Your Master Bathroom Renovation: What You Should Know before Starting

Your Master Bathroom Renovation: What You Should Know before Starting

Renovating your house can be exciting, especially when you’re doing your master bedroom or bathroom.

A master bathroom renovation gives way for a lot of new ideas and upgrades. But it can also get overwhelming if you’re not experienced in the renovation process.

If you’re looking to renovate your master bathroom, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you get started.

1. Your Plan and Budget

When starting a big project like a bathroom renovation, it’s essential to plan your budget before you start. Knowing what you want to do and how much you want to spend will alleviate some tough choices throughout the process.

Create a plan from the very beginning of what you want to do. Are you only doing the sinks or the shower? Are you gutting the whole thing?

Design a plan around your budget and determine how much your budget can allocate to certain elements.

2. DIY or Contractor?

While it can be tempting to DIY a bathroom renovation, you have to assess your skills and come to terms with what you can do and what you’ll have to hire a contractor for. Hours of watching renovations on HGTV don’t qualify you to redo your master bath.

A DIY shower renovation can be challenging because it must be the most waterproof part of the bathroom. Bathroom waterproofing should be reserved for the pros or those who are handy enough to get the job done right. It can be tricky, so if you’re not 100% confident in your bathroom waterproofing abilities, it’s best to hire a pro and eliminate problems down the line.

3. Will You Have Access To Another Bathroom?

One thing people often forget when starting a bathroom renovation is if they have access to another bathroom during the renovation. If you only have another half bath, it won’t do you much good when it comes time to take a shower.

Ensure you’re prepared to use a friend or family member’s shower, stay at a hotel, or have another bathroom in the house with all the necessities.

4. Time-Frame

Another thing to consider is the time frame. How long do you want this project to take? How long will the project realistically take?

Asking yourself these questions can help you determine why and how you’re going to get the bathroom done in a specific amount of time.

If you want the bathroom done by the holidays, make sure you start with plenty of time so that you’re not scrambling in those last few weeks. Give yourself enough leeway for any unexpected problems and repairs.

5. Your Style and Design

Coming up with the new style and design of your new master bathroom can be one of the most exciting parts of the process. You can look at interesting tiles and fun shower design ideas. You can change up the color or layout and make it your own!

The first step is making sure you allow room for your budget in the discussion. While it may be more fun to plan the design with your budget “out of sight out of mind,” it isn’t realistic. You don’t want to fall in love with tiles you have no budget for or a shower door that’s out of your price range.

Start with the base of your bathroom, like flooring and walls. Then you can move on to fixtures and lighting. Along the way, ensure everything is cohesive and will work together, functionally and style-wise.

6. Measurements of Your Bathroom

Before you go looking at tiles or lights, measure out your bathroom space! Make sure you have measurements for the whole bathroom, the shower area, sink area, windows and walls, and everything else.

Keeping measurements on a note in your phone or your wallet will ensure that whenever you go looking for something for the bathroom, you can purchase with certainty that it’s the right size or shape.

It can also help when talking to contractors, so they know how big the project will be and how much work they need to do.

7. Functionality

Even though it can be fun choosing new designs and stylistic options for a bathroom renovation, you want to make sure that everything going in is functional and doesn’t take up unnecessary space.

Every step of the way, make sure you’re checking that things fit correctly, align up the way you want them, and make sense in the rest of the room.

People have often found that putting the toilet too close to the door makes it difficult to access, or their linen closet was too big for the space. Make informed decisions along the way and always consider the repercussions of any significant changes.

8. Ventilation

Your bathroom shower will produce a lot of water and steam, making it the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow. Proper ventilation will ensure that your bathroom remains dry and free of bacteria growth.

Install a fan that can handle your bathroom’s size and the amount of moisture it will produce.

9. Eco-Friendly Fixtures

In 2021 we’re all doing our part to help protect and preserve our planet. What better way than by incorporating environmentally-friendly fixtures!

A master bathroom renovation has a lot of potential for eco-friendly elements, including low-flow toilets, natural lighting, and timed fans. Figure out where you can make some changes that aren’t just good for the planet, but your wallet too!

Starting Your Master Bathroom Renovation

Starting a big project like a master bathroom renovation is a big undertaking. Hopefully, these tips and reminders will help you get started with more confidence and preparation!

If you’re looking to spruce up more than your bathroom and want to work on your bedroom next, check out the rest of our website for more tips!

Pros and Cons of Quartzite Countertops

Pros and Cons of Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite and quartz countertops are not the same thing. They are not created equal, and anyone who tells you so is not being upfront with you. Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone, which changes everything about the installation and upkeep process. There are more cons than pros if you are considering quartzite for your countertops in your new house or your remodeling project.

There are many choices that you have to make when you are considering a remodel or building a new house. You have to choose flooring, wall colors, appliance types, and so many other things. If you are struggling with choosing between quartz and quartzite, this article should make things a lot easier for you.

Choosing Between Quartz and Quartzite

People are naturally drawn toward natural stone for surfaces in their homes. While this instinct makes some sense, natural stone can be very beautiful and you might think that it will be strong and sturdy just because it is a natural material. Some of these assumptions are not correct, however.

Pros for Quartzite

There is really only one pro to do with choosing quartzite countertops for your home, so we will discuss it first. The one benefit of quartzite counters is that quartzite can be very beautiful. It is often grey or white with grey, green, or red inclusions. The beauty of quartzite grabs many people’s attention, but selecting quartzite countertops is signing up for a major maintenance project at least once a year.

Inclusions and natural beauty aside, quartzite also only comes in a few colors, so if you want a specific counter color, it is not flexible at all. This is not a material like marble, which occurs in many different colors and patterns. Quartzite is beautiful, but it is limited in its colors and patterns.

Cons for Quartzite

As mentioned before, the cons for quartzite far outweigh the one pro, which is the beauty. Quartzite suffers from the same issues related to durability and installation as many other natural materials. Just like travertine floors, and other beautiful building materials that are soft, porous, and delicate, quartzite is a selection that should only be made if you are willing to undertake the extensive care that it will require.

  • Quartzite is not durable. Quartzite often needs to be resealed at least once a year because it is porous and fragile. Quartzite also gets scratches and dents readily, making it a less than ideal choice for bathroom or kitchen countertops. Imagine dropping a glass on your quartzite countertop and being left with a huge dent and scratches from the glass impacting and shattering! This is the reality of quartzite countertops.
  • Quartzite cannot tolerate heat. Due to its lack of durability and its fragility, hot liquids spilled on quartzite, or hot items which fall on it can burn, melt, or otherwise damage your quartzite counter. If you have kids, you will probably never be able to prevent spills of hot liquids every now and again, and your counter will remind you that this happened until you polish it and reseal it.
  • Limited color choices are the norm for quartzite and you sometimes can struggle to find a consistent slab to purchase. The same issues often occur with granite and the added cost of buying large slabs of quartzite to try and match colors can be prohibitive for many people.
  • Sharp objects can wreak havoc on a quartzite countertop. Even a butter knife can put a huge scratch in a quartzite countertop and mar it for months until your next scheduled polishing and sealing.
  • Quartzite has to be polished once a year to stay glossy. Many people who select quartzite for their countertops don’t realize that they will need to be polished and resealed annually. Polishing can take all day or multiple days and can create quite a bit of havoc in your home while it is going on. If you want to avoid having to deal with a major maintenance project once a year, don’t pick quartzite counters for your home.
  • Quartzite cannot hold up to kids and pets. Quartzite is simply not durable enough to handle kids, or animals that might climb on the counters. Cat claws, or a child with a marker who is coloring at the kitchen counter can be enough to cause major damage to your quartzite counters.
  • Quartzite is very porous, which means that red wine, coffee, or any other liquid has the potential to stain your counter permanently. The same goes for bacteria and grit or grime. Your quartzite counter will absorb all of these items and have the stains and grime to prove it. If you pick quartzite for your countertops, get used to stains and other mars to the finish because they are part of life with this kind of countertop.
  • Quartzite has to be sealed with polyurethanes, wax, or acrylic. These substances have their own care requirements and their own durability metrics that you will need to make adjustments for as you plan the care of your quartzite countertops.

Quartz is the Ideal Choice for Your Countertops

The extensive list of cons that we have discussed should make it quite obvious why quartz counters are superior to quartzite counters. Quartz is manufactured, so it’s very durable and it is consistent in its quality. You will never have to buy a huge slab of quartz just to make sure that your counters match when they are being cut.

Quartz comes in many colors and it can be cut into any custom shape that you require. Quartz can also tolerate normal wear and tear far better than quartzite. Best of all, quartz will not soak up all the liquids that you spill on it, becoming stained and grimy. Annual polishing and resealing is not a part of quartz countertop maintenance.

Choose Quartz for Your Home

There really should not a question when choosing between quartzite and quartz for your countertops. Why would you elect to pick a delicate, expensive, and maintenance-intensive material when you could pick one that will be just as beautiful, cost less and require far less maintenance? The choice for durable and beautiful countertops is easy. That choice is quartz.

4 Different Types of Countertops That Would Suit You

4 Different Types of Countertops That Would Suit You

Did you know that the average kitchen remodel can cost anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand dollars? If you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen, odds are you’re in the market for some new countertops.

But what countertop material should you choose? And what are the pros and cons of the most popular choices on the market today? Keep reading for the answers to those questions, plus more useful tips and tricks.

1. Butcher Block

If you’re looking for an affordable and unique countertop material that will still last for a while, butcher block may be the way to go.

For many, the wooden material is a bit much, especially for larger kitchens. It’s also somewhat easy to scratch, which again, is why it’s not the most expensive countertop material on this list.

But if that wooden look fits the vibe of your kitchen, and you want something that is budget-friendly but still durable, we can’t recommend butcher block countertops enough.

2. Granite

It wasn’t that long ago that granite countertops were considered a bit too expensive for many homeowners. But over the past few years, the cost of granite has gone down, which means that it’s an absolute must-mention when talking about countertop options.

There’s a ton to love about granite countertops. They’re durable, quite nice to look at, and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. And as long as you keep them sealed, they shouldn’t damage easily, which means they can last a long time.

3. Linoleum

We’ll be honest. Linoleum is the “budget option” on this list for good reason, as it doesn’t really compete with the other 3 countertop choices in any major categories.

But because it’s so affordable and easy to install, we felt like we had to mention it as a valuable choice for your home’s countertops.

It is worth noting, however, that linoleum has grown in popularity again over the past few years. It does scratch and damage easily, but as long as you take proper precautions, especially in kitchens, you should be able to enjoy them for a decade or more.

4. Marble

If you’re looking to go all out with your new countertops, and you want to get the best option on the market, marble is your best choice.

Sure, it’s going to cost you a lot more than the other 3 options that we’ve discussed, but it’s a luxurious material that can help you turn the kitchen of your dreams into a reality.

On top of that, outside of some staining, it ages beautifully and should last you for decades with no real problems. So, while it may cost more upfront, you’ll get a big return on that investment, especially if you plan on selling your home in the next few years.

Still Can’t Decide on Countertops?

If you’re in the market for new countertops, we can’t recommend the 4 choices that we’ve discussed enough. They all have their pros and cons, but as long as you know what you’re looking for, making a choice for your new countertops should be much easier now.

Looking for more home remodeling tips and tricks? Check back with our blog often.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel a Bathroom?

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel a Bathroom?

A bathroom is one of the best areas of your home to remodel if you’re looking at it from a financial standpoint. With the right changes, you could have up to an 80 percent return on your investment.

While every remodel is different and not every renovation will provide an 80 percent return on your investment, you could maximize your chances by knowing the cost to remodel a bathroom so you know where to focus your budget.

The National Association of Remodeling Industry states that the average cost to remodel a bathroom is $35,000. This number will vary based on the size of your bathroom and the renovations you make as well as the type of bathroom.

Most homes have a master bath, guest bath, and powder room, each of which provides value to the home, and renovations could increase it.

Master Bathroom Remodel Costs

The master bathroom is an area many people focus on. It has a large effect on your overall home’s value since it’s a valued room. Depending on how much you change/renovate, it could cost as much as $35,000 to renovate the master bath.

Common renovations include:

  • Replacing or refinishing cabinets
  • Installing new flooring
  • Upgrading showers and bathtubs
  • Upgrading countertops, mirrors, and accessories

Power Room Remodel Costs

Powder room remodels typically cost less than a master bath because of the smaller size and fewer features. On average, expect to pay between $5,000 – $10,000 to fully renovate a powder room.

Common renovations include:

  • Installing new flooring
  • Upgrading the flooring
  • Upgrading the sink, vanity, and countertop
  • Painting the walls and/or removing wallpaper

Guest Bathroom Remodel Costs

Guest bathrooms may not be as large as a master bathroom, so they’ll cost less, but if you do a full remodel, it may still cost as much as $20,000. Most people make the same renovations in a guest bathroom as they do a master bathroom including upgrading the flooring, bath, toilet, sink, and vanity.

What Affects the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel?

Like any home project, many features affect the cost of a bathroom remodel including:

  • Type and style of vanity – If you’re upgrading the vanity, which is a great place to start, the costs vary. The type of cabinet, countertop, and even the size will determine the cost. For example, laminate countertops are cheaper than granite.
  • Faucets – Faucet prices are all over the board. You could install a basic faucet with simple features or a top-of-the-line expensive faucet with touchless features and a fancier design.
  • Flooring and tile – If you’ll replace the flooring and tile, the material chosen determines the price. Natural stone, like granite or marble, costs much more than ceramic or laminate tiles. Think about what you want out of the bathroom and if this a long-term investment or you’ll sell the home soon. You’ll get a better return on your investment in natural stone materials.
  • Sink – The type and style of sink affect the total cost of the bathroom renovation. Replacing a pedestal sink with another pedestal sink won’t cost much in terms of labor and installation but going from a pedestal sink to a full vanity.
  • Other features – You may want to add features to your bathroom that don’t exist yet, which will cost more to install since there’s more demolition involved. Whether you’re going from a stand-alone shower to a walk-in tub or you’re adding new lighting to the bathroom, it increases the cost, but also the return on your investment.

Should You Remodel a Bathroom?

Remodeling a bathroom can be one of the best investments you make in your home. If you spend $10,000 and see an 80% return on your investments, in the end, it cost $2,000 to upgrade your bathroom to something more usable and more attractive. An ARV calculator can help you get to the bottom of your project numbers.

Buyers look closely at bathrooms, believe it or not. If you’re thinking of remodeling and have a limited budget, the bathroom (after the kitchen) is a great place to start. Even if you only make minor renovations to upgrade or update a bathroom, you’ll see a return on your investment.

Tips on How to Maximize and Study Comfortably in Bed

Tips on How to Maximize and Study Comfortably in Bed

Some of the students don’t like studying on a table. They are more inclined to study in bed. However, studying in bed also has its downsides as you can be more prone into feeling discomfort on your various body parts such as your neck, back and shoulder. With this, here are some tips on how to maximize and study comfortably in bed to help you out!

1. Use of Ergonomic Laptop Desks

If you are just putting your laptop on your thighs, then there will be a certain point later on where you will feel a burn on it because your laptop is heating. When that point comes, you might be distracted by the sensation and you would try to give your laptop a rest and your study a pause.

You can avoid that from happening again if you use ergonomic laptop desks for bed. By using ergonomic laptop desks, you won’t have to put your laptop on your thighs ever again. This means that you will no longer have to take a study pause when your thighs are burning from the heat of your laptop. This way, you won’t lose your focus especially if you are preparing for your GRE examination.

However, there are many things that you should consider when getting an ergonomic laptop desk. These factors include the size, height, design, and functionality. You may choose based on what you need the most. For example, if you want to have more space for your other study materials, then you should get a bigger desk.

On the other hand, if you don’t want back pains, then choose a laptop desk that has a suitable height for you.

2. Get Yourself A Book Holder

Having a book holder when you study in bed is really revolutionary. Imagine not having to pick up your book every now and then when you have to check on something, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, if you have a laptop desk that is big enough, then it will be able to accommodate a book stand just beside your laptop. By having one, you can quickly get to your book and to your laptop. For example, if you want to review for your GRE exam and you want to read their review of Target Test Prep and and check your book references at the same time, then you can quickly do that with your book stand!

Just make sure that the book holder that you will be choosing is adjustable in size so you can fit either a big or small book perfectly on it!

3. Adorn Your Bed With Comfortable Bedding

Maximize and Study in Bed

Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels

Having a good bedding will not only help you with your sleep, it can also aid in maximizing and letting you study more comfortably in bed. Of course, good beddings can help prevent muscle strains, especially if you are always working on your back in your bed. Aside from that, choosing the right color palette can also stimulate the study vibe going on!

4. Invest on A Good Reading Pillow

When you read in your bed, then you must be piling up all your available pillows just to make your reading session more comfortable. However, one of the bad things about this practice is that those pillows that you piled up will eventually fall one after another and you will have to pick them up and pile them up again. Doing so will interrupt your reading and possibly your mood for studying.

If you don’t want that to happen again, then it is highly-recommended that you invest on a good reading pillow. Aside from having to say goodbye to falling pillows, you can now also bid your farewells to your back, neck, and shoulder pain by using a reading pillow. The reason behind this is because a reading pillow can help you maintain a good posture while reading in your bed!

A good reading pillow partnered with a good exam prep site like My GRE Exam Preparation is sure to give great results.

5. Try a USB-Powered Lamp

Light is a necessity, especially when you are going for an all-nighter in preparation for your GRE examination. However, getting a lamp that you still have to plug in and put on your laptop desk might be a bit of a hassle. The lamp can fall off or your movement might be hindered by its cord.

The best alternative would be getting a USB-powered lamp. By using one, you no longer have to worry about cords or not having enough space on your desk lamp. You can simply plug it in the USB port of your laptop and adjust based on your preferences.

Study More Comfortably in Bed

Maximize and Study in Bed

Photo by Cup of Couple from Pexels

Maximize your studying experience in your bed with the help of these tips and gadgets! Having a place where you are comfortable studying is really irreplaceable, especially if you have an important test coming up!

Lounge Storage Ideas

Lounge Storage Ideas

While the lounge may be the “statement place” in your home, it does not exclude it for housing things like every other room. Your lounge is the representative part of your home, a place to entertain guests and yourself.

Hence, it has to be presentable, tidy, and welcoming. To make your lounge presentable, tidy, and welcoming, clutter and untidiness must never be allowed.

However, the lounge houses furniture, household utilities, and some personal belongings can cause clutter if not properly arranged and stored. It is on this note that you need storage ideas to keep your lounge stylish yet functional. Whether you need to store your doberman dog collar or magazines and a tv remote, there’s options for everyone.

Check the various lounge storage ideas below.

Utilize Your Wall

Regardless of how spacious your lounge is, the walls are your best shot at storing most of your personal belongings. Having a floor-to-ceiling wall unit is useful for keeping out clutter.

With the wall unit, you can store as many things as you desire, from your picture frames to books to decorative items, etc. It can also serve as a dresser for keeping things in closed areas or table tops for cocktails. Overall, it makes your lounge tidy, free from clutter, and serves as a piece of decorative furniture.

Maximize Your Furniture

Furniture can serve as many purposes as you want. There is already-made double-duty furniture that serves as storage alongside its original purpose. These categories of furniture will help in keeping your lounge tidy as you can store anything in them.

Also, there is furniture that you can optimize to double-duty by adding storage cases to them. Storage cases attached to furniture include wall scones and underlying bench drawers features. You can attach bench drawers to tables and other floor furniture.

If you do not have furniture with storage features and it will cost you to optimize them, you can hide items underneath your furniture. Ensure proper and thoughtful arrangement of belongings like books underneath your furniture to make your lounge look tidy yet stylish.

Built-Ins and Floating Shelves are Excellent Considerations

To maximize the space in your lounge, you should consider built-ins like bookshelves and cabinets. Bookshelves and cabinets will add aesthetics to the lounge. You can arrange the books to give a pattern that will beautify your lounge. Ensure that the cabinets are closed at all times if what you are storing is not befitting you out in the open.

Floating shelves make the lounge look more refined and polished. When properly installed, they compliment the wall unit and make your lounge look artistic and chic. You can fill them with books, vases, or other home décor pieces.

Create a Deck and Roll Up a Bar Cart

To entertain your guests, you need the drinks readily available to avoid going back and forth.

A great idea for storing your drinks for entertainment purposes is to create a deck.

With a deck, you can keep all sorts of drinks from your cocktails to your strongest liquor. However, if you need to get the drinks, a bar cart is the best choice. It can serve as many drinks as you want and also store your barware. You can decorate it with candles and small tabletops. It is multipurpose and helps keep your lounge stylish and tidy.

These are a few tips and simple ways to ensure simplicity in your life.