Lock the Doors! 8 Security Measures You Can Use to Protect Your Home


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Your home should be a safe haven for you and your family members. But, the reality is, sometimes that safety is threatened by the outside world. The best thing you can do is put systems in place that will protect your home from unwanted circumstances.

Property crimes have cost Americans billions of dollars. Some people think that it is very expensive to secure their homes appropriately but there are affordable precautions you can take to make matters better.

Check out these 8 simple security measures you can use to protect your home.

1. Lock the Doors

This may seem like one of the more simple or common sense security measures to take, but sometimes people forget or have created a habit of keeping the doors unlocked. Even if you live in one of the least dangerous neighborhoods, crime can be found anywhere.

It’s important to lock all of the doors that permit anyone to gain access into your home. You can also add extra locks to the door for more security. Consider adding a screen door and a wide peep-hole to entrances as well.

2. Secure Windows

Here’s another simple solution that many people overlook. It’s reasonable windows are kept open for various reasons (weather, air conditioners, etc). But you can still protect yourself by taking a few security measures into consideration.

Try to keep windows on lower floors locked tight when you are leaving the home or going to bed for the night. Consider replacing your current glass for safer window material and adding bars and security film to some windows in risky locations (basement areas, for instance).

3. Install Gates & Fences

One of the most common and long used security measures for keeping a home private and safe has been building fences and gates around the property. You can make sure the height and material of the structures keep intruders out – or at least slow them down.

Some people even go as far as using materials that could hurt someone attempting to enter their home without permission, such as barbed wire and electric fence linings. Consider making this a professional home improvement to see what are your best options for protection.

4. Install Alarm System

A lot of people are steered away from using alarm systems as one of their security measures due to misconceptions of how expensive it could be. However, there are many different systems offered nowadays that cater to different budgets and specific needs. You may not necessarily need a higher end security system for your property.

The important part is that you have another source of safety for your home. Research to see which system is the most suitable for your residence. If you already have an alarm system and are looking for tips to maintain it after installation, you can learn more here.

5. Buy Motion-Sensor Lights

It’s easier to catch a crime before it happens if you are made aware of it. Motion-sensor lights can help to not only send you a heads-up that an intruder may be around, but they can also scare the person off of the property before you even have to confront them.

These lights are best placed along pathways, in garage and pool areas, on front porches, and any other outdoor location surrounding your home. You can also add a timer to some motion-sensor lights so that you don’t have to wait on someone actually approaching the property for activation.

6. Get a Guard Dog

They say dogs are man’s best friend, and they’re also great protectors. Most people are automatically intimidated by homes with animals. You can train your dog to be on the look for any suspicious behaviors happening around the house and your family.

Certain breeds of dog are more commonly trained as watchdogs. This may be something to consider when searching for a new canine family member. Don’t forget to put your “beware of guard dog” signs up around the property to let intruders know you mean business.

7. Setup Security Cameras

Sometimes you just need to see what’s going around you. Setting up security camera equipment will essentially help you to have an “extra set of eyes” around your home. You don’t have to install a super fancy system, but you should be able to see clearly during both day- and nighttime.

You can place cameras around high places on your property such as the roof or on top of the front porch entrance to get a wide view with fewer cameras. There are also other placements that are very discreet and helpful, such as a doorbell camera and areas around garages or sheds.

It’s also possible to purchase motion-sensor cameras for when you may not be home or paying attention to monitors.

8. Buy a Safe

The frightening truth is an intruder may get past one of your security measures and make it into your home. The best way to protect your valuables is to get a safe that is impossible for them to get into or leave with.

Most safes are very heavy, so it would take a lot of manpower for a burglar to lift it up and run away. You can also put the safe in a secret compartment where someone would least suspect it for extra security. For instance, install in your wall, behind a picture, or underneath your flooring panels.

Looking for More Ideas on Home Security Measures?

Creating a safe and secure home is definitely on the top of the list for most people. The truth is there are security measures that have to be put in place to achieve this.

It might seem a little expensive at times but ensuring your safety is priceless. Check out this article for more tips on how to ease your mind at home.