanding your mind.


Beige is a very neutral color that allows you to introduce an array of other colors through soft furnishings. It is a great way of ensuring peace and tranquility while still having some personal touches. These will be reflected in your color choices and help to keep the room feeling warm and personal.

Don’t forget, the exact color choice is yours, only you know what colors work best for you.

Rules for Bedroom Sets in the Eclectic Style

Rules for Bedroom Sets in the Eclectic Style

Most people see the word “eclectic” and equate it to “Do what you want, there are no rules.” But even though you are throwing together pieces as they suit you, there are some rules that should still be followed for a seamless eclectic look.

Here are some of our best tips for decorating your bedroom in the eclectic style.

1. Look For Mix and Match Deals on Bedroom Sets

The most important pieces of your room are those that you use every day–the bed, dresser, and nightstands. That doesn’t mean they all have to match. In fact, many online furniture stores will give you options to mix things up within the same brand for a unique bedroom set.

2. You Can Start Adding Splashes of Color Right Away

Have a color theme in mind? You don’t have to wait for the perfect bedroom furniture to start moving to the eclectic style. Keep an eye out for bold pieces that reflect your personality and interests. The brighter the colors the better, but don’t get anything that clashes too harshly.

3. Don’t Feel Like You Have to Buy It All at Once

While bedroom sets are great deals, sometimes it’s better to buy your furniture piece by piece. For some it is a matter of budget, but for others it is simply a matter of waiting for the right piece to come along. If you browse the best online furniture stores and still can’t find what you’re looking for, go ahead and get the pieces you already love.

4. Use an Asymmetrical Layout When Designing Your Room

While you’re waiting to gather more bedroom furniture and décor for your room, add another eclectic touch by choosing an asymmetrical layout. Throw the area rug a bit off kilter from the bed. Avoid placing furniture in the center of an open wall, such as the bed. Instead, move them just a few inches to either side. Play around with other eclectic touches to start putting your personal stamp on your bedroom.

5. Use a Mix of Contemporary and Vintage

One of the best things about decorating in the eclectic style is incorporating unique vintage pieces. These can be wall art, lamps and other table art, or other home décor items. The best place to find vintage pieces is in thrift stores, antique malls, and bizarres. If you have the perfect piece in mind and don’t want to wait to find it, online furniture stores may have a replica similar to what you are looking for.

6. Make Use of Wall Coverings

Wallpaper is no longer the boring or floral affair of our grandparents’ homes. You can now get wallpapers in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Give your room an extremely eclectic flair without sacrificing your need for matching bedroom sets. You can buy solid color bedroom sets for less in your favorite shade, then offset them with wall coverings that have texture and/or bold patterns.

If you aren’t able to change the walls, you can still add texture and color with tapestries and other wall art. You can usually find such things in the same online store in which you purchase your bedroom sets.