How To Decorate Your Bedroom Eclectic Style

If you have difficulties opting for a single interior style, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s one that will mixed them all – the eclectic style. This style will enable you to combine elements from different periods, or various styles, thus providing you with the opportunity to truly express yourself and your taste. You don’t have to limit your options, but rather find a unique way to design a room that will be a combination of everything you like. However, it’s important to find a balance between the eclectic approach and complete chaos. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of guidelines that will help you decorate your bedroom in the eclectic style.

Establishing Order

Although this approach may seem like a random mixture of different styles, there’s actually order behind it. To avoid having just a messy room, you need to merge different styles to create a smooth transition. You can link rustic items with modern ones by choosing a carpet with an interesting, urban design. You can also establish order through repetition and symmetry. By repeating colours, motifs, shapes and patterns in your bedroom, you will create symmetry, and your “mess” will seem organised.

Including Texture

Another characteristic feature of the eclectic interior style is the use of textures, which contributes to the entire eclectic vibe. This approach gives you freedom to experiment with different fabrics and materials, including denim, velvet, knit fabrics, cosy carpets, and so on. The secret is in creating multiple layers in order to achieve an effect of depth and cosiness. As mentioned, find a way to form a connection between, for example, a carpet and furniture, or curtains, by using at least one same colour, or motif so as to create order.

Choosing Colours

The colour palette of the eclectic style should be consistent, so you should choose three to five main colours in order to create a more structural look. In addition, the consistent use of these colours will make the transition between different styles smooth and natural. You can, for example, opt for bedsheets and pillows in the same colour. When it comes to the colour of your walls, black has gained popularity among those who wish to achieve a bolder look. Since you’ll have a mixture of various details and styles in your eclectic bedroom, it’s better to go with a clean background – a striped wall might be a bit too much.

Combining Patterns

An eclectic room wouldn’t be eclectic if it have patterns in the décor. Once again, patterns in the same colour are your safest bet when it comes to avoiding a chaotic look. It’s important to opt for the patterns that look well together – animal prints, floral or leaf patterns go well with geometric shapes, dots and stripes. You can even combine several patterns into one item, but, in that case, make sure to use the same colour, and not to make patterns too big. If you choose to divide patterns, then you can combine smaller with bigger ones. Finally, if you’re planning to focus on different patterns and colours, you should create a contrast by painting your walls in a more neutral hue.


Since the eclectic approach blends different styles, there are no limits when it comes to picking out furniture. Therefore, you can opt for a rustic bed, vintage wardrobe and a modern armchair if you want to, as long as you’re able to maintain a balance between order and chaos. Make your room complete by furnishing it in a way that reflects your personality and your taste. If you have a beautiful vintage bed, you can use it as the focal point of your room, especially if it brings an element of surprise. The underlying principle is to furnish your room with the items you love, not worrying about whether they belong to a specific style.

By opting for the eclectic approach to interior design, you’re keeping your options open, rather than narrowing them down. If some décor item has a place in your heart, it will also have a place in your room.

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