Tips For Accomodating Overnight Guests In An Apartment

Tips For Accomodating Overnight Guests In An Apartment

Accommodating your overnight guests may be daunting especially if you live in a tiny apartment. However, you can smartly manage it by taking a few steps effectively. Guests may often come whether your residence is big or small. Though space matters, still you can accommodate your overnight guests well.

You have to have a positive outlook and need some extra effort to clear needed space for your overnight guests. Yes, it is true that you have to work a little bit harder due to your small apartment to make it a suitable place for your guests.

However, in this article, I will share with you some easy-to-follow tips to pull up your small apartment for overnight guests. Just read on at the end of this post, and I hope you will happily end up clearing some space to accommodate your overnight guests. Overnight Guest Hosting will also be fun to you, I think.

Find more space for your guests

First things come first. Yes, it is cleaning the space you are going to prepare for your guests. The vacuum cleaner is the best fit for cleaning the floor. But make sure to pick up clothes and shoes from the floor and keep them in place. Rearrange other things if they need to get more space. Now you can wipe the floor and then vacuum it for proper cleaning.

An inflatable air mattress can be a life-saver

As you can fold the air mattress after use, it should be the right choice for your overnight guests. But make sure you have an air mattress that can be inflated with an electric motor. It will not take much time to inflate fully to use. After use, you can deflate it and fold to store in a certain place to use the whole space during daytime.

Blanket and sheets

To spread a bed sheet on the air mattress, you need to have a good quality bed sheet. It will help them sleep better and to come in direct contact with the mattress. Besides, depending on the nature of the night’s weather, your guests may need blankets as well. Therefore, if you have the right arrangement for all of them, it is a plus point. If it is hot weather, blankets will remain unused as well.

Leave your living room for them

It is not mandatory, and not every host allows their guests to use their living room as well. However, if you are liberal and do not have issues, you can leave your bedroom for your overnight guests. On the other hand, you can sleep in the temporary sleeping area you have already prepared for your guest instead. It will give your guests a better sleeping experience than the sleeping space you have made for them.

A folding screen can play a vital role

Like you, your guests also need privacy. However, it is not possible to offer them a permanent solution. Instead, you can have a folding screen, which you can move here and there to provide them with the least privacy option. In the morning while your guests will rise from their sleep, you can fold it and keep standing against the wall so that space can be used at daytime.

Fold up everything after every use

As the bedding of your guests is temporary and space is needed to use at daytime due to your tiny apartment, folding up your guests’ bedding including the air mattress, sheets and blankets will allow you to use the space well. You can use your desk if you have any as a makeshift luggage rack to put them on it. In addition, your guests can use the desk to put their luggage.

Available food is necessary

You should store plenty of tasty foods, snacks, and drinks in your fridge so that your guests can have them easily if they get hungry later on. Besides, it will be difficult for you too to cook in the tiny kitchen now and then. Keep it accessible for your overnight guests to reach them when they are needed.

Final Verdict

These are the tips mentioned above to host your overnight guests on your tiny apartment. Try to keep your guests happy in your apartment whether it is big or small. Also, consider mini toiletries including soap, shampoo, towel, sleepers and other necessary things to use the bathroom as their own. And, I do hope and believe that if you can follow the tips I have shared with you, you can end up accommodating your guests happy and enjoyable.  

Top Tiling Tips: How to Choose the Best Tiles for Kitchen Flooring

Top Tiling Tips: How to Choose the Best Tiles for Kitchen Flooring

Who doesn’t love a new kitchen?

If you’re among the 58 percent of Americans ready to remodel this past year, you understand the value of researching your decisions before you pull out your credit card at the local Home Depot.

One survey claims of those individuals planning a remodel, 26 percent are focusing on the kitchen.

The kitchen provides endless choices, even just for something as simple as a floor. Linoleum? Laminate? Cork? Tile?

Some people are even opting for concrete floors in a more decorative fashion. These are tasks that are proven not to be a big deal for the best home tile contractor. No matter how complicated are the ideas you have in mind, feel free to bring all those ideas to the table; it is time to discuss them one by one.

If you’re considering tiling your floor, read on for ideas on the best tiles for kitchen flooring.

Best Tiles for Kitchen

As you begin your search for the best kitchen tile, make sure you’re looking at floor tile and not just tile in general.

What’s the difference in kitchen tile?

A floor tile is qualified specifically for the high traffic a floor sustains.

As you look for floor tile, look for a tile with a high PEI rating. Ratings will range from 1 to 5, with a 5 as the most resistant to wear and tear.

You want a 5 on your kitchen floor and a 1 on your kitchen wall if you’re looking for a tiled kitchen backsplash.

Types of Kitchen Tile Best for Floors

As you continue your search for floor tiles, you’ll discover a variety of materials used on tiles. You can best determine which tile to purchase by considering the positives and negatives of each material.


Quarry tiles are basically stone. They’re the clay and limestone fired to look like natural stone.

The quarry tiles or stone tiles create a refined and elegant but rustic look to your kitchen. They do have the sheen of porcelain or marble but create a natural look.

These tiles should be sealed, and because of their porous nature that collects dirt and grime easily, they’re the hardest to clean.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Unlike stone tiles, ceramic tiles are synthetic materials, a mixture of clay, sand, and water molded to form a square or rectangle.

Because of their manufactured nature, ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors that can look both natural and outlandishly crazy, depending on the buyer’s taste.

Ceramic tiles are the easiest to clean. They’re also one of the cheapest options.

Porcelain falls under the ceramic category. It’s a type of ceramic with a higher standard of water absorption because of how it is fired and glazed.

Basically, Porcelain has a higher standard of water absorption. It works best with high levels of humidity with high levels of moisture overall. Leave the porcelain for your bathroom.

Marbelized Tile

Marble tiles start with a marble rock that is then cut and shaped into the tile you see at the store.

This tile creates a timeless and beautiful kitchen.

It also costs more than the other options.

So if you plan on using marble, make sure you have the budget for it.

Glass Tile

Do NOT use glass tile for your kitchen floor. This is a beautiful tile for backsplashes, but it does not work well for a floor because of its delicate nature. It scratches and breaks easily.

Best Kitchen Tile Color and Size

When it comes to tile color and size, you have even more choices than the tile material.

This is what happens when you pick specific colors.

  • Neutral Colors

If you just can’t decide what tile works best, pick a neutral color with minimal texture. This style works for anything.

  • Bright Colors

When you select bright colors, you end up with a vibrant and playful feel to the room. These colors tend to make a room warm and happy.

  • Dark Colors

Deep, rich colors will add depth to a room, but they will also make the room feel smaller. So if you have a huge kitchen, consider darker colors. Darker colors also tend to show dust bunnies, so keep your cleaning staff in mind as you pick your tile.

  • Light Colors

If you want to make your tiny kitchen feel bigger, pick lighter tile. It will brighten the room and make it feel larger.

If you just can’t decide on one color, you can always add some interest to your floor by using two different hues of the same color.

Installing Your Kitchen Tile

You want to avoid hidden costs for kitchen remodeling.

Thus, once you’ve determined you’ve picked your best kitchen floor tile, consider researching more about installing tiles. While the process may look simple, you will need to know as much as possible about proper installation techniques.

Make Your Kitchen Amazing

As you consider the best tiles for kitchen floors, know that this single investment can turn a lackluster kitchen into your favorite room in the house. Check out some of our other articles about to help you make wise decisions on your next remodel.

Clean Eating 101: 8 Must-Know Hacks for a Consistently Clean Kitchen

Clean Eating 101: 8 Must-Know Hacks for a Consistently Clean Kitchen

Got a big mess in the kitchen? We’ve all been there: after-cooking cleaning is no fun. So, you want to get it done fast and easy.

But, reaching for a sponge and a toxic chemical-filled cleaner for a quick rubdown is not the most healthy and effective solution.

Using simple ingredients and items already laying around your home, you can keep your kitchen shining like new. This will make clean up after meals easier on you and the environment.

Read on to see how these 8 clean kitchen hacks save you time and get the really nasty grime out of your kitchen.

1. Renewing Old Baking Sheets

We all have baking sheets handed-down from our moms that have seen the inside of an oven more times than can be counted. This means they contain stains of oil, grease, and food residue. Scrubbing even the surface takes time.

Avoid all the muscle put into cleaning your baking sheets each time you use them by making them like new again. But, what to use to clean this big mess?

A simple sprinkle of baking soda followed by a little hydrogen peroxide and topped with another layer of baking soda requires little effort. All you do is set it and forget it for a few hours. Gently wipe the contents away for a shiny finish.

2. Keeping Granite Beautiful

Granite countertops have many benefits, from durability to resistance to heat. But, what really makes them attractive are their looks.

To keep your granite like new, you will have to keep the sealant intact. The polish on granite ensures that all the wonderful features continue to function. Breaks in the sealant will allow water to be absorbed and cause staining.

At all costs avoid harsh acidic cleaners and rough scrubbers. Instead use a solution of 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol, 14 ounces of water and a few drops of gentle dish soap added to a 16-ounce spray bottle.

Using a microfiber cloth to clean and wipe the counter dry is the best way to clean your kitchen granite.

3. Making Faucets Fantastic

Kitchen cleaning would not be complete without some attention to the sink. But, this is still a neglected area when it comes to daily tasks.

As a result, faucets build up with water stains and left-over food particles. Cleaning it occasionally with a distilled vinegar solution will break up the stains and make daily wiping much easier.

Simply soak a clean rag in the vinegar and wrap it around the faucet for an hour or so. Then wipe the area with a dry cloth. All those hard to reach crevices won’t seem like an impossible task once the stains are loosened up.

4. Blenders Clean Themselves

In the mood for a low maintenance lunch or snack? You might think that blending a smoothing will be no trouble at all. That is, until cleanup time. Blenders make easy meals a burden when you need to clean the kitchen.

But, you can make it easy with this hack. All you need to do is turn on the blender again. Just add a few cups of soapy warm water and let the blending action work for you. In 10-20 seconds you blender will just need a rinse.

5. Taking the Splash out of Backsplash Tiles

You might never even notice grease shooting out of your pan and onto the tiled backsplash. Then one day you give it a wipe with your finger and you can’t believe the buildup of grease.

Getting into the habit of wiping down your tiles after you cook, just like you would the counter, can save you from this nightmare.

Keep a spray bottle on hand with 1/4 cup of baking soda, 2 tbsp of dish soap, and 2 cups of water. Then spray and wipe daily. It takes only a few seconds when you have your solution ready.

If your backsplash is outdated or beyond repair learn more about upgrading your tile and giving your kitchen a fresh look.

6. Cutting Board Woes Solved By Sunshine

Think about the juices being soaked into your cutting boards every day. No matter how much you scrub, it seems there is always something lingering inside those small cracks.

Make sure your cutting boards are sanitary by using the power of lemon and the sun. Lemon is a natural antibacterial agent and attracts the sun. The sun also cleans naturally and makes stains disappear better than bleach.

7. Stubborn and Stuck Grates

Sometimes getting the remnants of grated cheese and vegetable out of your grater seems like a job for a professional. It can be a dangerous operation when trying to get in between super sharp blades.

Prepare for this task by spraying some cooking oil spray on the grate before you begin shredding. This will make grating easier and clean up faster. A water rinse will create a slip and slide for lingering food to fall off the grater.

8. A Final Finish of Freshness

No matter how to clean a kitchen, smells can linger in the air. Put the final touch on a whole-kitchen clean with a pleasant scent. And you won’t need any perfume or candles.

Naturally freshen your kitchen by boiling a cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of cloves. This will eliminate remaining smells from potent meals and replace it with a subtle organic scent.

A Clean Kitchen is a New Kitchen

You will be surprised how a little tender, love, and care can create that clean kitchen look and make you enjoy cooking again. Cookware can be made new again, and sinks will shine like they were an upgrade.

Yes, you can renovate your kitchen without spending a dime!

If you are looking for more ways to spruce up your kitchen without going all out on a remodel, check out these cost-effective tips.

4 Amazing Benefits of Resurfacing with Decorative Concrete

4 Amazing Benefits of Resurfacing with Decorative Concrete

Remodeling concrete surfaces may seem like a tedious and expensive project for any property owner. To those unfamiliar with concrete resurfacing, the thought of replacing the existing concrete and pouring a fresh batch of cement mix may come to mind. If you’re one of them then you’d be glad to know that it doesn’t always have to be this way.

Concrete resurfacing answers the concerns raised when it comes to concrete replacement. It renews concrete surfaces without having to remove the entire existing slab. Back then, applications and materials weren’t as extensive and as advanced. This means that resurfacing was limited to achieving a new yet plain concrete surface. Today, manufacturing companies and concrete experts have found ways include decorative applications with concrete resurfacing. In this article, we discuss the 5 benefits of decorative concrete resurfacing for residential and commercial spaces.

  1. Fully Customizable – With all the decorative systems, techniques, methods and materials available the design potential of this application is limitless. It allows you to have a fully customized concrete space to achieve any aesthetic you want. Maybe you want to go for vintage, contemporary, minimalist or industrial look anything is possible. Expert installers can provide an intricately detailed design from high-gloss marble to medieval paving so you know that the possibilities are endless.

  2. Increased Durability and Service Life – The coatings and overlays used to achieve decorative applications during concrete resurfacing serve a dual purpose. Not only do these enhance the look of the existing concrete but these also act as a protective layer. These seals in the porous surface of the concrete substrate and protects it from abrasions and weather exposure. If you’ve always wanted concrete surfaces that are completely low-maintenance but high in performance then concrete resurfacing is your answer.

  3. Cost-Effective Compared to Other Materials – Decorative concrete is the ultimate alternative to any flooring, decking, patio or driveway material out there. Because of this, you won’t have to settle for locally available materials that can cost a lot more. It’s safe to assume that you’ve probably considered wood, natural stone, tile, brick, and other materials. If so, you’d be glad to know that concrete resurfacing can authentically mimic the look of all these materials. That’s all without sacrificing its many benefits.

  4. Faster Installation – Imagine how long it would take to manually remove existing concrete slabs and then pour in a new concrete mix.  The curing time for this will halt operations in commercial settings for a long time making it bad for business. In residential properties, this can be quite a nuisance that can affect day-today activities especially when it comes to noise. Concrete resurfacing is relatively quicker than this traditional process. It also requires much less manpower reducing the probability of risks.
5 Home Landscape Design Ideas to Inspire Your Yard

5 Home Landscape Design Ideas to Inspire Your Yard

Think about your dream home.

Is the yard covered in clutter? Speckled with dead grass? Probably not.

The perfect home landscape design is neat and aesthetically pleasing. It naturally draws the eye.

Keep reading for tips you can use to increase your home’s curb appeal.

1. Plant a Garden

Greenery attracts the eyes. Planting a lovely flower garden or a useful vegetable garden in your yard is a great way to improve your home’s appearance.

It’s okay if you don’t have a green thumb. Anyone can learn how to plant a decent garden. It’s a very affordable hobby as well.

Research shows that gardening has health benefits. Too many people spend most of their lives stuck inside. A garden forces you to go outside.

2. Go Brown

Maintaining a green yard takes a lot of dedication. You have to keep the grass and other plants in good condition or your yard will look hideous. The process requires a lot of water.

A desert landscape design scheme solves these problems. Instead of grass, you can cover your yard with rocks and desert plants. It’s a low-maintenance style.

Look up ideas online for inspiration before you commit to anything. A desert theme isn’t an excuse to be sloppy.

3. Hire a Professional

Is your front or backyard a mess? Consider hiring a professional landscaping company to whip it into shape.

West Bay Landscape, a Florida company, promises to design your yard from scratch. It’s a huge benefit if you want a visually arresting lawn but you don’t have a lot of landscaping experience.

You should also think about hiring a professional crew to take care of your routine gardening needs. If you have a sizeable garden, it’s worth it.

4. Build a Pool

Even the blandest backyard can be revitalized with a pool. Swimming in your own private pool is a completely different experience than going to a public one.

A great pool also increases your home’s value. Buyers love them. The initial investment, however, can be large.

An in-ground pool is worth more than an above-ground one. Both can cost thousands of dollars although you should be able to recoup your expenses if you ever sell your property.

5. Clean Up

People are attracted to clean, neat spaces. If your yard is covered in dirt or clutter, it won’t look as attractive as it could.

Your curb should be as clean as possible. If you have a mailbox on your driveway, it should be in good shape as well. Small details matter.

Keeping your yard clean isn’t exactly fun but the returns are worth it. You can hire neighborhood kids to do the tasks you don’t enjoy like picking up dog poop or mowing the lawn.

Home Landscape Design Ideas

Curb appeal is everything when it comes to buying a home. If a potential buyer doesn’t like the outside of a home, they’re significantly less likely to put in an offer.

If you want a superior home landscape design, read our blog. We have tips ranging from increasing your home’s appeal with a fresh lighting scheme to building a deck.